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Q & A with Shero

22 September 2015 - 09:28 PM

Small season ticket holder Q & A with Shero tonight.  Held in 'Boardwalk' area. .  Free pretzels, hot dogs and soda, water. Stage set up with 2 comfy chairs.  Laughin interviewed him a bit, the fans got to ask a dozen or so questions. 


Seems personable enough, couple jokes.  Talked about the changes to expect.  Says this team isn't as far away as when he was with the expansion team.  Expects to be competitive this year.  Sees whats been written in the press and is trying to motivate the players off of it.  Can't remember the exact quote but something along the line of just because it is predicted before the season doesn't mean it will happen unless you let it happen,  Mentioned old devils type of teams.  roll 4 lines, although tough in cap era, had a calder cup while winning in 95.  Had Elias and sykora in al while winning for example so he is stressing assets.   

Different feeling for fans and franchise if you make the playoffs after missing a few years as opposed to 8, 9 years in a row.  Mentioned johnny Macs goal in 88.  


2'nd question from a fan was about tanking.  He isn't worried about next years raft, he is worried abut this years team.  


asked if he wants to model after any winning team said not really,  more about acquiring assets and mentioned the fast supportive game.  He is high on  Hynes, 


knows we need help on O, but how do we get it  doesn't want to sign bad contracts.  We have Cap space, we have to use it wisely if and when an opportunity arises.  depends on the scouts to be ready when they do arrive.


Not sure about who gets C.  Not sure if we have one at the season start.  Says both coach and his decision, but has to happen organically.   


Did mention the devils always killed the penguins.


Thought he walked a tough line of respecting the past and the change in the future.  Some rah - rah type stuff for the fans.   I sill don't hear emphasis on D mentioned that much so that does scare me I must admit, but again, you usually need 10 games into the season to get any type of feel for a team so I will try not to worry.


Took pics and shook hands with some people afterwards.  


Hugh Webber (actually, he asked someone else who told us) said that the designated driver soda will be back next season.  


I asked Laughlin who has the tougher job.  Ray, Cory or Cangi.  replacing who they are replacing. Matt said Cangi because Doc is still at the top of his game.  


Paraphrasing everyone, including myself