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Ten Years Later....

02 January 2015 - 06:53 PM

Well nearly...


This probably doesn't deserve its own thread as its about me personally but screw it.


Late in 2005 i joined this board after lurking for a good while, Having followed the Devils since I was 13 years old (give or take). In all that time i have never seen the team i love play in person. I have seen 4 other NHL teams (all in England and Europe) but never the Devils.


Well tonight I have finally (after threatening to for many years) booked a ticket to stay in New York for 1 week this February.


The Devils have home games against the Sabre's and Vancouver.


Basically I am coming to the ROCK!!!!! And i thought i would share that on this site which has kept me so close to the team and the fans for such a long time.


Anyway self indulgent personal thread over.


(p.s. i am fully aware that i have picked one of the worst years in recent history to pay a visit, but hey that's the way things go)