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#1284794 It is game 7 of a new season

Posted by Joe B on 25 October 2014 - 02:54 PM

I can't speak for all but I do think the negative Cory posting is from people that were sick of every little think Marty did wrong get treated like he needed to be shot (Tri I think even said Marty didn't have a  great game when he had a shutout) but Cory gets a pass on games he gives up weak goals(which when Marty gives them up, are demoralizing to the team).   We were a top defensive team and horrid offensively, but kept hearing how this team missed the playoffs because Marty sucked. More blame should have been placed on ryder and others having streaky years.  Everyone knows he was at the end, and not the same, but he did also play well at times.  It's not that some of us thought that Marty could do no wrong.  It was a vocal majority of posters thought Marty could do no right.  Every word in any interview proved what a egomaniac prima donna he was that demanded every game.  Not like I posted at the time of the trade.  It was Marty's job to lose, but Cory had to take it.  He didn't   Pete gave him opportunities, more than some people admit(and none here know's what the locker room felt,you can all guess, but that is projection, just like who gets the letters)  It was starting to be his job going into the break but he started slowly.  He played well at times and during stretches, but didn't get the wins. I don't care about the stats(nothing against stats, you need a balance of stats and eye test), he didn't get the wins.  Hell,  you don't think Cory would have gotten more starts if he started winning some of his shootouts?  


Now it's Cory's team he will get too much of the credit, he will get too much of the blame.  He has a tough job to fill replacing top 5 G of all time that played (hopefully) his entire career or our team.  You would that that would get a player a little damn respect.  You know, like not mentioning how we wouldn't the game if he was still on the team during the TB thread when he isn't even on the fvcking roster this year.  I rather remember the 3 cup and 5 finals(one of which was while he was already getting bashed day in and out on this forum(all of which while he was probably getting bashed by GR)).


The team has to adjust to the lack of puck-handling cause Cory just doesn't look comfortable.  I don't think it's a coincidence that the more mobile D transition has started because you won't be able to hide D anymore.  Maybe I'm looking for it more, but I do notice a lot more dump ins the last couple games.  


If I'm gonna ramble, I'm going full out ramble.


I do think many are finding frustration with this board(I've seen it mentioned in other threads, and believe me, I've stopped lurking/posting for years because of it as well)) because in the past there have been very good posters and there are still good discussions, with enough humor thrown in where it was enjoyable reading 90% of the forum.  The negativity and idiocy on this board make it feel like TG's comment section at times.  


The to YS or not to YS question is insane here.  I don't get why so many people get upset because our fansbase likes to be negative.  We are the fanbase that booed Bettman first.  Forget which year.  Our fans booed in the 2nd period on the PP of our home opener in a year where we raised a banner.  We may have even been ahead at the time. some people like the YS chant.  I don't know why it bothers others so much.  I don't chant it but I do sit at the game and fit in how you can fit the ys or  rangers suck in every song played.  It's a fun way to pass the time when you can't hear the person next to you talk talk because god forbid you would be able to talk to someone when the game isn't on. That's all sports nowadays though.  I also understand people being irked by it, I just don't understand how other can say it ruins their night or whatever.  We have much more idiotic ans yelling shoot every 5 seconds.  I'm sorry, Jagr has 700 fvcking goals, I think he has an idea of when to let it rip and when not too.   And it just feels like the new owners are trolling our fans.


Why anyone would give up on Larsson at this point is beyond me.  He still young, he showed he has the ability.  Why trade him now at his lowest possible market value?  I think there is more of a chance Gelly gets dealt.  Just seem to have more value on a team if he doesn't fix his D.  It seems to improve at times, but he needs consistency.  Can't teach that shot though which is why he will always have trade value.  


Severson looked to make a few mistakes last game.  Not enough to bench, but I would keep an eye on him.  Lemaire always talked about how it's tough for young players to play consistent every night. You can play on adrenalin for a while, but playing without too much of a high or low takes a while(and since he played so well in so many games maybe it isn't adrenaline).  Again, one game and maybe it just sticks out because of how good he has been, but it was noticeable.  I am stunned how well he's played to be quite honest.


hmm,  what else have I been wanting to post but haven't bothers with in a while.  



