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    What a brilliant move by Shero foreseeing Zucarello's trade to the Stars for the conditional pick and letting Maroon sign with the Blues to stop the Stars from advancing. He does it again!
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    Man, hard not to get excited about seeing Hughes wearing a Devils uni on the ice come October...feels preordained at this point. Team has the potential to be pretty entertaining (especially if they can stay healthy).
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    Steve Kournianos posted this about Jack Hughes the other day FWIW: "For years, Hughes outscored his peers — elite and average groups — by a 2:1 or 3:1 margin in league and international play. That’s one way you assess a ceiling. Fast forward to 5-6 years when he’s in his prime, playing against those same peers and many others younger in the NHL. The average age of an NHL player is 27-29. When he’s 24, he’ll be competing against the same majority peer group with 20+ min TOI. Right now, the average age of an IIHF WC team is 26-27. Hughes is 18. That means he’s 8-9 years YOUNGER than the average player. And he’s playing 4th-line minutes. It’s a nonstandard condition. The idea that Hughes — the world’s most elite teenage hockey talent the last 3-4 years — won’t adjust, improve, strengthen, and fine-tune what he already does at an elite level — is one of the dumbest —THE DUMBEST — things I have ever heard. Remember six months ago when his shot was criticized? Did you see the U18’s? Did you hear his interviews? Clearly he saw it as an area he needed to work on, and he did." .... "Small sample size. Four WJC games and three WC games? I don’t think it’s a great unknown at all. I’m looking at Hughes at 21 or 22 and I see a superstar. But that’s me. The only reason Hughes went to Slovakia was to improve. That’s it. If you know him and his family, they don’t care about draft status. They care about hard work, discipline, integrity. His grandfather was an FDNY chief and Marine. Incredible history of selfless service. All Hughes talks about are his teammates. That kid will never stop working to improve, which is scary to think."
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    I'm to the point where I'd be pretty devastated if it wasn't Hughes....Great article on the U.S. U-18's last run and their push to get the bronze to keep a streak of 15 straight tourneys with a medal alive (didn't know that was a thing) https://theathletic.com/955458/2019/05/02/hockey-has-no-feelings-inside-team-usas-heartbreak-and-redemption/ Highlights on quotes about/from Jack: Hughes thought it was going in. Everybody did. “It would have been nice,” Hughes said simply afterward, the crushing disappointment of the eventual shootout loss surfacing as a blank stare while he answered postgame questions in three- or four-word sentences. His conclusion is one all players come to at some point in this unforgiving sport. “That’s hockey,” he said. “That’s what happens.” “Jack is at another level. The best part about that, if he’s on that next level, they want to be like him,” said Caufield’s dad, Paul. “They’re striving to be like him every day.” “It’s a very competitive game,” Shero said. “From the first shift, Jack is dialed in. It’s hard to be on all the time and the effort is always there from him. But you can see, he’s making a difference. He sees the ice, makes plays. Obviously uses the ice well. He’s a selfless player who has the instinct to buy time and when you have the edges he has, it’s hard to contain.” From Jack's dad: “These kids are elite hockey players. If they don’t know it now, they learned it yesterday but hockey is a very humbling sport,” he says. “I’ve always said that. People don’t understand what that means. You’re high. You’re low. You’re in the middle. You have no idea what’s around the corner, so you have to treat it that way. There’s no room for arrogance. There’s no room for anything other than the fact that the sport is bigger than all its parts.” Jack Hughes quickly found his parents waiting for him. And after hugs and a quick chat with his mom and dad, he searched out all the other parents who helped along the way for a hug and thank you.
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    (the kid has to really learn everything about here)
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    So, I haven't chimed in on this debate in a week or so, partly because I don't have the time to post that I used to and partly because there isn't much that should change given one tournament; that and, well....there's no right answer. So now I'll rant to make up for all the silence from me ya'll have been blessed with. To me, the most important thing that happens over the next few weeks is John Hynes takes the chance to get to know Jack Hughes, see how he responds to adversity, see how he works, see how he responds to coaching. After watching more and more of Kakko's highlights (and WC games) I'm not sure the gap in vision and playmaking is as big as I thought it was. Also, Kakko is a manchild. He bodied Ryan Suter up against the boards near the end of the game today, and while the puck was on his stick too! I had to smile a little when I saw that, it was impressive. Kakko was, in my view, the most dominant player on the ice for Finland today - maybe for any team with his six shots and pass that should have resulted in a goal. For a newly minted 18 year old who has zero NHL experience, that's pretty crazy. I also really respect his resilience in living with Celiac Disease and Diabetes and still becoming the player he has - that is not easy for anyone, let alone a growing athletic boy. So then you probably are about to ask me, "so who's your guy Neb00rs?" My answer: That would be Jack Hughes. That kid is special. Right now he is being challenged for real for maybe the first time in his life. Yeah, he played with older kids his entire childhood, but not ones that were going to the NHL for the most part. Now all of a sudden, he's a 5'10 166 lb (give me a break, 150 lbs) boy going against men twice his size and strength. And he's not getting much ice time either. And despite being physically manhandled, a few times, he's doing just fine. This kid looks special to me. Kakko has made a few great plays yeah, not just shots that proceed his big body barreling to the net either, but elite passes and impressive dangles. But Hughes has these little moments in between his running around on the ice trying too hard to prove something, that made me go, "yeah, that's