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    Thanks guys I really appreciate it. Nobody to sue I was on a waverunner and hit a piece of a dock that broke off during sandy and was stuck on a sandbar in the middle of the bay while trying to push a new and modified GP1800. Was looking at the speedometer hit 80 and then for a split second realized the waverunner stopped and I kept going hit the water and it was like somebody hit a light switch all I saw was black. Craziest part was I was face down in the water but there was a cardiologist fishing about 150 yards away that saw me riding then saw the waverunner stopped without anybody on it, so he pulled up his anchor and made his was over. He estimates I was under for 7-10 minutes and you start killing of brain cells at 4 mins. First year was spent learning how to walk and regain the use of my hands and learning how to deal with my hands and feet being on fire 24x7. Now the focus is on neuropysch rehab to try and work around the impairments. Anyway I appreciate the hell outta being here and all the good and bad times here. And yeah I was too old for that sh!t but we've been riding since the 80's lucky enough to have a house down on lake norman.
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    Shero can not let it come to that. If he doesn’t want to put ink on paper after the incredible offseason the Devils had; find a suitor and ship him off.
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    55 here coming off an anoxic brain injury suffered in a accident last June which left me in a coma on life support with next to nothing odds to survive the first 24 hours. It changes everything and prioritized well just about everything. So I'm playing with a handicap now but with house money. Still would get a little nuts around playoff time but not much else around here would get me on edge.
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    True. But I’m duty-bound to point out Parise was worse, he signed a 1 year deal with no intention of staying longer, it was just to show he was back. At least Hall is still under contract. If he leaves I’ll still hate him because I’m irrational, but not as much as I irrationally hate Parise. Which is less than I hate Kovalchuk.
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    I cannot agree more, even at this point if he is still dragging his feet going on about wanting to see what the team does, start shopping him out. This offseason has been way more then what one could have asked for Imo (realistically) we don't need to prove anymore to him as far as what the commitment level from this management is as far as finding success. I love the guy, but we don't owe him anything and if we allow him to wait that deep into the season he will be walking for nothing and I have faith that our management will absolutely not allow that to happen.
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    He could’ve signed more than a 1 year deal, obviously. Yes, it would have been for multiple UFA years. But he could’ve. He didn’t because he knew he didn’t want to be here. Fvck that guy.* * I acknowledge this is not rational, but as a fan, I’m entitled to have irrational emotional feelings about my team.
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    Peptic ulcers factory... His current target are only Nj devs fans. I know i'm slowly getting one... This is a flourishing business
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    Me too, much in the same way one prepares for a colonoscopy.
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    Naah... You just have experienced first hand the Broken English Extravaganza
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    What are the odds a doctor would be fishing 150 yards away? I believe in fate, always have. It wasn’t your time brother, and thank God for that.
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    Just here to say PK Subban is a NJ Devil. Guy is such a personality and a goofball. He posted his phone number (I'm assuming a WhatsApp burner number) on Instagram earlier today just for sh!ts and giggles
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    Maybe this for their Xmas unis: Weak. Lame. CANES.
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    I just hate the nicknames on the jerseys. Like that BOLTS jersey.
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    Glad you’re still here with us brother.
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    Wow that's a lot to deal with, I hope you're doing ok. And I hope you sued the pants off whomever caused that accident, assuming it wasn't you.
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    You know what it is though CR- it’s the elephant in the room. Even if everyone says ‘we aren’t talking about it’, it’s there. Everyone knows it. It’s in the back of everyone’s mind. We just don’t need that.
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    Devils have had guys playing out the final year of their deals before. They got to a Cup final with both Parise and Brodeur being pending UFAs. That stuff isn’t always the massive distraction fans make it out to be. That part of it can definitely be overblown...there’s only so many questions that can be asked before Hall and others finally say “I’m not talking about it.” Zach got to the point where he immediately shut down any attempt to get him to talk about his future. Doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t prefer that this gets taken care of sooner than later, either way...just because. Sure, that would be simpler. Really does suck when a guy like Hall (similar to Parise) goes into a walk year coming off an injury. Always muddies the damned waters.
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    Two things we've definitely learned about how Shero does business: 1) He is VERY patient and methodical, and 2) He WILL act when the time is right. So basically I think he will make a substantial offer...it may not be on everyone's "ideal" timeline (see bottom), but if Shero fully believes in Hall, then it will happen. The big question of course will then be does Hall fully believe in the Devils? Though I've always been in favor of Hall sticking around and remain so, I'm not 100% dead-set against Shero moving him if a deal simply cannot be worked out...there's enough red flags that re-signing Hall is not an absolute slamdunk. So basically yeah, I'm prepared for both scenarios...and knowing Shero, I think if it came to Hall leaving, that he'd find a way to get enough in return that we won't be crushed by his leaving. Ask me on 8/19 what I think will happen, I still say he'll be back...but more and more I'm starting think it will happen in season. Nothing to base that on, but mostly because I originally thought it was going to be done by the end of this month. It just seems like no one involved is in a big rush...and the fact that we haven't read about one party complaining about the other leads to me to believe that there's no discontent on either end. I turn 50 on 6/24/2020. I'm quite positive that Hall leaving for nothing at the same time I'm getting my first intimate Roto-rooter lovin' will pretty much taint the Summer of 2020 beyond saving.
