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25 October 2014 - 03:44 PM

Been a fan for years, but I never actually played and I have a question I've been wondering about(and I hate to admit that I think I know the game fairly well but don't know some of the absolute basics that you might learn in mites)


When a player looses his stick, why don't they go to the bench and get a new one more often?  Not talking D or G, always have the F give to a D with no stick, given.


Especially with the 'new nhl' rules (despite not getting a pp last night which while I didn't think the stars deserved many, there was enough chippyness to give them one.) where if you grab you may get called, What can you do besides possibly block a shot or box out?  Maybe the lw switch with stickless if they can so the trip to the bench would be shorter first then just sprint for your stick and swoop back.  


Would it open up a shot too quick?  just blocking shots and some boxing out doesn't seem like enough help if you get stuck out there for a while.  How does being on a pk already affect the thought process?  That is mainly when I think they should get the stick.


Yeah I know I tried to get cute with Fenwick but has there been any actual studies?  Doesn't happen often enough to get data I'd guess but I wouldn't be surprised if I read a post on ILWT about it.