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hey there

01 January 2006 - 03:53 PM

hey everyone, been a troll on a few devils forums the past few months, don't post much but anyways, been a Dev's fan since the early 90's, grew up in Old Bridge and my brother was a huge Rags fan, so everything he liked I hated

plus the first hockey game I ever went to was Devils/Rags at Brendan Byrne, had great seats down low and there were these 2 guys in suits a few seats to the right of us, who people kept going up to and getting autographs, so I went up to them and asked who they were (i know, but I was like 11 or so) it was Dano & Bruce Driver and they were as cool as could be, they were both injured at the time

it's been a tough season so far but hopefully we'll pull it together in the new year
I'm really hoping for some roster changes

happy new year to you all