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  2. Getting to that point where you look up some random numbers, just for the hell of it. Here is one player's "GREAT STRETCH WITHIN A HISTORIC SEASON": 90 GP, 338 AB (392 PA) .305 BA, .311 BA, .398 OB%, .760 SLG%, (1.158 OPS), 105 H, 13 2B, 2 3B, 45 HR, 101 RBI, 47 BB, 30 K And even crazier, his BABIP was just .226 for this stretch...suggesting that he might have actually had some bad luck along the way. Usually for such an insane run, you'd see that number in the .350-.400 range. The player is Roger Maris, circa 1961...this is the run that he went on from 5/17 through 8/16. Just before it began, he had put up a slash of .208/.345/.323, with 3 HR and 11 RBI through 28 games...there was even some talk of him being traded due to that slow start, despite having turned in a career-best MVP season the year before. It really was insane how many home runs he hit to start that stretch...24 through the first 38 games, then 32 through 58, and 37 through 68. He followed up the 37 through 68 with 1 in 16 games...but then had one last surge with 7 HR in 6 GP, to finish off that 45 in 90...at that point in his season, he had 48 HR in 112 GP. He would slow up after that, hitting "only" 13 HR through his remaining 43 GP...this is a 49 HR pace over 162 GP, but he was so locked in prior that suddenly that pace didn't seem that impressive, crazy as that sounds. And of course, unlike the players of today, Maris did what he did without constantly striking out. Great stuff.
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  4. @DevsMan84 summed it up pretty well. I'm happy it turned out this way though because while Howl isn't the best goal song(there's no real rhythm to clap along to for it and barely anybody actually sings along) it's certainly better than hearing hip hop hooray several times a night(another group from NJ that the front office automatically thinks everyone likes) They have been using hip hop horray as the song to play after wins and I think it's works much better that way. Why were you reading old threads? Quarantine driving ya to boredom? Lol
  5. Well it's a bit complicated and would be a very long post if i'd explain everything in detail. But there's the import draft to get players from outside of north america. They actually rank ALL juniors teams from the 3 leagues in reverse order like the NHL does but cross all leagues. And you have 2 picks, but then there's conditions and you need to have an open spot for the player to draft him if not you gotta pass. Also it's risky cause the player might not come. When i worked for the owner of the Acadie-Bathurst Titans, (who drafted Mario Lemieux) he kept going on about drafting Kovalchuk but was never able to convince him to come over. And he lost money, i forgot how much but you gotta pay to draft an import. Then for players from North america.. then i believe each leagues has a specific territory they can pick from. Like for the Quebec league... they can get players from Quebec and all the atlantique provinces (where i live) and then a chunk of the states... same thing for the other leagues, they all have their "zones" to pick from
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  7. At one point this season I received 5 copies of each email, I assume from all the different things I have signed up for.
  8. Because the powers that be over in the Devils front office have a warped and over-simplified view of Devils fans. While sometimes they are right, often times they are wrong. One thing they are often wrong with is that they think that the fanbase as a whole, since we are an NJ team, loves anything and everything NJ no matter what. Howl is a song from an NJ-based band so they automatically think Devils fans automatically love it. They had zero intention of switching the goal song. It was 100% to collect emails and phone numbers to sell tickets. Everyone I know who voted said they got blitzed by Devils ticket sellers 1-2 weeks later after voting.
  9. Why wouldn't the Devils organization actually honor the vote in addition to collecting more names and phone numbers? Why are they so partial to 'Howl'?
  10. This might be answered better by one of our Canadian brothers. How does CHL draft work? Are (representatives) of all 3 leagues/teams (WHL, OHL, and Q) in the same room together? Or do teams in each league independently choose which could be same player? (said player chooses which team he eventually goes to? Do all 3 leagues do it at the same time? Clue a dummy in. If a player is drafted by a couple teams, when does he have to commit by?
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  12. I’ll take the desert heat over humidity every day. I can’t stand needing to take a shower as soon as you step outside. . There are also not very many allergies out there either which for someone like me is pretty big. I’ve lived NJ, VA, AZ, and currently FLA and my allergies (and asthma) were never better than when I lived in AZ. Florida is the worst for allergies and humidity.
  13. that might change when it's 110 degrees daily and you don't want to go anywhere. But, there's no humidity! 110 degrees is 110 degrees.
  14. well both the first known case in china was in... ah actually it's november. but basketball was invented in october tho ! i actually i just made that up
  15. According to this it was late December. https://www.businessinsider.com/coronavirus-pandemic-timeline-history-major-events-2020-3 Who knows what to believe out of China though...
  16. it’s definitely the wrong thing to do health wise. I also question whether playing to an empty house is something the owners would even want to do.
  17. There is no need to take any chances right now. People's lives are at stake. Please remember those who provide us the healthcare we all depend on. They are on the front lines in this war.
  18. China hasn’t even resumed their basketball season yet, and this started way back in January for them. Way too soon to be talking about bringing any of ours back.
  19. Agreed. Especially with multiple on Ottawa and at least one on the Avs already popping, no need to risk it. Hope your family is still symptom free!
  20. i’m desperate for this but they should wait another month. all it takes is 1 positive and we’re back to an entire sportswide lockdown
  21. NOT A POLITICAL POST: President Trump is having a telecon with all commissioners of the major sports at noon Eastern. I honestly wonder if he’s going to ask the feasibility of playing in empty arenas/stadiums to give people something to do while at home.
  22. Any passage through a major travel hub drives an immediate 14 day quarantine for my squadron right now. Needless to say we are not authorized to travel far at all anymore.
  23. Was watching part of the Ayres game on NHL Network and they had in the scroll “KHL announces season cancelled” and whatnot. But, in their infinite wisdom, it has the NHL logo on the left side. 100% where you were confused cause I had to rewind to be sure too.
  24. That's the weirdest part to me. I have always preferred the reds, but in this current jersey, the whites definitely look better. Go figure.
  25. I have heard over the past week or so anecdotally that for NJ, the areas/towns that are the biggest hotspots are the ones that have an NJ transit station. Just judging by my county (Somerset), that is largely true.
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