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    Nice to see Hughes first point, with us having the rest of this game and 4 more home games we should be seeing his first goal at home as well.
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    i think the entire management team from Shero through Hynes and his staff is blaming this on the players. While they certainly shoulder blame, these guys clearly have skill and ability. Its for the coach to get the most out of it. say what you want - this team is wrapped in a culture of losing. For the true core of this team, that's really all they've known. Yes, Zajac and Greene had winning seasons earlier in their career but that was a lifetime ago in sports. the one playoff run year seems like the outlier and these guys are almost conditioned to losing.
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    If you think Nico doesn't even deserve "Kevin Hays" money you're smoking something. I think this is a freaking deal and a half.
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    "Got some breaks and Blackwood played well," doesn't really sum up the game all too well - though as you said, you didn't watch all of it. Yeah possession numbers at 5v5 weren't all that great but there was a lot of special teams tonight and the Devils looked a lot better throughout - nothing looked AHL-caliber really and there was structure out there. Hughes lost his man on the first goal, but overall I didn't count the Devils allowing too many high quality chances on the net and never lost control of the momentum for too long.
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    The battle of the brothers. CANUCKS (4-2-0) at DEVILS (1-4-2) 1 p.m. ET; SN, MSG+, NHL.TV Hopefully I go 2 for 2 in my GDT LGD!!!
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    Exactly. Anybody willing to work and contribute to society should never be shamed for it. What sort of nonsensical lack of human empathy does it take to attack people for being willing to pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and rebuild their lives? People make mistakes, have bad luck, make bad choices and lots of other things. The last thing they need to someone sanctimonious twit making their life harder.
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    Why’s that, did you just register for this board yesterday?
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    This is great. I'm surprised that the board isn't unanimously thrilled by this deal. This is our first line center! And he can play in any situation. He's great in overtime, and he's definitely someone you'd be willing to put out there in the last minutes of regulation to protect a 1 goal lead. Really the only "weakness" I've been able to identify in his game is his faceoff percentage, which is looking pretty good this year already. This deal will look great for the Devils in a year or two. Great work, Ray!
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    "Write this down. We want it blue, orange, and white." "Blue and orange, got it." "And white... You got that part too, right? Did you write it?" "Ugh, yes, I heard you, I don't need to write it down. Whatever."
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    This is not a hard one - very fair value (in line with his peers) for a 20 year old who has averaged .64 ppg and plays in all situations. I'm sure the analytics room was more than happy with this contract as well. Just as fun fact btw, in 2027 Nico is going to have lower cap hit than Zach Parise did in 2013. Btw, it's official.
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    You've got your share of overpaid vets too. And vet deals that seemed like decent buys, but didn't look so good once that player declined. I'd much rather pay a kid like Hischier (though you're clearly hoping he's going to get better) then ante up for a 30+ year old vet, who fades 3-4 years into his contract. As least with Nico, you're paying for prime years.
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    Maybe Fitz takes Naz's place the bench, permanently. I mean, if it somehow turns out that Hynes and his system isn't a problem.. just that Naz was completely inept.. that'd be a pretty surprisingly good outcome.
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    Have some self-awareness - you and CR76 and the rest high-fived each other for slamming him. 'I miss him'. Pathetic.
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    And...get this...he was actually a +2 last night. Guess the Minus Man's march towards -100 for his career is taking a slight detour for the moment... Devils definitely got some breaks last night (and they still give up a lot of good looks), but I'm just happy that they won a damn game. Was nice to drive home not pissed. So happy for Hughes getting his first point. I get that people are going to bitch about Palms from time to time and make it sound like he's useless (especially when he's slumping), and yes, he definitely has flaws, but the guy does put the puck in the net, and has been doing it since he first became a Devil...obviously he runs hot and cold and that will likely never change, but he's averaged 30 G per 82 GP in a Devil uniform. Wasn't so long ago we were all screaming for a guy who could do that.
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    Of course he was, or that’s just what he wants you to believe. That fvcking Arabian hobo.
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    We all have known forever what an idiot Nasreddine is. He’s needed to go for three years.
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    Holy sh!t Subban with 9 SOG tonight.
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    It shouldn't have taken putting the assistant GM on the fvcking bench to identify that. Us idiots saw that clear as fvcking crystal
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    Fitzgerald yelling at Nessradine.... accountability of some sort. Better than nothing.
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    I could watch this all day. This is how you show up to play the Rangers. Glad to see Hall has embraced the rivalry.
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    I fvcking love Hall's edge tonight, sorry. Don't care if he runs someone.
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    Palms with some redemption. Gorgeous goal, too.
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    Pickels, the one player on this team that showed up to play hockey this year.
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    I don’t know that I’ve seen a worse PP in all my years of watching hockey. With the offensive talent this team has it really is mind boggling.
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    Facebook/instagram is by far the worst. HF is next, r/Devils is after that. And then us.
