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  2. Well yes and no. It may not be as much that NJ is not a good destination for him. But if he's okay with the money in Carolina and that he liked it there and loved the coaching and who he played with. Can't really fault him, the team WAS contending last year and did really good. Coming to NJ means taking a gamble that the team will be good.
  3. And all I'm saying is that a team with mountains of cap space being linked to a list of names doesn't necessarily mean that the GM is being active...but in this particular case, I'm definitely of the very firm belief that Fitz is going to be as active as it gets (even if he doesn't land any of his top targets), regardless of who the Devils have been linked to in rumor mills. Also in this particular case, it's not like UFAs can be signed yet anyway, so can't do anything there just yet. And I think that Fitz really wants to see how he makes out with the UFA market before exploring trades. I do think he has some kind of plan, and a feel for who is a realistic option for him...in other words, if he comes away relatively empty, I don't think it going to be due to lack of preparation or effort. If he's looking strictly at UFA options, obviously he can only be so active there, for now...last thing he'll want to deal with is tampering charges. But it won't surprise me one bit (as soon as it's legal) if he calls Hamilton's and Coleman's agents with ironclad "I'm not fvcking around, the Devils want YOU" offers and gets those deals done quickly...and if neither party wants the Devils, he'll pivot to some other plan that won't be as sexy, but will still make plenty of sense and will help the Devils improve. And on one more note...if Fitz throws legit money at guys like Hamilton and gets shot down...man, it really is going to feel like the Devils (and/or NJ itself) are that undesirable of a destination. Yeah, they play in Newark, which never be thought of as glamorous...but there's a legit GM in place (he'd absolutely get another gig if he wasn't here...he's been highly thought of for years), the Devils both have the money to spend and a willingness to spend it, there's a crop of promising young players who hopefully will soon start to hit their peak years...if it has be built solely from within and through trades, so be it I guess, but it really feels like a guy like Hamilton is the right player at the right time for this team...and he'll get paid extremely well to boot. It's not like the Devils ever had him of course, but if he shoots down a legit offer...man, it's going to feel like a wide-toed boot to the balls (at least initially).
  4. Oh I consider him a borderline last resort...he's who you consider after Plan A and Plan B failed (or if your rotation takes a couple of injury hits). He's nothing more than a wild card, and these two starts could be just a couple of random good outings that even rotten starters can occasionally put up. I'm just saying that three good outings in a row up his value just enough that you couldn't just get him for nothing anymore (but Has has a fair point in that if it's not for someone that at least has some chance to contribute in the majors someday, the Orioles might as well just hang onto him for the rest of the season).
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  6. Washington can't help another team within its division go for a WS title without getting a ransom in return (if they want to keep their credibility)...and he's only signed through the end of this year. Not like the Mets have a surplus of kids to give away either...they'd really be a "RIGHT fvckING NOW!" team, with little organizational depth. If Scherzer was signed for another year or two, I'd definitely consider it, even with the possibility of whatever the Mets deal off to the Nats coming back to hurt them later. But it seems like a high price to pay for a rental. I think the inquiry will be just that.
  7. I would still be so worried, a competing team...maybe on the fringes of a Wild Card trying to stay relevant, to bring him onboard and having him out there during important innings. I still feel that if he can maybe regain some of the old power...for maybe even an inning or two the ideal spot for him over the rest of his career would be as a reliever. And that pushing forward trying to rekindle the old Harvey as a starter is just downright impossible and doomed to fail. I think of Frank Tanana (he threw 90 in the 70s and 70 in the 90s) It can be done but Harvey really has to morph into a cerebral cagey junkballer type.
  8. Mets supposedly will inquire about Max Scherzer https://metsmerizedonline.com/2021/07/morning-briefing-mets-will-inquire-about-max-scherzer.html/ It will take a lot we all know this...and it's not something for any of us to get our hopes over. Still with the team where it is, the uncertain status of deGrom and others, the Nats falling to pieces, and a new owner wanting to leave his mark on the team 1st year, maybe this is not as outlandish as we thing? And maybe due to Scherzers age (37 tomorrow) he won't be quite as pricey as we think? I feel really tempted by this. A healthy deGrom + Scherzer with the rest of the rotation...this team would have a legitimate shot to win the NL.
  9. I hope you know that i know that. And you know my point was that it's not because there's no signings or trades that a GM didn't try to do anything. That's literally all i'm saying. He said he wanted to add a top 6 and a top 4 D. And those guys are available, it's 200% sure that he at least made a call to look into it. That's literally the job of a GM. Last few years it didn't make sense either to go after top UFAs cause our team was too far from contending so it would just be wasting someone's prime years. But we're getting there now. We don't have a Hamilton in our system and we don't have the assets to get one or at least without sacrificing something else we'd need. So signing one even if the timing is slightly off maybe would still be a big win.
