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28 November 2005 - 10:25 PM

Not enough to retire on - but better $450 in my pocket then theirs. Bumped it to $600 the next year and who knows this year - want in?


28 November 2005 - 07:27 PM


What an interseting question - how did we become Devils fans? Well, let me give you some background and then I'll tell you a funny story. I was born and raised in Ottawa, and grew up, and still am, a Montreal fan. I'm one of those women who can actually follow the game. I've always had a lot respect for Martin Brodeur - being from Quebec himself - and that got me far in 2003.

I used to be married to a man who worked in an Italian restaurant. All of the Italian men would get together for a playoff hockey pool and in 2003, they were missing a few people. Since I was the hockey fan in my household, I was asked if I wanted in. Of course, they made it very plain that they were willing to "take" my money, since I didn't have a chance of winning - being a woman of course.

When the time came to pick my players - guess who I relied heavily on. I'd been following the Devils all season, and just knew that they were going all the way. So as I picked more and more Devils, the laughing from the men in the pool grew louder and louder. But I guess I got the last laugh, I won the pool, and the next year they refused to let me play with them. So I started my own - went again heavy on the Jersey players - with Brodeur of course, and still won in 2004.

I don't know what made me stay so involved with following the team - I can look out my window at home and see the Corel Centre, where the Senators play - but I'd die before I support them. The Devils just seem to have a heart that's missing in most teams - even with the roster changes this year - they are a joy to watch.

My only complaint is that they don't come to Ottawa very often but thankfully - my seats for those games are second row - right behind Brodeur. Watch for me decked out in my jersey and Devil horns. I'm hard to miss - some even think I've travelled to watch the games - but Ottawa is my hometown - but Jersey is where my heart is.

Looking forward to March 28 - an maybe another wink from our Goalie.

Go Devils Go!!!