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    Starting to resent him a bit, ngl. I know it’s a big decision, but ffs already... Shero came though. If Hall is not convinced at this point he was probably never seriously planning to stay.
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    Hey, Guadana, how is your bear? Drunk as always. France is the worst. YOU CROSS THE LINE! Americans...
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    holy sh!t man glad you made it out alive and okay
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    Oh my God.. man you need to be featured on that show "I shouldn't be alive" or whatever. That is one hell of a story of survival. That's insane!
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    Rag fans losing their minds like they invented the diagonal
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    Yeah, like others have said, glad you're OK man. Jeez.
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    My goodness.. happy to have you posting here man. That's a whole lot to have gone through - God bless.
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    You're right about Alonso. Also I could see Sean Lee in Dallas being another cut. Who knows what he has left at this point the guys entire career he's been hurt
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    Except Marner might not be signing an eight year contract - most speculate that's not what the Marner camp wants at this point. I'd guess part of the back-and-forth between Toronto and Marner involves Toronto not wanting Marner to go straight to UFA. A four year deal that brings him right to UFA is unlikely but on the other hand an eight year deal is not really what the Marner camp is looking for either given the rate at which contract amounts are increasing year after year. Point is, it'll be hard to use his next contract as a standard for Hall if it's not a long-term deal. For other RFAs on the other hand, it will set the bar in terms of years and $$$. In Hall's case, he'll probably sign an eight year deal, the last year of which he will be 36 years old. In my opinion, the Erik Karlsson deal is the one to look to. He signed for 11.5M AAV over eight years and the contract starts in his 29 year-old season - same as Hall's next contract. Does anyone really not see Hall coming within +/- $250,000 of 11.5/8?
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    Like I’ve mentioned, I’ll be 50 next year and yeah, not all of my screws are tightened down as much as I’d like them to be.
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    I don’t know if you’re older than me, but I’m older than a lot of our board members and I’m still nuts.
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    Absolutely. That’s the issue- Hall playing with the Devils as a pending UFA is a major distraction. We don’t need that sh!t. We don’t need all 22 other guys on the team answering questions every day about it. We don’t need a new article every day about it. We don’t need the bullsh!t speculation from the talking heads. And by we, I mean everyone- players, coaches, fans- it’s the only thing anyone will wanna talk about. And this is before we even get into the risk of injury by playing him.
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    I suppose. I’d love for it to be done by opening night. I’m excited about the team for the first time in a while and I’d rather that distraction be resolved for better or for worse before we get started.
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    I don't think this is too far away from fair. But, and I'm not asking in any sort of rhetorical way here, if Ray asks Hall about signing come September and he is wishy washy, say he says, "I just need another month or so to think about it," then...are you really ready to say, "Sorry Taylor, you're traded!" at that point?
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    I don’t want to see him leave for nothing. I don’t want to be strung along for an entire season and then he decides to go free agent. I don’t really need him to decide right now, but if he has decided, he should be a man and tell us, so we can get whatever we can get. If he has decided to stay and all that is left is to work out the terms, then take your time, by all means. I have faith that Ray will come up with an acceptable deal in the event Taylor is willing to stay.
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    If you're not in the area too often for any significant amount of time, I'd say your best bet for some great food and drinks is in the Ironbound 5 minute walk away (yes, it's safe), somewhere like Iberia Peninsula, Fornos of Spain, or one of my favorites, Adega Grill (great bar room too) is where it's at. I also like Portucale for some great Portuguese food (shrimp in garlic sauce, grilled octopus, grilled meat, etc.) which also has a bar and should be open late too. A lot of options around, and in my opinion, really quality options; if you dig Brazilian or general Iberian food, there's really nothing in the Northeast, in my opinion, that beats this slice of Newark. And they all have bars of different sizes and shapes if you're just looking to just hop around and get drinks. Iberia Peninsula has fun little outdoor area if the weather's nice too. That's all in addition to the bars immediately around the arenas too, which should be buzzing after the home opener.
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    Good. Then we can both move on to being stressed about Taylor. Nobody is concerned about him partnering with a Montreal eyeglass manufacturer, when he loves Canada and they probably have the resources to take him on? Why is he setting up shop there when CLEARLY he could have a lucrative Taylor Ham/Pork Roll endorsement right here?!
