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In Topic: Brodeur got a tryout with the Blues

26 November 2014 - 07:25 PM

No way, Cory would get booed though :rolleyes:


But yeah since we already played the Blues twice there'd be zero chance of awkwardness.  


We will boo him when we meet them in the finals.



In Topic: The Devils are bad and it's time to tank

22 November 2014 - 07:01 AM

how many games have we had camm, havlet and henrique in the lineup?  Our top end forward talent isn't very deep but its good enough to make the playoffs.  Solid 2 lines with decent depth talent for the 3rd and 4th depending on injury or other team matchups.  I think way too many people flip out with lineup choices. We will need brunner and jaja to stay fresh.  


our goal is to keep it healthy enough during the season to make the playoffs and have it healthy during the playoffs.  I've thought we've only had a few truly bad games.  The blowouts didn't seem lopsided till late.  The Jets game the other day was a low point, and really left the bad taste. (and the avs game felt like a lost 2 points,) but at the almost quarter pole we've had a road heavy schedule and right in the thick of things.  Exactly how many powerhouse teams do we have in the division.  Pit ok, but while I d think the Isels look good.  You never know over there.  They just aren't used to winning so lets see how they develop.  Rags, Caps and Flyers aren't in a much better shape than us are they?


The young D have to be more consistent..  As long as Harold doesn't see the ice, you can rotate larsson and gelly to keep everyone fresh, and reward good play and motivate. Even Severson.  


PK(not jane) goes to sh!t when Sal comes back and management will have to make that choice. Key is to play well while he is out.  And what happened to thtk it's fatigue,e aggressive PK?  Was it just Zach and Henrique with all the breakaways?  Was the if you see someone bobble the puck you get on them immediately an oats thing?  Also, Stop taking so many stupid penalties.  


The PP has me confused I will admit.  They just don't seem to be able to enter the zone consistently.  Seems like lots of short passes side to side or even backwards(and did I see a flying V a few game ago?).  I'm not saying do it all the time but shouldn't we dump every now and then just to keep the D off balance?  


Cory needs time to adjust to being the man.  He's looked great most of the time but he has cost the team a few points with extremely soft goals.  Don't think it's fatigue from the workload, just a different mentality.  Still think the adjustment to a non puck handling goalie needs time as well.  No coincidence all the young D with the new goalie. 


i'm still optimistic about the season(not saying slam dunk in playoffs, but I do see them making it). Lots of new additions to this team.  Lets see how it gels.  


And you don't be a seller at the deadline unless you are sure you are going to miss the playoffs. If management doesn't think a team is good enough to try and improve.  Why the hell would any fan show up to the game and just doesn't set a good mindset for the franchise.  

In Topic: Entering First Critical Stretch of Season

04 November 2014 - 11:24 PM

Not a good start. Hopefully pressure doesn't start mounting


Win 3 out of 4, lose a 1 goal game to a good team and all of a sudden there is pressure?

In Topic: It is game 7 of a new season

25 October 2014 - 02:54 PM

I can't speak for all but I do think the negative Cory posting is from people that were sick of every little think Marty did wrong get treated like he needed to be shot (Tri I think even said Marty didn't have a  great game when he had a shutout) but Cory gets a pass on games he gives up weak goals(which when Marty gives them up, are demoralizing to the team).   We were a top defensive team and horrid offensively, but kept hearing how this team missed the playoffs because Marty sucked. More blame should have been placed on ryder and others having streaky years.  Everyone knows he was at the end, and not the same, but he did also play well at times.  It's not that some of us thought that Marty could do no wrong.  It was a vocal majority of posters thought Marty could do no right.  Every word in any interview proved what a egomaniac prima donna he was that demanded every game.  Not like I posted at the time of the trade.  It was Marty's job to lose, but Cory had to take it.  He didn't   Pete gave him opportunities, more than some people admit(and none here know's what the locker room felt,you can all guess, but that is projection, just like who gets the letters)  It was starting to be his job going into the break but he started slowly.  He played well at times and during stretches, but didn't get the wins. I don't care about the stats(nothing against stats, you need a balance of stats and eye test), he didn't get the wins.  Hell,  you don't think Cory would have gotten more starts if he started winning some of his shootouts?  


