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    Watched most of this one with my dad last night...sadly he is back in NJ for a few days, as he is about to be given a treatment plan for a second battle with prostate cancer. He was blown away by Mac...kept saying “Damn, this guy is stopping everything!” He is extremely stressed, and it was nice to see the Devils give him a little break from that. As for the game itself...I’m sure the Flyers had to be thinking “How the hell did we lose by FIVE GOALS?! How did we not even find the back of the net once?” Devils at one point in the third period were 3-for-3. Puck luck definitely went their way, and their usual defensive deficiencies were often on display, but between Mac gobbling up everything and guys like Zacha and Wood having some nice moments, it was still a fun watch. Happy for them.
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    Man i love being on this side of a Lou getting his old over the hill vet back
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    Based on yesterday's activities, and the way Fitz was discussing the team's future, at this point does anyone really think that it's NOT going to be him going forward? Like I said in another thread, I think the owners believe in him...I think he has a vision, and was able to sell the owners on a possible plan. It would be easy to look at this as a "Baby Shero" kind of deal, much like Nas feels like Baby Hynes, but it really feels like Fitz was going to get an opportunity to be a GM somewhere, in the not-too-distant future...he seems to be pretty well respected around the NHL. So I don't really hold any association with Shero against him. I still also think Shero ran into a sh!tload of rotten luck over the last few years. Guy couldn't buy a break, and nice on-paper makes-sense moves just didn't work out for him, time and time again. I don't think he was as bad of a GM as the results would indicate, though when it came to having any contingency plans, that's where he struggled. Like SD has pointed out, I do like that Fitz is not starting from near scratch here, the way that Shero did (and of course we knew what happened with the one "sure thing" piece that he did inherit, in Schneider). Two young centers and a young goalie, and all three clearly have some nice upside. And for the first time in a while, there won't be any "Well maybe if" scenarios with Cory. Devils will be done with him. That means Fitz will go out and get a decent vet, and we can actually expect to have consistently solid goaltending next season, instead of the goalie formerly known as Cory, or Cinco Domingo-type "Well at least he's not Cory" warm bodies. I like that Fitz seems to believe that better days aren't necessarily THAT far off. I agree with him. This will be a hell of an opportunity for him, and he's already given himself more to work with, with yesterday's deal...I wish him the best.
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    They should really start banning people who think Jack is a bust from this site.
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    He's a well-spoken man. I hope we keep him long term.
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    I should...now I can see what Ottawa Rob looks like...
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    Anyone who doesn’t like that deal doesn’t understand hockey in the slightest. Please turn around and hold up your phone so he can read this lol.
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    Lafreniere reminds me a bit of John Tavares. Lafreniere has more bite and physicality to his game, but the offensive tools are a dead ringer to Tavares for me. Byfield reminds of Eric Staal in his prime, big center with loads of skill and a great shot, though I find Byfield to be quicker than Staal was. Byfield is a tough one to gauge in terms of comparables because of how complete he is, not a lot of guys that have every tool like Byfield does. Mats Sundin is another that comes to mind, but I'm cautious in comparing him to one of the better Euros of all-time. Lucas Raymond has a lot of the same playmaking attributes as Claude Giroux, fantastic hands, excellent vision, and can really burn too. His edgework is excellent; not as gritty as Giroux, but that honestly might just be something he inherited from playing in Philly. Tim Stützle honestly reminds me of Taylor Hall. Fantastic skater, great hands but more often uses his skating to beat defenders, excellent passer, and can really shoot the puck. Marco Rossi, and some of you are gonna kill me for this, reminds a bit of prime Scott Gomez (I'm talking the 84 point version of Gomer). Smooth and quick skater with quite possibly the best vision and passing ability in the draft, reads the play really well and is a zone entry beast. I think Rossi's skill level is higher than Gomez's was, but broad strokes, his game has looked similar to me. For Jamie Drysdale, I like Kris Letang; 4-way skating ability and a really good offensive brain with a high skill ceiling. Anton Lundell I liken a bit to Henrik Zetterberg, good two-way player with fantastic hockey sense and playmaking ability. Alexander Holtz is a little reminiscent of Daniel Alfredsson, gifted sniper with all-around skill and skating ability. Perfetti is a little tricky for me to pin down, because he has aspects that remind me of a few different players; his shot (and particularly his release) is very Matthews like, but he's on the smaller side and his skating ability is roughly average. Joe Pavelski might be a decent comp, but I think Perfetti's puck skills project better than Pavelski's. Quick on the lone goaltender worth 1st Round consideration, Yaroslav Askarov is a dead ringer for John Gibson for me, minus the right catching glove. The movement, poise, stance, hockey sense, it all screams Gibson to me.
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    I’m worried about Blackwood. I can’t believe he let in 1 goal.
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    Blackwood’s teeth were clearly holding him back lol
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    Again, expectations weren’t the same. This was a weird draft year where the #2 pick was supposed to make the bigger impact early on. The fact that a 170 lb baby faced Hughes has been slightly better than “played against men” Kakko is encouraging to me. Dach is a couple points behind Hughes, Byram and Turcotte aren’t even in the NHL yet... I know we get hung up on the #1OA thing, but some perspective is useful.
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    How about trying him with some better fvcking line mates...
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    If Coleman is worth a prospect who was a recent first and a future 1st, Palmieri should be worth the same plus another asset at least. I personally like the guy and think he should be retained. But if he is to be traded, I want to see a pretty decent return.
