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  2. “Blake Coleman is nothing but a role player” ~ that guy
  3. Yeah i actually liked him quite a bit. He always brought energy and made things happen with his limited ice time or appearances. Not that i believed he was going to be a star for us or anything but i always thought he was pretty good.
  4. https://www.si.com/hockey/news/panthers-bennett-agree-to-four-year-extension?fbclid=IwAR2Ba1zvN9jFZHp3FBs4_3uUE1offwqGOhvjYC2nVWIlDqRjgHGGhTswNSs
  5. I must be in the minority but I thought that Merkley always looked tidy when he played. He had his flaws but he wasn't the worst player on the ice. 12 points in 31 games isn't too shabby for a fourth liner. But RHD are thin on th ground so it's depth need for depth need I guess.
  6. Christian Jaro actually use to go out with Hamilton's sister and he was best friend with their cousin. He helped Dougie move once too. This obviously means Hamilton is coming here. i totally made this all up
  7. It doesn't really matter who climbed over him...just that it happened, and it didn't look like he was going to find a way to climb back over those who left him behind...those guys are simply better than him. Maybe that gives him extra incentive in SJ, but the guess here is he is what he is...a guy approaching his mid-20s who's never going to be quite good enough to be more than a fill-in call-up.
  8. I find it equally appalling when people who say that we should slow our roll and wait after 4 games get attacked on here.
  9. The other players who climbed over him were rookies and other players who were simply better. Players who are worth keeping around actually stick around and not get penciled in as part of the future after 4 games.
  10. yes I too find it absolutely appalling that people change their opinion on a player after a full calendar year of poor and uninspired play.
  11. In fairness, last season other players simply climbed over him on the depth chart. Not that I thought that he was a star in the making, but enough's happened that there wasn't much reason to keep giving him looks.
  12. It wasn't long ago that Devils fans, including ones here, were calling Merkley part of our future after his first 4 games. He was as expendable as they come and he was the one I really wanted the Kraken to take in the expansion draft.
  13. About as "so what" as it gets, but teams make little "depth for depth" deals like this all of the time. With guys like Sharangovich and Kuokkanen showing some promise (and other forwards coming through the ranks), Merkley was expendable. Didn't feel like he was going to have much of a future here (unless a ton of guys get hurt, and he gets some time with the big club as a result).
  14. depth forward for depth defense. fine trade, i didn’t like merkley at all and this opens a 4th line slot for someone who might actually be worth a sh!t.
  15. Today
  16. Could be a rise by Hamilton's agent. Even Friedman said his prediction list was essentially guessing
  17. Yeah i think we might be seeing more and more people warming up to NJ being a good place to play based on the players we have and our potential. All we ever had to be attractive for UFAs in the past was that we were a consistant playoffs team and had a good roster that a free agent would wanna join. Then this was taken for granted and when we started losing on the ice and losing all our top talent. Why in hell would anyone come here? Well... we now. Over the hill guys would come to NJ with a chip on their shoulders to prove they had something left and patch holes. We also didn't have players that were attracting. In 2015, no top wingers in the NHL were like "oh man here's my chance to be on Adam Henrique's wing on a top line". Then we were obviously rebuilding and no 25-27 years old want to join a rebuilding team years from contending and wasting their prime years. We're FINALLY in a spot where we have players that guys would want to play with. I can see players wanting to play with Hughes or Smith for example. And we're obviously trending up. Also from the outside looking it, it appears to be fun to play for NJ, it truly looks like the boys are having fun Yeah obviously it would sting but it's still somewhat understandable if the player goes to a playoffs team. Unless a free agent would sign with like... detroit (and that he's not from there) or another team not in the playoffs... then that'd be the ultimate slap in the face lol.
  18. Hehehe sense of humor is intact though.
  19. That’s the exact argument he needs to be making. He needs to make a guy like that feel like he is going to be king.
  20. It would. But I have to say, a lot of the league seems to now be looking at the Devils as a team on the upswing like Colorado a few years ago. That might start to filter to free agents as well. Assuming Hamilton doesn't re-sign with Carolina, Fitz may be able to convince him that he's a major part of this team becoming a contender
  21. That’s different. If he chooses to stay put, I get that (and if he somehow never makes to UFA, can’t do sh!t about that). I mean if he makes it to UFA and takes less to go to another team. That would sting.
  22. Its a shame Eddie had to retire. He's a good dude
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