  10. I agree Fitz will be aggressive w/ Hamilton. Not so much w/ Vladdy. There's a lot of tempting UFA's out there, costing us no assets. He might make a pitch for Wennberg? Danault, McCabe, M. Janmark, Blake Coleman, M. Rielly? Can't wait for Wednesday.
  11. If he has a third good outing in a row, I'm thinking whatever team that could be interested would have to step up a bit (say a decent A or AA prospect, instead of a bag of balls)...I also think there could be some agreement between Baltimore and Harvey, where it's "Look, go have a couple of fun months pitching for a team that's got something to play for, and then come on back here next season, we'd love to see if you can continue this, for us." They'd manage to get an extra piece that could be useful for them down the line, and if they really feel that Harvey is starting to put his game back together, they can bring him back on another relatively low-cost deal...not like he's going to have tons of suitors. I think that scenario would be worth trying to piece together some fillers to take Harvey's remaining turns in the rotation. I think Harvey realizes that Baltimore not only gave him a chance, but stuck with him when many other teams would've bailed...true, they don't exactly have anything resembling depth or options, but still, Harvey was SO bad that it wouldn't have been a shock if the Orioles had just said, "There's nothing here, let's just end this."
  12. Bro it was a meme. Take your pomposity and go fvck yourself I took you off my ignore list after 4 years and it only took you less than 48 hours to get back on it. Don't know why I even bothered. Your self-importance knows no bounds. You are literally THE MOST annoying fvcking poster I've ever met on ANY board. Pompous fvcking douchebag. fvcking pathetic.
  13. Being "linked" to a bunch of names doesn't really mean all that much...the Devils have SO much cap space that it makes perfect sense to speculate that they could land one of those players. That being said, Fitz does strike me as not only a guy who will absolutely make a VERY concerted effort to land at least one big target this offsesaon (and in a good way...he's not going to spend money just to do it, or to land some consolation prize that he's not bullish on), but who realizes that he will have to go several extra miles, due to who he works for...I think he absolutely knows the Devils currently aren't one of those teams that can hope to attract players by its brand name alone (the way that the Rangers and some other select teams can). What has me hopeful is that I don't see Fitz pulling a Wilpon-era Mets kind of move, once he decides there's someone that he really wants...for example, when it comes to Hamilton, if he doesn't get him, it won't be because he didn't go above and beyond with an offer, or didn't do all that he possibly could...it will be because Hamilton simply chose to go elsewhere. The Mets used to have a way of doing just barely enough but almost hoping to lose out, so they could say "Hey, we tried, we did have discussions." I think Fitz will have a 7-year, high AAV offer ready to go immediately for Dougie...I just have a feeling that Fitz ain't screwing around here.
  14. What a dream Dougie and Vladdy would be. Totally plausible, too. Wednesday can’t come soon enough.
  15. Time to dream for a second: Holtz-Hughes-Zacha Bratt-Hischier-Meier Sharangovich-Mercer-Kuokkonen Wood-McLeod-Foote Graves-Hamilton Smith-Severson Subban-Siegenthaler Blackwood, Lehner ———————— thats a playoff team
  16. 6 x 5 for Coleman? I would do that
  17. my dream scenario would be to trade Tarasenko for PK Subban and we retain a chunk of his salary Honestly its very hard to gauge what's the value of Tarasenko right now. He hasnt played in god knows how long and he requested a trade. Wasn't even picked up by Seattle, his value is at an all time low
  18. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/big-week-potential-jack-eichel-trade-free-agency-predictions/
  19. well im the "some people" in this case but the negative fans im calling out 200% exist on this forum, its maddening
  20. I think he was just posting a jokey meme. Some people are on real hair triggers around here
  21. I can "understand" doom and gloom fans that just doesn't know any better and assume our GM simply sit on his hands and didn't even try to sign or reach out to anyone when we havent signed any top free agents during free agency. Or make trades during the trade deadline or wtv. Level headed fans actually understand that a GM must have reached out to 15 guys or GMs but nothing came out of it. I mean, it's incredibly dumb but at least i see where they are missing logic and where they make assumptions. But when we've been linked to the top free agent Hamilton, to fleury, to holtby, to Ristolainen, to Tarasenko, to Lehner, to Meier, etc etc and that some people go "our GM is not doing anything"... well wtf.
  22. Everyone says that guy knows what he is talking about, I guess we’ll see about that.
  23. i doubt the islanders can fit Tarasenko once Lou Sign Parise to a 6 years / 50m contract
  24. Friedman predicts Hamilton AND Tarasenko to NJ. (tarasenko he said either NJ / NYI) plz
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