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    Really looking forward to a magnetic person like P.K. making the local sports media take the New Jersey Devils seriously. Just picturing him on local sports radio or some of the nighttime talk shows, and I know he's going to be an amazing ambassador, something we sorely need. Make the Devils cool again!
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    I was just coming to this thread to see if someone posted this. I know it's all talk for now, but it really is a great attitude. The dude is coming from a perennial contender to somewhat of a questionable (but promising) situation, and he's not coming here of his own volition either. And he just has such a positive, excellent attitude. Great for the locker room and setting an example for the younger guys.
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    It only took seven months of mfitz hating Pavel Zacha more than he deserved to get Triumph out of hiding. Stick around tri. EDIT: and I'm surprised even mfitz can't see the value Zacha brings as a defensive forward, especially on the penalty kill. Since when is the mark of a good penalty killer how many goals he has? That's like saying "Eh, Brodeur had a great season but he really didn't put up that many points." Is he worth the 6th overall pick? Eh, probably not, but I also think in general people seem to expect more out of top-10 but not top-3 picks. Of course I'd rather Rantanen, Provorov, Werenski etc etc etc, but it didn't happen. If you just judge the player himself, he's providing positive value at only 22 years old. He will get better.
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    Mueller is trending #1 on twitter. We got a good player guys.
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    I can’t think of a more perfect answer. He’s gonna be a great fvckin Devil. Welcome to NJ, P.K., love ya already
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    Matt seems like a genuinely good hearted guy and a he's real ambassador for the Devils....But his voice and mannerisms absolutely make me cringe as well. I was totally fine with the radio gig but since he's started to M.C. these events I've really felt he's what's making some of these things feel somewhat second tier. Also when Marty was mentioning that we're coming out of the "lean" years and Matt interjected with something like, "Well it was no coincidence that's when you retired" was kind of uncomfortable. I'm sure his next interview with Cory will be pleasant.
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    http://devilsinthedetails.net/features/2019/7/24/the-kid-from-the-pizza-shop-nikola-pasics-journey-to-the-nhl-entry-draft Really solid article on Pasic, I didn't really notice him playing alongside Boqvist at camp but playing in the Allsvenskan, he should develop in a quality league, hopefully like Bratt who was in a similar position. Edit: Two thing that gets ignored quite a bit when a player get drafted is PIM and +- . Since 2016 he is a +45 and 14 PIM in 172 games. If he makes the NHL as a waterbug or as the next Bratt, he will probably draw many more PIM's than he takes. +- shows someone atleast attempting to be responsible or someone who possesses the puck.
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    The Devils were never not cool. The media around here blows.
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    HIT the right arrow to see the jacket: AND the back (: Erika Wachter)
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    I like Vatanen a lot. I think good teams have a couple dependable d-men like Vatanen that can eat big minutes, I don't think he's as expendable as some people here do.
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    Not as cool/fun as someone from US talk about how artemiy panarin close to the death after his words. What's not bad for devils organisation btw.
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    As an afterthought, I’m afraid of what he might tell Zacha.
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    Ok, if there was ever a chance to get one of the players to sign up on NJDevs, I think PK is the guy. Who is gonna tweet him an invite?
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    I wasn’t judging... If he was only wheeling or only dealing I would be worried, but this restores my confidence.
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    I love that the Russian member of the board said this.
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    I know everyone has wildly different styles but there is no way that jacket isn't the ugliest thing I've ever seen in my entire fvcking life.
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    Look at the size of Scott's forearms, he could still be killing people.
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    That situation is absolutely hysterical. Just in case he thought the Rangers ever gave a sh!t about him, they confirmed that they did not.
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    by that logic... are you assuming that Jimmy Vesey who choose not to sign with the Sabres... signed with another team... then got traded to the Sabres... maybe wouldn't want to stay there after his contract? i don't really want an answer.. i just wanted to point out how funny that situation is
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    He was psyched because he knows how to pronounce PK. Although it’s a near guarantee he’s gonna say “Pee-Key” a few dozen times.
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    My buddy was working the event at the W Hotel in Hoboken welcoming PK to NJ. He said energy was great, him and LV had a great time, and Daneyko gave a short speech and presented him with some kind of jacket
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    On a different topic, I am very open to trading Vatanen. Given plethora of PP capable defensmen, Vatanen at 5 on 5 isn't worth much more than Carrick at 5 on 5 IMO, if at all. Carrick is quite good at creating offense. Subban will replace his minutes short handed. This is an opportunity to get some value for a guy who likely won't be back. I also wouldn't mind signing a PK specialist incase that is an area of concern after a month.
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    These are fair points. BUT... ...what if it IS the year he breaks out, and he becomes a 50 point a year guy and you have him locked in at 7 years/$20m. You COULD look like a genius.
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    This is easily the worst Yelp review I have ever gotten.
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    it looks like something someone would make for a highschool movie project set in a dystopian future and that the bad guys would have to wear
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    I remember it being pure electricity in the building his first game, that crazy come back against Toronto. I'm hoping for a similar feeling opening night. And yeah that booing he got on that shootout miss was at the height of frustration. I'm not sure if it was the same game, but during that terrible start the team had a game where they got outshot 20 something to 4 in the first period and got booed off the ice. Kovy wasn't getting booed when things were going well
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    I didn’t boo him until I figuratively booed him every day since he “retired”.
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    Charges will be dismissed when the Defendant's attorney proves in Court that "Taylor Ham" doesn't exist.
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    Over the years I've been a member of a lot of sports forums and I can honestly say that this one is by far the best.
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    I just can't understand what you're referencing. It feels like players leaving the Devils is way more random than "players who weren't cultivated here." I just don't think that's a point you should use to bolster your argument.
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    He had three points, the league leader had 9. A few dozen guys had equal or better scoring stats than Zacha short handed. If you consider that a "relatively high level of offense", then I guess you're right. I don't.
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    he better do a good job on Capitol hill this morning. that's why we gave him a raise!
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    I get it now. They can exceed the cap by a certain amount if they LTIR guys. This actually gives more space for Marner.
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    I don’t understand it either. But I really don’t understand adding Clarkson when you are trying to sign Marner. Unless they aren’t.
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    Snapped this photo of the homies right above me
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    You have an incredibly thin skin. That's why he thought you were a teenager. If you don't want people to disagree with you when they think you are wrong, you're definitely in the wrong place. If you don't like it here, stay over there. You won't be missed. Also I am fairly certain you don't know what a "glass ceiling" is if that's the context you use it in. This explains a lot. I wish we could give you infraction points. Can someone give him like a million infraction points? Obviously you must be a giant a-hole over there as well if you have so many infraction points. And I doubt @MB3 is scared. If you don't want people to think you are a teenager, using your post count as validation probably isn't the best idea. Would've responded sooner, but I don't visit this section of the board often. I should resume that.
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