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  2. last year it was stafford. this year simmonds. where are the team vets? my lord.
  3. Someone who cares enough to be vocal and speaks their mind? Works for me.
  4. No idea how Cangi can refer to Hynes as an 'excellent' coach. The stats and data just don't back it up.
  5. No, it's like when the Coyotes have a better record than the Red Wings this season, but you'd still say that over the past 5-10 years, overall the Wings have been the better team. The Coyotes would get a higher grade this year, but looking at their entire body of work, I don't think anyone would say they've been better.
  6. An offer to Hall of less than six years is akin to telling Hall you don't want to sign him - he's a player who will in all likelihood field multiple seven year offers in UFA this offseason. I think the best of the information out there would suggest that Hall doesn't want to sign anything right now - at least not until he finds himself in a situation that's trending in the right direction. That's not reading between the lines really, it's just listening to what he says. As to your point about it not making any sense for the Devils to be dishing out a long-term contract to Hall right now - yeah, that's right of course given that the season is done for.
  7. If that's the case, then he's pretty stupid, or just doesn't want/value Hall very much, or both.
  8. Two words re: Harrold if PDB ever somehow came back ASSISTANT COACH
  9. I was happy to see him go, but his replacement repeatedly sh!t the bed. Plus we don't have Harrold anymore so he can't give him 30 minutes a night.
  10. I can't find them, but Reanoid Lavoie, who is a real reporter, explicitly said that Shero would not go above 5 or 6 years. Lebrun hinted at it, I think in his article that the Devils were officially fielding offers. I don't have the inclination to look up the exact words he used, but it strongly suggested that Shero was not willing to commit to Hall for the eight year max. EDIT: And don't forget that Ferris is certainly going to get a sense of who the UFA suitors will be and how much they might or might not offer by virtue of the trade discussions where stuff like that will undoubtedly come up even if there isn't official permission to negotiate an extension.
  11. i can't go back and find the links/podcasts but, while it wasn't explicitly stated, it was inferred by the likes of freidman, lebrun and lavoie. edit: this was also back at the end of october/early november before the train went completely off the rails.
  12. Yup, its like how the team who has a better expected goals/60 but less actual goals/60 is actually the better team.
  13. I'd take PDB back in a heartbeat. But that's just me.
  14. I was one of the ones on record a month or two ago saying that I thought a deal would have been done by now, and since it hasn't it seems less and less likely that it will, but if it actually did it wouldn't nearly be the biggest shock of my life as a hockey fan, for the reasons some of us have been discussing.
  15. Yeah, but I'll be honest if we're bringing back old coaches he did okay defensively but horrific offensively. We would be trading one problem for another.
  16. My grades took into account a lot of expectations at the start of the season. And I should clarify/edit my post - I meant to say that I don't think Zacha IS better than Nico, but that I do think he's been better than him....this season. Again, this is all in terms of expectations. Nico's numbers may be, and probably are better, but that's not relative to where I thought they would or should each be compared to last season and the trajectory I thought their careers would be taking this year. I see no reason why Nico can't receive a C grade while Zacha get's a B and Nico still be the better player overall.
  17. It will be the biggest shock of my life as a hockey fan if Taylor Hall re-signs with the Devils. So many of you posted all along "I still think a deal gets done" when there has never been any indication that would happen. As soon as both sides said "we're going to wait", that's code for "don't hold your breath".
  18. I'd actually be interested to hear which "media posts" you're referring to and how you've arrived at such a conclusion. It's possible I missed something but I haven't seen anything that would hint that we know anything about the negotiations. Unless what you mean is that you don't think that the two parties have gotten around to discussing numbers at all - which...maybe...maybe.
  19. Yeah, this is essentially what I was getting at. It may not be likely, and some things have to happen for that to be the case, but it's certainly not impossible. Like you said, there's only a few logical suitors for Hall, so that right there really narrows down the possible destinations for him, and maybe the teams that can realistically bring him in look at his injury last year, and goal scoring this year, and say either "nah, thanks anyway", or "Ok, how's 5 years 50M?" and Taylor says that's not enough - that might be reason enough for him to consider staying here.
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  21. You literally gave Zacha a B and Nico a C.
  22. Deboer would have been a better bridge coach..obviously.. he could give these players a much improved structure than they have now .. he has a decent system.. we aren't competing for a cup right now
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