next level...all by himself level." He made one pass out of the defensive zone today, in which there's no way he could have seen his receiving teammate coming unless he has eyes on the back of his head. Of course, if he does have eyes on the back of his head then he's a mutant, not someone with elite hockey sense, but I'm okay with drafting a mutant too. But that little pass, that was hardly noticeable because it was so smooth, was like a magnet from stick to stick. Perfect. It's those little moments of skill, along with his determination out there, a pride that shows his character, even in the face of imminent death at the hands of giant ice skating Finnish Vikings, that show me that this kid is next level special. The next year or so is going to be filled with Kaapo Kakko scoring goal after goal, and impressing a lot of people as a rookie. And then, in my opinion, eventually Jack Hughes is going to figure it out, and when he does, it's going to be the Hughes show. There is of course many things that can happen and even if a player has a lot of potential it doesn't mean he is going to reach that potential, but Hughes seems like the type that when challenged, gets mad, and spends the extra hours, or as long as necessary, to figure it out and be the best - I gather this from the interviews he and his family have given. And part of my standing by Hughes is, admittedly, less thought out, less skill-based. Simply, I like the kid. He seems like a Devil to me, it seems like it's meant to be that the Devils get this kid - the type of player we've never had. Btw, he's a Devil, that means he's my guy and don't fvck with him. Of course, I don't need to be that sentimental here to defend this kid - let's not forget he just got done with one of, or maybe THE best amateur career in American hockey history. He's good, and yes, I couldn't care less how the rest of this tournament goes. If we judged every player by a single tournament or playoff, then Bryce Salvador is Erik Karlsson. By the way, I also don't think that it's completely invalid to worry about Jack wanting to play with his brother. It seems to me that Hughes very much enjoys playing with his brother - this is a VERY close family. And I wouldn't assume that the Devils are going to be the one's to end up with both him and Quinn either. The Hughes family is a family that has grown up in the North American hockey world - they know the space. I've seen Jack, Jim, and Quinn Hughes all talk about how Vancouver is great because its a "hockey market." Jack is a kid, so there's no use grilling him about this now - he was barely just potty trained - but Ray should keep it in mind. But yeah, you can't control the uncontrollables (that's probably not a noun but go fvck yourselves grammar Nazis). Sure, the idea is to get your #1 overall pick to stay for 15-20 years but...this is not something you make your draft pick based on, unless he tells you directly he's walking away as soon as he gets the chance. Keep in mind, Hughes wanting to play with his brother, is the sign of a good, sane person. If he preferred Vancouver, it wouldn't even really be that wrong - Vancouver is indeed a great place to play hockey and honestly, is the nicest city I've ever been to. But we gotta have a little faith - that he'll become a true Devil, you can't expect to control for everything down the line. And who knows Kakko could get one wiff of the stench of MSG (or he might just not be morally okay with the fact that his GM is the bad guy from Kindergarten Cop) and count down the days until he can bolt for an American city more like his quaint coastal city home of Turku, Finland where it takes more than thirty career points to get your jersey retired. From money to location to winning, there's a million reasons a player could bolt to another team aside from having a brother in the league. But as I said, it's a valid concern Jack could bolt for his bro. We'll deal with that down the line. So yeah, for what my opinion is worth, which obviously isn't much, if you ask me three weeks from now who I think the Devils should draft, it'll be the same* as my answer today and three weeks ago: the skinny half-Jewish hockey phenom, Jacky Hughes, second of his name in the NHL. *If something absolutely crazy comes out in the next few weeks, like that the Hughes family eats people, I reserve the right to change my mind. Not sure I even would in that case though. Kid needs all the protein he can get.
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    Hynes is going to get an chance to coach Hughes pre-draft and get to know him a bit. Excellent.
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    Some good quotes in this article: https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/worlds-hughes-breaks-out-in-final-game-of-tournament/c-307533266 Blashill finally gives Jack props and there's some tidbits from Hynes: Hynes also noted Hughes' speed and skating, his vision and hockey sense and his playmaking abilities before concluding: "There's no question, he's a game-breaking player and will develop into a franchise player that will help drive a team and play a top line center role in the NHL. "If he does end up becoming a New Jersey Devil," Hynes continued. "I think that the fact that I've had the opportunity to get to know him and a relationship has been created and we've been working together, that's a big step in having a young talented player feel comfortable in his first year in the NHL to help him be able to make an impact sooner rather than later."
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    lol this is somewhat devils related as i was wearing a Devils tshirt and that Smith was there.... so back in 2016 I went to see a Jay and Silent Bob get old podcast live. They always do the whole "Let's fvck" thing where they pick fans from the crowd and get them on stage to "fvck" with Jay in a ridiculous way. So they had a photo op session after... I walked in and went "Hey Jay!!! Wanna fvck!?!" and he went "Pffff Damn right" and he grabbed me and bent me over LOL Clearly one of the most hilarious picture i've ever taken. I'm just going to post the link and not post it directly cause i already have a short leash on here and we're in 2019 so it may offend some people lol Click to your own risk folks https://scontent-ort2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/14249787_10157389883195300_101732368792477177_o.jpg?_nc_cat=101&_nc_ht=scontent-ort2-1.xx&oh=f7733f759b285f52d3c7a388e403ec47&oe=5D5D231C
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    How did you see my ass tattoo?
