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In Topic: Lou is New Toronto GM

25 July 2015 - 09:06 PM



Mentor and friend
Former Bruins goalie Craig Billington, drafted by the Devils in 1984, considers Lamoriello among his mentors. Now in Colorado’s front office as the assistant GM, he knows that most people don’t get to know Lamoriello beyond what Billington refers to as his friend’s “facade,’’ one of the stern negotiator and someone known for his uncompromising, meticulous attention to detail.


“Could I tell you more? Sure,’’ said Billington, breaking into laughter. “But there’s too much fear for me to tell you any more than that.’’ Some of which probably explains why Billington, when he finally decided to settle down at age 40, felt compelled to fly to New Jersey with his fiancee so Jocelyn could meet Lamoriello.

“I figured Lou’s one of a few people, along with Pierre Lacroix [his boss in Colorado] and Tom McVie [once his coach in New Jersey] who she’ll hear me talk about almost every day,’’ Billington said. “She’d met Pierre. Well, I had to have her meet Lou.’’

When Lamoriello met the future Mrs. Billington, he invited her into his office and told the groom to wait outside. The GM/friend preferred a private consultation.

“You know, she’s never told me what he said,’’ Billington said. “Shows you the power he has - she wouldn’t tell me if I asked.’’

To this day, said Billington, if he is going to meet Lamoriello on business he won’t show up unless he is clean shaven and wearing a white shirt and tie.



Story I mentioned in other post.   From a article with some other interesting stories from when he was inducted into the HoF



In Topic: Lou is New Toronto GM

25 July 2015 - 07:37 PM


highly recommended



Can we ban Chere from, this site.  He is such a troll now.  'Meadowlands Coliseum'?



Shero is kinda funny. ' I was thinking, “What the hell did I do wrong? I’m not even in the league!



Not mentioned in his piece,  who was the player (Billington maybe?) who brought is fiance to meet Lou before they got married.  Not sure if was for his blessing, or to discuss it, or just respect, (like meeting his parents)y.  Anyway, Lou kicked the player out of the room for a few minutes to talk to the woman and she refused to tell the player what Lou said till this day (or at least when I read the story which I think was out when Lou was going into the HoF.



kinda tough for younger fans to understand him because the 'Lou rules' are established, and when you are younger you tend to be anti establishment.  Some of the rational for the rules have been explained int he past.   We have always tended to be in the bottom for penalties taken, and to be disciplined on the ice, you have to be disciplined off the ice.  


Devils org does a lot for communities without always publicizing it.  (My mom works for the town and they always give stuff for charities and events).  Like players visiting hospitals.  Do it for the kids / patients,  don't do it for the PR of helping the kids.


I freely admit I drink the kool-aid but it is because of the respect I have for him.  That takes years of observation.  Someone shouldn't just earn your respect overnight, so I do understand some of the anti Lou stuff if you just got into the team recently.  I will just say i think your are wrong and if you read some of the quotes by former players(not all, casue I'm sure a few that were sent packing were not happy,  who got shipped to Manitoba?  one of the brotens maybe?) they would run thru walls for him.  It may look different from the outside, but once you play for the organization, you appreciate it.(all opinion, but think I Gilmour mentioned it, I don't think Kovy signs with us if he wasn't part of the team for that half season(not sure if Lou signs him without seeing how he fit, although he may have been overruled by jvb ayway) so it's an educated opinion)


I keep this up I may break my 30 some odd posts a year in this thread.  I just think this is such a huge change,  I just don't know what direction this franchise is going to go.  

In Topic: Lou is New Toronto GM

23 July 2015 - 08:58 PM

What trade offer, the Columbus thing at the draft?  I mean yeah it's not something Lou would do (it helps Columbus a lot more to get it out there than it does us anyway, they wanted to prove they really did want Wierenski) but obviously it was the Conte firing that was the flashpoint.


was more the fact that a trade offer leaked than the offer itself.


No rumors of Lou to toronto today.  That is how Lou operates, 


so io guess I did need the sarc tag

In Topic: So now that Lou is gone...

23 July 2015 - 08:56 PM

why do people keep mentioning long hair.  We've had players with long hair before.  Peluso comes to mind immediately. 

In Topic: Lou is New Toronto GM

23 July 2015 - 08:50 PM

I will miss Lou,  


He started the rebuild (even if he didn't say it) with the trade for Cory.  Just look at the D and their age.  Maybe most people want a full rebuild, but how many fans are gonna sit though that.  When johnny mac had that disaster of a start they couldn't give away tickets.  How long have the isles been rebuilding (been hearing they are taking the next step for years),  Oilers? Rebuilds are crapshoot.  Other than detroit, we have been the model franchise for 20 or 30 years.  Rangers missed the playoffs for 7 straight seasons and for as much talk as their fans have had.  1 finals in how long?  We made the finals while Lou supposedly has had the game pass him by.


but new owners, they want their stamp.  will it work, hope so, but i would have more faith if Lou was still part of the devils.  Hell Nets went to the finals twice with lou on board, he has a yankees ring as well.  I think Lou and his philosophy would succeed in most business.  


My favorite Lou story.

1 of the years Scotty Nieds was holding out.  A fan waived a bill in the air (single, maybe a 5) at Lou and said, that his is to help sign Niedermayer,  Lou turned around, took the bill, said thank you, turned around to walk away with a sh!t eating grin that made me laugh for a good five minutes.  The fan just stood there with his mouth open and didn't know what to say


Stood near where the stairs to the devils offices where in brendan byrne so I interacted with him a bit.  couple words here,  couple words there, but always polite / pleasant to us as fans. Many fans, are fans of this team because of Lou weather they know(admit?) it or not. 


what a spoiled fanbase,  Last 20 years, Lou, Marty, Nieds, Stevens and doc.  Not even gonna mention the short term greats that we may not have seen at their prime but you can tell you grandkids about




i don't think it's a coincidence that Lou left a day after the trade offer was leaked.  Must have been the last straw.


I don't know, do I need a sacr tag on that last comment? I think it's pretty funny but I'm an old fart now