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In Topic: Training Camp invites

31 August 2014 - 03:00 PM

my take. 


Gomez is a lil insurance, kick in the as for JJ.  Every time Josefson gets going he gets hurt.  I like his game.  Can trust him in his own end, good on the pk.  Shows flashes but not consistency on the offensive side.  Jay Pandolfo made a career here doing that.  


Gomez knows whats expected of him defensively if he plays here.  I'm sure the upgrade the 2nd pp unit alone would improve this team enough to make it worth the chance.  Of course assuming he still has the skill.  Knowing going in what is expected of him and what role he would play should help him stay focused.  


Low risk, (I won't say high) some reward.  If you are worried about the young guys not getting a shot.  If you can't beat out players on camp tryouts, you aren't ready.  Make them keep you like Sykora made the team keep him.  Hell, Jansen got a couple months by scoring 2 goals in a call up.  You play your role, you are dependable in your own end, you get playing time on this team.  Been like that for a while. 

In Topic: Which will end higher: Brodeur wins or Simpsons episodes?

31 August 2014 - 02:43 PM

Simpsons aren't as terrible now as everyone makes them out to be.  They are better on he second viewing (i think the if it set to the high standard the early simpons created. .  Usually one or 2 good lines an episode(unlike episode like lisa he vegetarian which has 5 or 6 lines which are still quotable to this day) .  Tough to stay original after so many seasons(Lego episode was good).  Not as good as they once were I agree, but I do still dvr every episode.  


Family guy started out strong, but the last couple of seasons have had a few too many shows that have annoyed me.  Someone mentioned the Lisa centric episodes getting under their skin.  Brian does the same to me at times.  Far more good than bad, but it has lost a step. 


South park has evolved and because it is so fresh and timely, it can be better then both of the others.  but again, there are a couple episodes a year that I just won't re-watch because they are just bad.  Very few, but when they are bad, they just really suck.


Archer is the best animated show on tv now.  Start from the beginning, because the jokes and character development build on each other.


I would recommend Venture brothers as well.  Not as good as Archer, but it has it's moments. 


From an old bastard that watches way too many cartoons.  I do remember the Tracy Ullman show where they Simpsons were just a little more than bumps (I guess that is hat you would call them).  

In Topic: Here we go again. New goal song for 14-15

19 July 2014 - 11:46 AM

sorry for bumping this,  but weird al has a new song out that would be perfect.  1:09 - 1:39 is perfect for our fanbase.  


Try and add a you suck to it.  I dare you.





Sad thing is that I'm only half joking







In Topic: Kovalchuk Retired Effective Immediately?

15 July 2014 - 05:44 PM

when was his last game in the khl?  does he have to sit out a season or just a years worth of game for him to be eligible to come back to nj without any other teams objecting?  Would love to have him back for the playoff push this year.


My take is that he quit on the nhl over the lockout, not the devils specifically. And with the olympics around the corner,just looked like the grass was greener.  After the CBA, with the recapture, Lou said if you are gona go,  go now before the contract kills our cap, but wait for Lou's timing to help the team out.  I know Lou said he didn't know, but if you believe what Lou tells the press you haven't been a fan of this team for long.  Have you ever heard Lou say he doesn't want a free agent back?  Do you think he wants every free agent back?  He just doesn't bad mouth his players.  


I still think we get Jagr if he stayed.  Probably not Ryder or Clowe and Brunner.  


As someone mentioned earlier in this thread, I just got the feeling that he was never coached on how to play the game.  You saw improvements each year, but you aren't gonna put up gaudy numbers if you play both sides of the puck.  Will he ever be pandolfo in his defense?  No, but he was getting to the point were you were cringing when he went on the ice for a pk(ok, maybe you were,  I wasn't). 

Other than neids (not rob ha) skating, he was the most gifted player we've had (Molgilny had some magic as well I will admit).  You just can't teach a player to create something out of nothing which I've see him do.

This team didn't need much to be in the playoffs.  It did need scoring (and a bit of consistency, beat some good teams, lose to some bad teams drives ya nuts), I think if he could get on the same page as Jagr, the not as horrible of a pp as it seemed at times could be the difference.  


Besides, if Claude can come back after telling Lou that signing a fax isn't a real, anyone can come back.  Maybe with the exception of Danton who put a hit out on Lou, but if he could have helped the team, Lout would think about it.


I only posted here cause the thread was revived and wanted to get my 2 cents in and I don't think I have on this subject.  

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