Yeah.  It's not even 10 games into the season.  Can we stop with the fire this one and fire that one talk?  OTL are ties, not losses.  Please.  Lets see how some of the new players fit with the team before jumping off bridges.


Traffic sucked last game.  glad I dvr'd the game because I missed the ceremony.  The tv crowd did miss the ref do an punching motion when he said the fighting majors.  Not quite giving him the business but pretty damn close.


can't wait for a mid week candien team so I can walk around and check out the new food.  found the deep fried sausage, need to find out where the poutine is.





Cory hate more of a blowback of the Marty hate the last couple years.  Our fans on this forum and at the arena are more and more frustrating.  I like to ramble and say because every 2 sentences.

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#1273764 Kovalchuk Retired Effective Immediately?

Posted by Joe B on 15 July 2014 - 05:44 PM

when was his last game in the khl?  does he have to sit out a season or just a years worth of game for him to be eligible to come back to nj without any other teams objecting?  Would love to have him back for the playoff push this year.


My take is that he quit on the nhl over the lockout, not the devils specifically. And with the olympics around the corner,just looked like the grass was greener.  After the CBA, with the recapture, Lou said if you are gona go,  go now before the contract kills our cap, but wait for Lou's timing to help the team out.  I know Lou said he didn't know, but if you believe what Lou tells the press you haven't been a fan of this team for long.  Have you ever heard Lou say he doesn't want a free agent back?  Do you think he wants every free agent back?  He just doesn't bad mouth his players.  


I still think we get Jagr if he stayed.  Probably not Ryder or Clowe and Brunner.  


As someone mentioned earlier in this thread, I just got the feeling that he was never coached on how to play the game.  You saw improvements each year, but you aren't gonna put up gaudy numbers if you play both sides of the puck.  Will he ever be pandolfo in his defense?  No, but he was getting to the point were you were cringing when he went on the ice for a pk(ok, maybe you were,  I wasn't). 

Other than neids (not rob ha) skating, he was the most gifted player we've had (Molgilny had some magic as well I will admit).  You just can't teach a player to create something out of nothing which I've see him do.

This team didn't need much to be in the playoffs.  It did need scoring (and a bit of consistency, beat some good teams, lose to some bad teams drives ya nuts), I think if he could get on the same page as Jagr, the not as horrible of a pp as it seemed at times could be the difference.  


Besides, if Claude can come back after telling Lou that signing a fax isn't a real, anyone can come back.  Maybe with the exception of Danton who put a hit out on Lou, but if he could have helped the team, Lout would think about it.


I only posted here cause the thread was revived and wanted to get my 2 cents in and I don't think I have on this subject.  

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#1199904 Lou speaks with Hedberg, Looks to keep Zidlicky

Posted by Joe B on 04 July 2013 - 07:59 PM

You know that won't be true unless his name is Marty. BRODEUR


Like the year you promised not to talk negative about Marty and the processed to rag on Scott Stevens for the year. You will have a whipping boy seconds after Marty retires.

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#1198898 Devils trade #9 pick in 2013 Draft to Vancouver for Cory Schneider

Posted by Joe B on 01 July 2013 - 09:44 PM

I think a few have buried Marty too early.


His job to lose going into the season.  50 - 30 ish.  Marty gets hurt or starts slumping He sits a few.  He did that with Moose a couple years ago coming off an injury.


Near the end of the season, if the team is comfortable in a playoffs spot,  Marty gets a few games if he is slumping.  If they are fighting or just out, quicker hook.


Marty played well early last year, did go to the finals 2 years ago.  He is not his former self, He is not horrible.  The lack of scoring killed this team at times.  Not Marty's goaltender


His problems recently have been injuries and he's streaky.  Any injuries and you are in capable hands. You give him time to heal up. 


