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  2. Probably also Waiver Eligibility and roster spots.
  3. Probably cause they are not fully ready and it's better for their development to play top minutes in the AHL than bottom line minutes in the NHL
  4. Re Zacha: Is he still technically ‘young’ and capable of developing further? I suppose. Does he look, in any way shape or form - in any fvcking world - that he is progressing? Absolutely not. He honestly looks embarrassing out there. The effort literally isn’t there. The last game against Washington I spotted him coasting entire shifts. He doesn’t appreciate being here and given the chances his draft position has afforded him. He can gtfo. As far as other lineup decisions go, why is McLeod or any other kid not playing over Hayden and Rooney?? I am so fvcking sick of seeing those two worthless sacks of sh!t get penciled into an NHL lineup every night. What have they done to deserve it? So tired of it. The one good thing from being a bad team is that you get to give your young players valuable NHL time and experience. Why is John Hayden on this team? I’m done...why is Nas still our coach? (Even from before Shero got fired? I can’t anymore with this garbage.
  5. I grew up through the Viet Nam Era. I really don't think it should be a topic of discussion in this section. When I was in high school I went to funerals of guys I knew in Boy Scouts. Please keep that out of this site. Thank you.
  6. 4978 just made a couple of good points, but again, what more did you want to see from MLB beyond the punishments meted?
  7. You can still cheat but you have to: A ) do it without the manager or GM ever finding out cause they aren't going to risk getting blacklisted over it and will stop it (and there's a certain amount of player peer pressure here too, nobody wants to be known as rogues who got their manager and GM fired and their organization smeared). B ) not tell anyone who'll ever spill the beans on you personally, since when it's institutionalized it's hard to know who did what and how much (and impossible to hide in the locker room), but if it's on a smaller basis it's easier to pin personal involvement down if you get caught Just having organizations forced to be more vigilant should curb the institutionalized stuff. Plus I would hope baseball would monitor the video rooms in each ballpark and take some other precautions going forward
  8. As opposed to what? Weren’t we dead last WITH them?
  9. Yesterday
  10. Well to me it was always clear that the goal was to build a younger group that could win together. We simply didn't have a group that we you could re-tool. As much as Hall was our best player Nico was the player we had to build around. Then we got Jack. And it became even more apparent that our real window was always going to be around them. Now last summer we got the opportunity to infuse a lot of talent in the lineup for cheap. So suddenly with Palms, Subban, Hall, Vats in their prime and maybe Gusev... we suddenly had a potential window. I even commented that this summer... that it was cool that we kind of had 2 windows... cause when you win the cup... you usually have a setup of... vets in their prime... and some really good young players still cheap and a good supporting cast. Window 1 didn't happen as many of the players didn't pan out as much as we hoped and coaching, goaltending and a bunch of stuff didn't go our way. So it made our players in their prime expendable and if the goal is to really surround our young core... we're better off better on a 18 years old joining jack and Nico... than an overpaid vet who's about to decline We still gotta remember that our real window is to win around Nico. And with Hall having a step out of the door... with his injury history... etc etc well we're likely going to look at this situation as a bullet dodged just like we're seeing Kovy now. Hall in 6-7-8 seasons at 10m + could have very well been a disaster.
  11. You really don’t like Coleman do you lol
  12. Sometimes moves have to be better than just good on paper. The team was becoming a revolving door. Constantly acquiring assets to then swap for other assets wasn't doing much. We're now at the point where assets that were supposed to help fix the team are now being traded for other assets again. Sooner or later you need to figure out which players are going to stay and create your culture
  13. Man there’s a lot of back and forth going on in here over the same sh!t for the millionth time. Let me some up where I stand as simply as possible... Zacha sucks, and no matter how many times you bring up his age my opinion won’t change unless I see drastic improvement from him on the ice on a consistent basis. Guy has 3 goals ffs. Lou was a better GM for the Devils than Shero was. Only looking at what he did his last handful of years is just as unfair as not taking into account what Shero inherited.
  14. I mean.. how can you say that you're sick of people using a specific excuse to justify a situation... then refuse to look into said excuse and give it a fair understanding. I dont wan't to guess but the only reason you don't want to hear it is cause you don't want to accept it. I asked you many times if you went through Shero's track record starting with what he had to work with... and went through the timeline to see what was possible to get on paper by now. You keep ignoring it. It doesn't have anything to do with Shero or Lou. Any fvcking GM having to start with that roster would require a lot of work, time, luck and everything going his way. Cause that very thread is a great, fair and comprehensive display of why we're using that "excuse". It's literally displaying the evolution of the roster, step by step, what was possible, realistic and how long it can take to rebuild a team. It's showing that we didn't make many bad moves "on paper". An incredible amount of moves didnt pan out but that's outside of anyone's hands in the management. It's easy to say "5 years is too enough" when you're completely ignoring the situation. We had to replace like 80% of our team, the other 20% was average at best.. and you can only add players through trades...we didnt have much to trade... through signings... we could only sign guys around 28 years old... too old for our timeline and who would want to sign with this sh!t team? or draft them... but then it takes time to develop players.
  15. I disagree completely and I'm seeing a lot of people say the same thing. I'm listening to multiple radio stations for other team and they're basically saying the same thing, their team might as well cheat because the punishment is pennies on the dollar in the grand scheme of things. It isn't a great look for baseball.
  16. The injury bug is killing me right now Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Unless you get an absolute King's Ransom back, you can't trade Coleman. He's one of the few salt-of-the-earth, competitive guys on this roster it seems.
  18. Did you intentionally omit the number of games played, or did do not consider it? Edit: I've got to stop grabbing quotes before reading the rest of the thread. Regardless, I think it's pretty clear that that's a relatively meaningless statistic since few players break into the league at 18. And perhaps that's the problem, maybe we rushed him.
  19. Manager and GM were suspended (then canned), franchise was docked first and second round picks for 2 straight years and fined $5 million (max allowed). What more could have been done? Even more picks taken away? WS victory vacated? Team forcibly broken up? (Obviously not much chance of the latter two happening.) I think it's a pretty big deal when your front office and your manager are exiled. And the new GM will be handcuffed a bit.
  20. Docked picks and fines is nothing for cheating.
  21. Well if you look at things that black and white no wonder you get it. When you're rebuilding it's not about current success it's about the future. The future of the 2015 team was GUARANTEED to get worst and worst and worst, there's just no way around it... 200% trending down. This team now has the potential to trend up. We know some players will get better and we have assets to make moves now. Just that is improvement.
  22. You're forgetting about all the assets that can be continuously flipped.
  23. That's because there are no awards, trophies, or banners out there that I know of for teams with the youngest, fastest or most talented players (well maybe Nashville may come up with one....). At the end of the day what matters are wins and points in the standings. You are not going to convince me this is "improvement"
  24. That's simply not true at all. Are you purposely not looking at the big picture on purpose? if so. why? First of all you didnt answer my other question. Did you go through the thread i made tracking his moves and the state of the team as it went on and what was possible? If you would look at it subjectively maybe you'd finally understand. I mean how can you even suggest that finishing a season with the same points... but having a bunch of young guys not even in their primes yet and assets to make moves... and having an old group with no core and all players are past their prime and about to retire and no assets and not a single promising prospect is spinning tires and not an upgrade in that sense? Honestly dude come on
  25. Would be a great message to Altuve and Bregman if they took a handful of fastballs between the numbers early on.
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