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In Topic: Larsson/Brunner/Yayo-Gate

09 October 2014 - 05:45 PM

I think this is more of a lets see what Severson has than a knock on Larrson.  I'd be surprised if after all is said and done Larsson doesn't get 60 games.  I would guess he eds up with more games then Gelly.  Casue despite his slapshot, his all around game needs to improve over last year.  


As for who's had the better camp.  None of us know,  A few pre-season games don't mean as much as the scrimmages.  I will tend to defer to Pete since I'm guessing he saw all of them.


As for the Harrold hate.  He's just not that great on either side of the puck.  Good 7th where he doesn't look lost after sitting a few weeks, played wing in a pinch, will probably be up in a couple weeks once Severson gets that taste for the NHL level (like the devils say they like their prospects to see) and gets sent back down if he gets complacent or fades.  


Not thrilled with Adam airing the dirty laundry, but not upset he feels that way.


Season is a marathon, not  sprint.



In Topic: Bernier, Harrold & Janssen on Waivers. Carter to Wild

06 October 2014 - 06:27 PM

Not convinced Harrold is going down to start the season.  How long can he be sent down without clearing?  Rather have him sitting as the 7th D with Severson getting 25 mins a night in the A.  


Maybe Lou is just seeing if someone will take the bait and claim him.  I just don't think his offensive upside is good enough for his lack of defensive ability.  At least Gelly has a slapshot and has potential to improve.. I really don't know what Harrold brings to the table and he is what he is.  


Not upset about Bernier or Carter, We just have better options now.  Great in the playoff run which just shows you what can happen to a team that has a 4th line that chips in offensively. Which Lou seemed to address this off season by incrementally improving.  


I think jj, ruutuu an tootoo can be an effective double trouble line.  I'd start jj over gio, but that may not be the plan.  


I'm optimistic about this team.   Better then the 50-1(bovada) odds to win the cup.  over under is 87.5(bovada) at a -130 which mean big money is on the over. Regular season wins is at 36.5(wagerabc) at -120 on each side (never thought abut reg season wins,  only thing that may put doubt in your mind with that is the shootout last year).  I've been to vegas enough to know you might get better deal shopping around but those are the lines I see.


I know, off on a tangent.  When am I not?



In Topic: Season Kick Off Barbecue @ The Rock 10/5 Review (LONG)

06 October 2014 - 05:42 PM

my thoughts.


Not knowing what the prices are going to be which may change my opinion, but the sausage corndog was the best of the new food with the pulled pork(gravy not bbq) poutine a close second.  Still wish the players had their jersey, or some sort of id because I just don't know half the young players by face alone.  Hell, I got a Merril jersey and I probably wouldn't recognize him if I walked into him.  


Cammy said that 13 never came up during the negations and when he got to camp, 23 was waiting for him.   He was answering a question, he didn't bring it up before all the tin foil hats come out.  


Owners were very friendly and weren't swamped with people.  


Always love talking to Lou for a couple minutes.  He doesn't get enough respect when it comes to his interactions with the fans.  


Kenny has to learn how to interview.  He asks a question, then spends more time in explaining his question then the players do giving answers.  Better than when he first started, and maybe the looseness of the event contributed, but it is something he has to work on.  Wish Doc was back to help him with the transition.  Just wish Doc was back in general, but that is just selfishness.


If you walked by Patty and didn't know him, the last thing you would guess is that he's a hokey player.  


Even talked to Pete the organ guy.  Nice guy,  i didn't go near the ice, but looked like a bunch of stuff going on down there as well.


I've been to a couple of these,  all in a all a good event.  



In Topic: Schneider's new mask

20 September 2014 - 12:14 AM

He's in Jersey now.  Should change it to left lane for passing only.



In Topic: Training Camp invites

20 September 2014 - 12:02 AM

heres a little interview with scott gomez.. we should all watch to see what this guys personality and attitude is really like.. seems to be a real D-bag..but than again i guess if i was washed up and came crawling back to my original team begging for a chance to play i might feel little too.



I guess people see what they want to see.  I think pk has the best description of him.  Goofy.  He can barely keep a straight face when joking with Matt.  He answered some questions seriously, he was joking around on others.  Not sure how you get d-bag out of that.  Not sure if you saw him on his first stint, but he does like to joke around.


i still think a properly motivated gomez could be an asset for this team.  He knows more than the other tryouts what is expected of him.  Then again, I do like the 3 lines that seemed to emerge today.  so not sure he would fit on an energy line and I would like to see jj get a shot.  He has had his moments but seems to get hurt when he gets going.  Gomez would certainly help the 2nd pp unit.  And with Marty gone, the more players that can carry the puck out of our end the better.


AS this team gets cut down,  will be interesting.