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    I never thought I’d say this, but I feel bad for Henrik Lundqvist. Dude has played his heart out for years for that team, and not only is he benched, he’s part of some weird three goalies system where he has no idea when or if he will ever get to play. I can’t imagine what it would have been like if we had done this to Marty during his last year. Just kidding, I don’t feel bad, fvck the Rangers and fvck King Nothing.
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    Feels weird to feel absolutely nothing about a guy who I watched play 14 seasons and 973 games in a Devils uniform. I never hated nor loved the guy. A huge amount of indifference from me when it comes to him. He was fine for what he was but was never anything special. I'm sure he'll get a nice video package and standing ovation when he comes back for his first game but I can't say that I actually care.
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    Classy all the way. I don't care that it's Tampa, I'm wishing him the best. Awesome return too
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    This is the highlight of the night for me. Merk’s dad got to see his son score his first NHL goal. It doesn’t get any better than that.
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    Foote played well in the world juniors for Canada. He has a great shot. Loved Blake. But this is a GREAT return.
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    man this is bumming me out so hard. Coleman's work ethic is something i wanted our kids to be around. That's a good investment to keep him
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    Steven Stamkos had 46 points in 79 GP his rookie season. Leon Draisaitl had 9 points in 37 GP his rookie season. Tyler Seguin had 22 points in 74 GP his rookie season. Pavel Datsyuk had 35 points in 70 GP his rookie season. At 23 years old. Those guys turned into halfway decent hockey players. I think there’s still hope for Jack lol
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    Again, we have plenty to worry about with this team..... Hughes is not on that list. He’ll be fine.
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    Chico booing Kovy during the shootout on the radio broadcast was the highlight of the night lol
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    Tyce Thompson is currently 3rd in the NCAA in points, 38 points through 26 games. Tyce Thompson, aka the player that no one understood why he was taken so "early" in last year's draft. Gotta trust Castron!
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    yeah having Elias as an assistant coach seems like an absolute no brainer to me. Or at least get him in the organization on the payroll somehow until he's ready. And it's not cause he's a legendary devils and that we need ex devils in the organization. Elias has one of the highest hockey IQ in NHL history, we can use that
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    Ok that’s pretty fvcking cool Sykora taking his lap.
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    I am thrilled that Meigray asked to borrow some of my game worn collection towards the 2000 game worn jersey display tonight on the concourse. A total of six of my jerseys from my collection were part of the display and very honored to have taken part in it. Come check it out if you are at the game!
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    Nico whipped his junk out in the third, laid it on the table and said to anyone bigger than him on the Caps, "How you gonna act?" THAT is a captain.
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    Nolan Foote is someone I had pegged as a high 2nd Rounder last year, and my main knock on him was his skating ability. He has gotten quicker, and while he's never going to be a burner on the rush, his skating ability has come a long way and I'm happy with his ability to get up in the play and play in transition. His best asset is his shot, which is pretty lethal; his accuracy is quite good but the real key to his shot is how much power he can get behind it, he's a very heavy shooter which allows him to score from distance in addition to being able to use his size to play the net front. He brings a lot of size up front at 6'4", 200 lbs, and his hands are quite good for a player his size and he can make plays in tight. The mixture of his size and hands makes him a great net front player on the powerplay, as he can park himself in front to take the goalie's eyes away but can also make moves in tight with the puck to open up the goaltender rather than just shooting it into his pads, some of his net front ability reminds me of prime Simmonds or JVR. I don't think Nolan is ever going to be a bonafide top line forward, but I also don't think a 2nd line forward with PP1 upside is an unrealistic outlook for him. He's a premium asset and may be a little closer to a 1st Rounder in hindsight should I retroactively look back on my rankings from last year, I'd say he's moved up a little. Fitzgerald did very well here, as much as it sucks losing Blake.
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    Brylin gets the boost for multiple Cups in my book.
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    LOL the media's stupid. And I'm shocked Bratt got the first star since he did very little other than the shootout goal, and they generally don't take shootout results into the three stars. But fine you want to give him first star, Blackwood should be #2 at worst. They were outshot by THIRTY in regulation, homeboy had to make fifty saves (plus a few more in the shootout)...they had no business even getting to OT.
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    Yeah agree with others, Blackwood absolutely should have been one of the stars. If Louie had gotten the start tonight his new name would’ve been Ocho Domingo.
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    That entire Canada Junior team loves his shot. A big winger who can score goals is exactly the type of player the Devils have needed. Also, a couple of clips showing some of his skill: Really looking forward to seeing how his game translates to the next level. Looking very promising so far.
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    Foote has some decent size. I see he’s 6”3 and almost 200lbs.
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    LOL Horrible? Give me a break. A 1st and a good prospect is a GREAT return for slightly over one season of a 28 year old who’s career high in points is 36.
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    While you're there see if their goalie wants to backup Blackwood.
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    Oh fvck off you useless piece of sh!t troll. Yes, your takes are easily as hot as the ones posted by emo teenagers you see on Twitter. It's adversity you stupid jackass.
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    And I’m entitled to say it would have been a garbage move for them to force players to continue when one of their teammates could literally be dying. Some things are more important than a game.
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    When did NJDevs turn into twitter with these hot takes?
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    A WE WANT BLACKWOOD chant just happened after the 4th goal. Gonna get louder now. But hey guys at least Abbey told us we were all being over dramatic about Louie starting this game. fvck outta here.
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    Zajac should be centering the 3rd line, and Hughes should be with Coleman and Goose. I see no reason to not at least try it for a while.
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