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In Topic: Devils' Michael Ryder says teams were afraid to trade for him - fr

05 March 2015 - 04:05 PM

If Ryder or Havlet were waived today, any team pick either up?  I don't think so.


As for why are zubes and gio in instead of either of them.  First of all, not the same role, but while neither are great offensively, they aren't a negative overall.  Ryder is a negative now.  If he is't scoring, he hurts the team.  That penalty after being sat a few games pretty much was the last straw.  Entirely his fault, no, but it isn't like he stepped his game up when things got tough either.  Tootoo has replaced Ryder lately, not 8 or 11.


Havlet has shown glimpses with patty, but once the injuries started, never got it back.