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    I don't think he walks, still think he signs here but I also disagree there's an artificial deadline within the next few months (end of training camp, end of October etc). The team is a helluva lot better with a healthy Hall so I think he still gets the benefit of some more time.
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    There are some people who are speculating that the team could be waiting to see how Hall returns from the injury and most seem to be of the obviously unfounded belief that a deal doesn't happen this summer. But yeah, we are all speculating based on very limited information. As I can recall, the hints of info we have gotten since the season ended are as follows: 1. Hall made it clear he'd like to see more talent added to the roster - that seems to be a condition for him sticking around. 2. Shero stated at the end of the season that he was planning on sitting down with Hall later in the offseason to restate the team vision and see where he's at. We don't know if this ever happened yet. 2. After the PK Subban trade, Hall sent Ray a check mark by text. 3. Hall did a Canadian (I think Vancouver-based) radio-interview in late July in which he was pretty clear he hadn't made up his mind yet. He said something along the lines of, "I have to decide soon," in reference to re-signing with the Devils. That not only implies that he, as of that point (a week or so before Gusev trade), hadn't yet made up his mind but also that the ball is in his court. But that isn't totally implied by that. In that interview he also expressed support for Tavares making the decision to go UFA. 4. When Tom Fitzgerald was asked about how the Hall situation is progressing earlier this month, he stated, " "I know John Hynes flew up (Monday) and had a great meeting with Taylor in Toronto. So, yeah, things seem to be all well there." Obviously that doesn't tell us much. Other than that we are left in the dark, even moreso than the Isles were with Tavares. We don't even have a quote of Hall stating any specific desire to try to re-sign with the team and perhaps that is for the best. I imagine the longer we are left in the dark though, the more people are going to get irked about Hall, the more people are going to read deeply into every little thing he does and says.
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    How in-depth do you expect it to be? It says in the title they’re doing 31 teams in 31 days. I think they did a good job.
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    I leave for 24 hours and this thread turns into a debate about nationalism?! 47 days til opening night
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    Reading old threads and remembering the DaneykoIsGods and Crashers and Hasan’s is a good trip down memory lane.
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    This was tame compared to how some of the board use to be lol
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    Well if it wasn't offical before it is now, Lugo is the closer period.
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    Hello everybody! My name is glenwo2 and I've been a long-time Devils fan since 1998 so I missed the 1995 championship but got to enjoy the 2000 and 2003 wins to go along with Marty breaking records left and right. I am a big fan of Jesper Bratt and am absolutely FLOORED that somehow we landed Jack Hughes. (Thank you, Taylor Hall) Anyway, excuse me if I simply state my two cents in the regular threads as if I was a long-time poster (I actually am...on another Devils board). Nice to meet you all and LET'S GO DEVILS!! EDIT : Hello everyone again from the future (06/26/19).....It's become apparent that certain posters aren't making me feel all that welcome here. In particular, MB3 has been a real piece of you-know-what toward me. And mfitz hasn't been any better. Now I've got some guy named "Devil Dan 50-something" preaching to me on how I should be less defensive. Excuse me but I wouldn't feel the need to be "defensive" if none of you were OFFENSIVE toward myself and just let me post what I want without ridicule. And on TOP of that, I just got a snarky-as-fvck response from NJDevils1214 implying that I am a fvcking teenager. I"m fvcking 41 (going on 42) and I won't stand for that sh*t, ahole! Apparently, none of you have been taught the old adage "If you have nothing good to say about someone, don't say anything at all". See...THIS is what makes HFBoards superior to this place. It's not the board itself....it's the MEMBERS who show RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER. There are no CLIQUES and no Glass ceiling there. Oh and we have mods that actually.....you know....participate and make certain no posters are being snarky toward others. It's made for a very enjoyable experience there which is why I've been a member since 2008. And I thank the lord everyday since I was re-instated there 'cause I would go nuts with rage if this site here was my only source of NJ Devils talk with the type of members here. Now don't get me wrong, there are some good posters here that are RESPECTFUL of me like Sterio for example. But alas it's always the minority that crows the loudest that's the most noticeable. Whatever, though. I don't think I'm long for this board anyway. Maybe one day (after all my infraction points expire over at HFBoards; last ones expire on July 19), I'll get myself permabanned here by going after MB3 and let him know what I really think of him. In the meantime, I'm probably not going to post all that much here unless I see something interesting to talk about and post a reply on it. But the difference is now that if I see a snarky response, it's no longer me replying....it's INSTANT "IGNORE"! That's it. I've had it up to here with the clowns here. I have over 33,000+ posts at HFBoards...that's almost 20,000 more posts than Mr. Clique himself MB3 so really...this place is actually a fvcking Pond filled with Guppies while HFBoards is the fvcking ocean filled with Sharks (a place where I swim in). (I wonder if MB3 is a former HFBoards Devils member who was banned from there? Would explain a lot)
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