Now it's Cory's team he will get too much of the credit, he will get too much of the blame.  He has a tough job to fill replacing top 5 G of all time that played (hopefully) his entire career or our team.  You would that that would get a player a little damn respect.  You know, like not mentioning how we wouldn't the game if he was still on the team during the TB thread when he isn't even on the fvcking roster this year.  I rather remember the 3 cup and 5 finals(one of which was while he was already getting bashed day in and out on this forum(all of which while he was probably getting bashed by GR)).


The team has to adjust to the lack of puck-handling cause Cory just doesn't look comfortable.  I don't think it's a coincidence that the more mobile D transition has started because you won't be able to hide D anymore.  Maybe I'm looking for it more, but I do notice a lot more dump ins the last couple games.  


If I'm gonna ramble, I'm going full out ramble.


I do think many are finding frustration with this board(I've seen it mentioned in other threads, and believe me, I've stopped lurking/posting for years because of it as well)) because in the past there have been very good posters and there are still good discussions, with enough humor thrown in where it was enjoyable reading 90% of the forum.  The negativity and idiocy on this board make it feel like TG's comment section at times.  


The to YS or not to YS question is insane here.  I don't get why so many people get upset because our fansbase likes to be negative.  We are the fanbase that booed Bettman first.  Forget which year.  Our fans booed in the 2nd period on the PP of our home opener in a year where we raised a banner.  We may have even been ahead at the time. some people like the YS chant.  I don't know why it bothers others so much.  I don't chant it but I do sit at the game and fit in how you can fit the ys or  rangers suck in every song played.  It's a fun way to pass the time when you can't hear the person next to you talk talk because god forbid you would be able to talk to someone when the game isn't on. That's all sports nowadays though.  I also understand people being irked by it, I just don't understand how other can say it ruins their night or whatever.  We have much more idiotic ans yelling shoot every 5 seconds.  I'm sorry, Jagr has 700 fvcking goals, I think he has an idea of when to let it rip and when not too.   And it just feels like the new owners are trolling our fans.


Why anyone would give up on Larsson at this point is beyond me.  He still young, he showed he has the ability.  Why trade him now at his lowest possible market value?  I think there is more of a chance Gelly gets dealt.  Just seem to have more value on a team if he doesn't fix his D.  It seems to improve at times, but he needs consistency.  Can't teach that shot though which is why he will always have trade value.  


Severson looked to make a few mistakes last game.  Not enough to bench, but I would keep an eye on him.  Lemaire always talked about how it's tough for young players to play consistent every night. You can play on adrenalin for a while, but playing without too much of a high or low takes a while(and since he played so well in so many games maybe it isn't adrenaline).  Again, one game and maybe it just sticks out because of how good he has been, but it was noticeable.  I am stunned how well he's played to be quite honest.


hmm,  what else have I been wanting to post but haven't bothers with in a while.  



Yeah.  It's not even 10 games into the season.  Can we stop with the fire this one and fire that one talk?  OTL are ties, not losses.  Please.  Lets see how some of the new players fit with the team before jumping off bridges.


Traffic sucked last game.  glad I dvr'd the game because I missed the ceremony.  The tv crowd did miss the ref do an punching motion when he said the fighting majors.  Not quite giving him the business but pretty damn close.


can't wait for a mid week candien team so I can walk around and check out the new food.  found the deep fried sausage, need to find out where the poutine is.





Cory hate more of a blowback of the Marty hate the last couple years.  Our fans on this forum and at the arena are more and more frustrating.  I like to ramble and say because every 2 sentences.

In Topic: Join the revolution oust Hugh

23 October 2014 - 04:42 PM

Dont lump people into one group. Some people didnt like when they took away the goal song, but that doesnt mean they all endorse boo'ing after a devils goal, or this hilarious shirt.


This,  Don't care what side of the aisle you are on this debate.  That shirt is funny.  


To get 3 pages of people getting bent out of shape about other people getting bent out of shape and not seeing the parallel is not quite as funny as the shirt but damn near close.