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    this is like you going to your boss and admitting you’re lost and don’t have any answers in fact, to me, this makes Hynes look even worse
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    Lmao at this take, this is so YOU. RFAs don't have a ton of leverage, because they can't really go anywhere else...sure, on rare occasions an offer sheet is signed, and that can get the process moving (the player's original team having the right to match, where without an offer sheet, negotiations can drag and stall and drag and stall some more), but for the most part, that player is usually stuck, because GMs don't usually dole out offer sheets...even when they have the opportunity to take advantage of a team up against the cap. How do you know Hischier "demanded" anything? Seems like this very under-the-radar signing went quite smoothly...maybe it was as simple as Shero taking a look at some comparables (like Keller), and having a good idea of what a player like Nico is worth, based on today's market, current skillset, and general upside. And Nico realizing that he's about to become a $50+ million player with a lot of security. There's risk and reward on both sides, but Tri said it perfectly...these kinds of contracts represent your best chance to get real value in later seasons. I'm not definitely not against the idea of Hall being re-signed, but you will never get this kind of bargain potential with him (and you usually don't with UFAs). Once he signs his $11-12 million per year deal, he'll almost be defined by it.
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    Yeah, I like Boyle a lot, but that’s damn good money for a forward that never put up more than 35 points in a season...
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    Oh, and kudos to both Shero and Nico for getting this done now. Easy to let these higher-profile RFA situations drag out, and we've seen plenty of that. Nice that we won't have to deal with that this summer.
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    When he did this during Monday's warmup, my daughter and I were laughing hysterical. He basically took a shower on the ice, he had to use about half a bottle. Then he constantly danced back and forth through the national anthem. What a weirdo! Love it.
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    My own MB-style bullet point thoughts on tonight's game. 1) Blackwood was shaky in the first 5-10 minutes and didn't look good. After that he was a stud. 2) Dare I say that Zacha actually looked pretty good out there? He didn't get points on the board but he did some nice things on both sides of the puck. He might actually turn into something here. 3) Nice to see Palms get out of his funk with a goal. Guy is good for about 30 goals a season, but as much as his highs get really high his lows can get pretty damn low. 4) Hall and Subban actually played with more purpose which was nice to see. 5) What happened to Butcher? Heard he got hurt and left the game though I didn't see it. 6) The audio quality of tonight's game was terrible. Maybe it was my TV but I could hear all the ice and arena sounds but could barely hear the announcers. Maybe that is a good thing... 7) PK and PP looked much better. 8. I can't exactly say what Simmonds does outside of standing in front of the goal on a PP. He seems to just skate around and fall on his ass on 5v5. He is like Clarkson but somehow slower and can't score. 9) Gusev looks great with the puck, but still pretty brutal without it. He really needs to get it together on how to play when he is away from the puck. 10) Hughes looked great. Sucks that his first point is basically an assist off a shot that hit Wood's ass but a point is a point. Nice to see what Hughes can do when he is not paired with someone who is either an offensive black hole or has cement shoes for skates. 11) The quality of officiating has gotten to a critical level. While it wasn't at its worst last night, it was still pretty bad. More and more I am thinking it is the quality of the officials who are coming in replacing some of the old guard. From what I have heard, the AHL actually has the best refs because the refs there had to work their way up. Meanwhile in the NHL it is more of who you know that gets you a reffing gig and not really quality. Case in point; former Albany Devil Dan Kelly is in his first year of being an NHL ref. From what I see, prior to this he has no experience of reffing on any level. How does that happen?
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    I’m digital artist. It’s my job. And in post soviet Eastern Europe we EVEN have YouTube. And even internet.
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    I really just never know what you’re going to say...lol
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    They actually did probably play their best game of the season tonight. They were harder on pucks and much more aggressive. There were considerably less team fvckups than there have been even though you still had players that have been bad continue to be bad. gusev has that shot which is great. just about everything else he did tonight was very much not good. he was a turnover machine and failed to get stick with his man that led to a good scoring chance for the rangers off his turnover. simmonds - for fvcks sake, can this guy win one fvcking board battle - he is boyle 2.0 in that he's a big guy that could not play any smaller. vatanen was not very good tonight - goal one maybe box out your man? as for the good blackwood made some terrific saves. i would've liked his rebound control to be better but he could've easily given up 4 tonight so good on him. zacha was great tonight. i don't care that he was off the score sheet - he played a great 200 foot game tonight and in all situations. PK was what he needs to be tonight - agressive but still safe and seemed to control the play in the d zone. rooney played a great game in his role tonight - that can play for me on the 4th all season if that's the kind of game we'll get from him. as a whole, this is the kind of game we all expected from this team. some letdowns here and there, but pretty aggressive for the most part and challenging the opposition consistently.
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    Even more important, Kakko with nothing but zeroes. Round 1 goes to Hughes!
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    Major props to Rooney for his game tonight, he lead that 4th line and was great on the PK. Speaking of PK, he wanted that one tonight. .
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    The Devils beat the Rangers with Hughes on the first line and no Hischier or Greene. Good stuff.
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    So many demons put to rest for now tonight: Hughes gets his first point PK gets his first goal Blackwood was awesome The PK was lights out and we finally won a fvcking game
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    I love subbans fire there with Blackwood
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    Damn, Zacha is really putting it all together. Who would have thought all it would take was some support from @mfitz804.
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    There’s one of the guys who looks like he gives a sh!t
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    A minute and a half into the game Hughes strips the puck from Kaako and scores his first NHL goal on a breakaway. Later, Kaako gets a wide open chance on the Powerplay and misses an empty net. The Devils win the game 6-1.
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    After the cannucks game we have 5 days off, if we are still winless ..it has to happen..
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