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    "And your wife is getting Jack's 'C'"
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    “Andy we have some bad news. Taylor is getting your C and Jack is getting your number. And that’s not the worst part...”
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    That I can agree with. He's wearing #6 in this tournament...are we giving him Andy Greene's number? I say yes, along with his car and his wife if he wants them.
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    Hughes is the youngest player ever for the United States team at the Worlds and is playing on a team full of top flight NHL talent and is holding his own just fine, as contrasted with Eichel and Matthews who got top line minutes playing with, at best, average pros. As a 17 year old Hughes excelled against college players, many of whom are older than 22. He could have entered the NHL six months ago and he'd probably be one of the twenty fastest skaters in the league. The only source of this ridiculous concept that Hughes is not NHL ready I can think of would be David Conte or Connor Chatham.
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    One last smile with a full set of teeth.
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    Jack is not old enough to drink chianti while eating a liver with fava beans though
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    Don't make fun of swiss... They are really intimidating !
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    What a feel-good story for Maroon. Gotta love the guy.
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    Yup, me too. All good. What’s with the new screen name, was GayForTay already taken?
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    Yup. Nope. We need D like a Kardashian.
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    Lou did a lot wrong the last few years.... he also brought us three Cups and 20 years of sustained excellence that the fans of the 30 other franchises would give up their left arms for, so I don’t think it’s necessary to throw shade at him on a t-shirt.
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    I’m from New York. I have no problem with people from New Jersey. I’m a Devils fan. I have a huge problem with Rangers fans. That said, on behalf of the Empire State, we invite you to suck it.
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    Absolutely. The fun thing with a guy like him is he makes other players better. This is the kind of guy who could do wonders for a guy like Zacha assuming Zacha slides to wing. A power play with Hall, Nico, Palms, Hughes, and Severson would be fun to watch as well. I think they would really up each others games.
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    I’ll fall out of my chair if a penalty gets called and Cangi actually knows which team got called for it.
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    Idk about a dog, but there’s definitely a rat in the fight. And I want him bashed!
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    Speaking of, neat little fact (good drafting): @HockeyPulz With Yegor Rykov reportedly signing an ELC with the Rangers, that means that all 9 players selected by the #NJDevils in the 2016 NHL draft have signed NHL entry-level contracts. How crazy is that?
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    I don't think anyone is going around in circles. I think we're all just laughing at you. There's no back-and-forth here; this is you pretending the NHL is a soap-opera and us finding that hysterical.
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    Elias Pettersson is built like I was in high school and he managed to do allright.
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    Yeah, it was an awesome honor that a not-even 18-year-old was even asked to play with men and NHL vets to begin with. He definitely wasn't going to be gifted with ice time by default, due to his lofty prospect status. And I'm OK with that, not just because he can learn a little simply by being a part of things, but also because a kid his size could easily get injured, given his current build. Kid obviously will fill out and bulk up a little as he gets older, but that ain't happenin' overnight.
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    That’s not accurate. Rangers fans are always absolutely unbearable regardless.
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    Zetterlund and Maltsev both signed to ELC's, nice to see Maltsev coming over from Russia since that was somewhat of an unknown.
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    Well did he deliver a punch too cause.... "Don't hit our #13 or else you get to punch me in the face" is not that scary to me
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    Jack Hughes has the potential to be one of the five best forwards in the league and apparently it's arguable that when he comes into the league as an 18 year old that the only player in the league that skates better than him will be McDavid.Petterson is a great player, but there's a good chance his 20% shooting percentage in his rookie year will be unsustainable. When you have a chance to draft someone like Hughes, you don't do anything cute.
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    It's 2019, nobody should care about Parise anymore. Plus he's never going to win a cup in Minnesota anyway.
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    I'm still holding out hope that the Rangers are going to stick with their Russian thing and take that kid instead. And then he stays in Russia.
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    Yup. You have to yield to their every whim, but they don’t have to follow a single traffic rule. I went into downtown Brooklyn and those kale munching hipster bike riders are a scourge.
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    Congrats to Sevs! Amanda Stein Retweeted Hockey Canada Congrats to #NJDevils Damon Severson and Mackenzie Blackwood! Both officially off to the Worlds to represent Team Canada!
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    seeing what Hall and Hischier accomplished together already... and what Hughes and Caufield did... With a Hall / Hischier, Hughes/Palms combo. Things should be good
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    No holes in his game lol. “When Nico Hischier is on the ice, he has no holes in his game. In the bedroom, he expects the same from his condoms. Trojans. There’s no holes in our game.”
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    Kupof Krapo isn’t all of a sudden ahead of Hughes because of the first two games of a quasi-meaningless tournament
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    fvck yes. Blues win. No extra first round pick for you Rangers
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