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Ten Years Later....

02 January 2015 - 06:53 PM

Well nearly...


This probably doesn't deserve its own thread as its about me personally but screw it.


Late in 2005 i joined this board after lurking for a good while, Having followed the Devils since I was 13 years old (give or take). In all that time i have never seen the team i love play in person. I have seen 4 other NHL teams (all in England and Europe) but never the Devils.


Well tonight I have finally (after threatening to for many years) booked a ticket to stay in New York for 1 week this February.


The Devils have home games against the Sabre's and Vancouver.


Basically I am coming to the ROCK!!!!! And i thought i would share that on this site which has kept me so close to the team and the fans for such a long time.


Anyway self indulgent personal thread over.


(p.s. i am fully aware that i have picked one of the worst years in recent history to pay a visit, but hey that's the way things go)


The Making of Cory Schneider

11 November 2014 - 07:55 AM

I personally feel that this is a critical stretch in the Development of Cory Schneider. He has never been the go to guy and he really needs to figure his game out if he wasn't to become of of the elite, rather than becoming a netminder with good numbers who needs to work in tandem to get him through the year.


In my opinion there is only one area where he really needs to make the grade, and that is his mentality towards the game.


I have been reading all his post game quotes lately and its clear that he is a guy that takes a loss HARD. He is incredibly critical of himself. Given the current situation a lot of you might be sat there reading this thinking "good I am glad he is taking it personally" but this is a big worry to me.


I am going to do something else that people may feel unfair now but that is a Brodeur comparison. The one thing I was hoping that Cory would pick up from MB30 was his mental preparation and attitude towards his game performance. Its an attribute that really annoyed people towards the end of his great tenure, but one thing Marty excelled at was brushing off a loss or a bad play by himself and moving forward.


I get the feeling Cory is struggling with this right now. He is getting inside his own head, and there is a bit of doubt and a lack of confidence.


Marty never struggled with this, that's why he is still sat there now waiting for a call because he has unwavering faith in his ability and confidence in his play.  It feels like Cory lacks that cockiness that so many of the great goaltenders in the NHL have had. I don't expect him to be as brash or relaxed as Marty, he was incredible in that respect. But he needs to look at the bigger picture and find a place in his head where his play is not the downfall of the whole team.


I hope he can work it out this season and can find the frame of mind he needs to deal with being top dog, and deal with the pressure, otherwise it could be another blow to the long term future of the Devils organisation.