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  2. Being that Nico has played two 40 games + seasons already, I corrected myself above to point out that the contract buys 3 UFA seasons. The Devils will have Hughes and Hischier until at least 2027. If the Devils can't turn this season around - I hope that security can still convince Hall it's worth sticking around. It'd be nice if the goaltending situation was more secure, but Hall now knows that for at least 7 of 8 years of his contract, Hischier and Hughes will be here.
  3. He’s exactly what this team needed.
  4. This is a good deal. This is what you have to pay your franchise players if you want to keep them. give him another 2-3 years he will be a monster and probably one of the top players in the league.
  5. If Nico started this season as PPG player - everyone would start talk about 8-9. But this team svcked specially for make nico`s deal little bit cheaper. Now we gonna win all games in the season. Big 'shero`s and hynes`s' plan. Plan "Shynes". Without jokes i think it`s a good deal for us and we will laugh on it after seattle will join this league.
  6. The first sentence hits the nail on the head imo. As for the second, being that Nico signed for 7 years (and not 5 or 6) and that my sense is that it got done with little trouble - it's hard to believe that 3 or 4 years was part of the negotiations.
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  8. Are you kidding me? 52 points AS AN 18 YEAR OLD. shero is banking on very normal progression from our little baby superstar. 7.5 per year is NOTHING in today’s NHL.
  9. https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/release-hischier-signs-seven-year-deal/c-310241124 The New Jersey Devils signed center Nico Hischier to a seven-year contract extension with an average annual value of $7,250,000 (total value $50,750,000). Hischier would have been a restricted free agent at the end of the 2019-20 season. The contract will start in 2020-21 and the breakdown is as follows: 2020-21: $7,000,000 2021-22: $7,250,000 2022-23: $4,500,000 2023-24: $7,750,000 2024-25: $7,750,000 2025-26: $8,000,000 2026-27: $8,500,000
  10. Is it likely for a head coach to fire his assistants during the year? I assume infinitely more likely they all get the axe than that happening.
  11. Yeah I caught it after I made my dumb-dumb comment haha. Whoops
  12. See above...he was kidding...although I'll admit it, when I read his initial "kidding" post I too was thinking "Huh what?"
  13. You don't think 7 years is a good commitment? Never mind. Saw that you were kidding
  14. Yeah, I was one of them. Now that Fitz is in the fold, I'm curious to see if it's more Nasreddine or Hynes that's the issue.
  15. Or maybe Shero believes in Nico that much that he thinks this kind of a deal makes sense? And Nico's happy enough here that he doesn't mind committing here for 7 more years? Shero wasn't getting Nico on some 3 or 4 year deal at $5 million per. It is what it is.
  16. I was kidding! Love the kid and am very happy with the contract.
  17. Always wondered how those guys feel after signing a contract like that. Laying in bed at night looking at the ceiling thinking ''Jesus Christ, I'll earn 7mil a year for 7 years. Holy sh!t''.
  18. It's not in his interest to take the 8th year. He will already be 28 on June 30th of 2027 - his contract expiry year - meaning, per current CBA rules, that he already loses one year of UFA with this contract - a plus for the Devils. No doubt his next contract will be bigger - and as most young players want to, he wants to sign that next contract when he's 27 or 28. This is a Devils-friendly deal on the back end and also gets Nico paid young. Win-win. Edit: Correction - he loses three seasons of UFA with this as he started playing at 18.
  19. Maybe Shero chose to do that. If he wasn't committed he would've waited this summer and milk the most money possible and probably wait it out like the rest of those RFA's.
  20. That "never have to worry about money again for the rest of my life" smile.
  21. You guys are running with this a little too much. Boyle was just an example, Im not even a big fan of his. My point is that the league is going towards all young guys getting everything and older guys being pushed out because of it. You can use any veteran player example you like.
  22. No, I never said that Nico pushed for this. I don't sense any kind of animosity from him at all. My point is that GMs feel the need to throw out buckets of cash to 50 point players early now to avoid RFA headaches later.
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