I think it's the least the team can do for a player that has given so much to this franchise.  Lou will treat him, with respect,  He will respect the team when he knows he can't hack it anymore.  He studies his game,  He has worked on his game such as his glove hand not as fast, he doesn't temp the shooters with it like he used too.



Not sure if Lou could convince him to have a farewell tour this year.  NHL is insane if the Devs aren't in Montreal the second to last Saturday of the year.


Next year, If Marty is cleary done,

Marty, you want your kid to even have a shot of an nhl rink?  Take over as special assignments coach for a year, watch your kids,  when you are ready you have the assistant GM job or goalie coach or chico's job if you want to go that rout, it's yours.


Or if Marty want to play, 1 year deals if he knows the exact role going in.  Backing up if he builds a report with Cory and it doesn't  have him looking over the shoulder.




edited this question on.  How does Cory handle the puck?  There is going to be a transitional period going from Marty being  like a third D.

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#1195763 Doc & Daft Punk - Together at last

Posted by Joe B on 18 June 2013 - 01:27 PM

too much daft,  not enough punk

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#1140290 ‏Zach Parise has agreed to terms with the Minnesota Wild

Posted by Joe B on 04 July 2012 - 07:10 PM

If Zach had this planned all along I'm sure they both would have signed in min day one. My gut says he wanted minny but only if he thought they would be a good team and zach felt suter makes them a good team(along with the butt buddy speculation cause this wouldn't be njdevs.com if there wasn't total over-reaction, non-stop negativity and idiotic(although admittedly funny at times) memes that take a life of their own). I'm sure it was more Zach convincing the wild to sign suter then having to convince suter to sign with the wild. The first time Zach misses the playoffs as the face of the franchise(2 years ago doesn't count because of the wonky knee) he will regret it. When he's divorced and owes 500k in alimony until 2040 he will regret it. My guess is that he signs back here instead of signing with suter for less in detroit.

The only thing that puts a doubt in my mind about what I just said is tg's speculation. I have thought tg has more insider info with zach then he reports. The tweet today about signing zach instead of making Kovy a priority 2 years ago leaves a bad taste in my mouth(like zach will leave in suter's mouth over the next 13 years). 2 years ago Kovy should have been the priority, cause that's how the contract years played out. If he was upset at Lou trying to get an top free agent or that he was no longer 'the man' on the team something is wrong. Someone looses a little face in my book casue either TG is trolling or zach misses the big picture.

here's tg's tweet
Devils made Kovalchuk their priority 2 summers ago when they should have taken care of Parise. Now, it's clearly Kovalchuk's team.

again, not happy, but not hope he blows out a knee, falls off a cliff and gets traded to the Siberian Sasquatch upset. I think he made a bad choice although his kids and their kids are set for life if he doesn't go all mc hammer.
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#1134440 Devils 1st Round Selection Stefan Matteau

Posted by Joe B on 22 June 2012 - 10:53 PM

This is the future considerations of the 1994 deal between the Rangers and the Devils. Stanly cup for Matteau's first born son.
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#1101279 DeBoer and Torts Should Be Fined

Posted by Joe B on 21 March 2012 - 10:46 PM

If they add energy to 'players', from either team, the net effect is nil. Or did you miss Brodeur saying he thought he got a rough start because of the delay? He didn't sound like he was pumped up.

I thought he said they got off to a rough start cause salvador was in the box and messed up the D pairs. He did talk about the 10 minute delay picking p gloves and scraping blood, but he was laughing when he said it. When I read the quote he sounded like he was upset, when I saw the interview it looked like a throwaway line.

The Carter fight was due to him busting dubinsky's sinuses last game. I still have no idea why the fact that a D took the opening draw didn't get more play I've seen 4'th lines start a few games in my life. Can anyone ever remember a D taking the opening face-off?

they all knew they were gonna fight at some part, get done on the opening drop, get it over with, go on with the game.
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