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  2. Well there's just no way to know really. Look at Ottawa... they made trade thinking it would be for the best and they ended last in the league and Colorado got Byram out of that pick (4th overall)... and then they traded with the Sharks and got their first round pick. Not thinking it would be that good but then they got a top 5 pick out of it. You just never know. So we MIGHT get a better player from Arizona or Vancouver in the next draft but who knows. On paper it would be better to have a guy sooner that can potentially join the lineup sooner. And taken from a deep draft but again, who the hell knows
  3. I go to an absolute ton of live events, my calender went from completely booked for months and I had 5 trips booked/going to be booked until all this stuff started so I totally get using these things as a distraction but if you're thinking that sports won't be intertwined with the things you're trying to get away from I think you're mistaken for at the least the start of them. It might go away but sports are more involved in politics and social issues more than they ever been before in our country. However, I don't feel any need to rush back into any building with a lot of people simply because there are morons in the crowd who simply don't care about the other people around. I don't see myself attending any games for the 20-21 season and I will absolutely defer my season tickets until the 21-22 season if they give us the option and I will fight the Devils front office over this until they give in if they don't. Also this is literally the best time in history to have to deal with a quarantine. Between the amount of different forms of entertainment available, movies/tv, whatever you want to stream available to watch. Video games that you can just download to your systems. Whole books available to download in an instant, etc etc etc. In this day and age if you're simply bored there's really nobody to blame but yourself. Hockey can't be the only thing you enjoy entertainment wise or sporting wise. I personally hate baseball. I can't remember the last time I watched a game and I couldn't even tell you who was in the world series last year let alone who won. If baseball was the only sport left in the world I'd simply never watch sports again lol I also think it's extremely easy to avoid all news whatsoever if you feel like you're being constantly bombarded by it. If you don't watch it on tv and don't participate in social media you literally can live in your own bubble if that's what you want to do. The MLS is trying to start on Wednesday and they have had to postpone one game already because Dallas has 10 positive tests. Other teams are still arriving in the Disney Orlando bubble they are trying to do. If they can pull it off in Florida of all places then it will probably look better for the NHL to be able to pull off this tournament. Personally I just don't care what happens this year when it comes to sports. As years go by I find myself less and less of a fan of the NHL and more strickly a Devils fan and since we aren't involved I don't care what the outcome is.
  4. i mean.. it's Saturday... do you have anything better to do than feeling crappy? haha
  5. I know dude, I just wanted to stare my take. Absolutely not discrediting yours by any means
  6. Should I feel crappy for posting my point of view guys...?
  7. Exactly right. The fact that it happened in an election year gives both sides incentives to lie. Trust no one on this issue, amend we’ll never know the truth of it.
  8. To be honest, I don't know what to believe. I seen countless articles and people say the numbers are a lot higher than what they are being reported, and then I've seen a lot of other countless articles and people saying the numbers are a lot lower than number the reporting. I guess that's the world we live in unfortunately.
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  10. That’s true. None of these numbers can be believed anyway, because thousands and thousands of people had mild symptoms or no symptoms and never got tested. The inportant numbers, in my opinion, are the hospitalizations.
  11. There's more testing, hence more cases. Can't live life in fear, everything's already open anyway so let's play!
  12. Literally that's the thing I will give the NHL/NHLPA credit for this time around, "hey we have an pandemic, we (mostly) want to play and while we're at, wanna hammer out a CBA for a few more years?" "yeah sure why not"
  13. I truly wish they would have shown such blind desperation to get back to hockey like they are now when we've lost full of half seasons due to lockouts because they were playing tug-war and pinching pennies. It's all about the money at the end of the day.
  14. With the cap remaining static it's good news for teams that currently have space (like the Devils) but teams that are up against it will be in trouble. There will be a few more players not getting re-signed by their clubs and maybe a few more trades possible now. I also read somewhere (so could be complete BS) that there won't be any compliance buy outs this season. I guess that means that Cory will be staying around for a least another season.
  15. I understand where you’re coming from jag. But the virus isn’t spiking all over Europe. It is here. There is no reason to be playing sports right now. Period. End of story. It’s not worth the risk. I want sports back too, but not like this.
  16. I've started and stopped this reply a few times now (I think 5 or 6, haha) so forgive me if its really disjointed. I know this is one of those extremely rare instances you and I don't agree on a particular subject so please allow me to try and give you my thoughts: RISK: COVID MY TAKE: We were going to see spikes, regardless of the work place, the second things started opening up you will have them. From the general office worker to professional athletes to even the military, as people start to come back together and tests become more regularly available, positives will be there, unfortunately. What magnified this situation is the complete distrust from top to bottom the government created in its people, I'm not opening the can of worms of the finer points of the politics, but I think we can all agree the second this virus became part of a political agenda used for personal/political gains, we as the general public Americans were absolutely screwed and this was never going to go well. WHY IT IS WORTH THE RISK: This is complicated, so please bare with me 1) We've seen the success of quarantine in Europe with the EPL and Bundesliga how at the beginning you see cases, but as the weeks progress, the preventative measures have been proven to work. This also can be echoed in other areas not just sports that as long as people adhere to the isolation, odds of spreading the virus drastically diminish. 2) The general public NEED a distraction. The aforementioned distrust, paired with constant bombardment of severely slanted new reporting, has literally turned people against one another and things that could be discussed now turn heated and/or violent. Bringing sports back will take away from the tension because people will finally have something else to do. I'm not trying to take any light away from the important issues which need to be discussed, but holy sh!t we need to have something else in the forefront to take a break from those problems. Speaking for myself here, sports has been an incredible distraction and helped me through really tough times. The uncertainty of my future while I was desperately waiting for my career answers, it give me relief (even if just for a period or two) while not home and the nights when the kiddos wouldn't sleep when they were first born, flipping on NHL Network in the dead of night and seeing that day's highlights took some of the "good god what have I done" feeling sometimes people get as a parent (haha). 3) It is going to be weird to have hockey in August, but again just speaking for myself, I'd much rather watch a hockey game than a baseball game 9 times out of 10. We legitimately have a chance to get more viewers and fans with only baseball being around. TLDR: I think the game should come back, but hell I'm selfish and want it back. To anyone who reads it, please don't go political, I couldn't care less if you're red, blue, green, indigo, I think nearly all politicians are full of sh!t and out for themselves. END INCOHERENT RANT
  17. what's gonna happen if this happens during the playoffs? imagine being in the cup final then have to get quarantined? just end this trash season and start next year.
  18. https://www.tsn.ca/talent/details-emerge-on-expected-new-nhl-agreement-1.1492091 Details of the new CBA which guarantees labor peace through 24-25 (unless I just misquoted, high probability I did)
  19. It's incredible how badly the US has handled this pandemic. And that's coming from someone in a country where it's been a complete sh!t show.
  20. Yeah we’ve been used to it for years...
  21. hey guys, thanks for the info. I’ve been pulling for the mythical scenario of getting a top pick next year from Vancouver, but I think I get it now. Better to have the bird in hand, in a deep draft year, than one in the proverbial bush in a year that maybe isn’t so deep. I have to admit that I am worried about this draft more than I have ever worried about a draft with the Devils. So much is at stake. We will not get another chance like this for decades. With Hughes, Hischier, and the new players and picks we’ve gotten in trades this will either make or break the franchise for years. If we draft a bunch of busts then we’ll have traded away solid assets for squadoosh. If the FO hits a few homeruns we could return to our rightful place as a league powerhouse, lording over the Ragdolls. I would so love that.... So if anyone in the Devil’s FO is reading this: You just have our hearts in your hand and failure will mean seeing something we love turned into drek. So no pressure or anything....
  22. Their play on the ice just makes us sick...
  23. Still, this is a few weeks. One run. I mean... hell if they'd win a cup it would suck but then they'd always have that * next to it. Them landing a top player that will make their team better for another 10+ years would be a pain in the ass for a long time. Plus they landed Kakko and a good young goalie so they are building a good young core.
  24. One positive of being a fan of a really bad team is at least we don't have to see our guys get sick at least.
  25. And so it begins. This is going to work out well, nothing to see here.
  26. Last week
  27. They have a top notch goalie, and one of the best players on the planet. Crazier things have happened. I don’t think they will win the Cup either, and you’re right their chance at #1 is much better, but I disagree there’s “absolutely no shot.” If Shestyorkin went on an insane run (like Binnington or MAF) I’d be pretty damn worried. This also isn’t your typical year, so who knows what to expect...
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