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    Sometimes, you have a great day. Watched my daughter sing with her choir. Nothing more angelic than hearing a children's choir sing. My dad is fully recovered from his prostate cancer treatment and his PSA is about as low as it can be. Damned near ZERO. A rough year for him has finally come to end. Recorded the game and watched it in full with him. Taylor Hall...goddamn. Guy is doing it all AND finishing. Who knows if he can keep THIS up (guy is as hot as hot can be), but man it will be fun as hell to watch him try. Hopefully some have learned that there is life after slumps...especially with THIS group, because these guys can score. It's the low-scoring teams that you have to worry about, as far as that goes. Happy for KK and his snagging a couple of wins.
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    So you are anti Niemi, then??
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    What a gutless team that doesn't fight back and doesn't score.
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    I'd rather break out the check book for Carlson
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    Boston played last night. Since it’s evident that the devils did NOT play last night, I think that gives us an edge. nobody thought we’d beat Pitt and we destroyed them. 5-4 Devils. Marchand breaks his nose on the Jumbotron.
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    Going into this game, Crosby had the longest active point streak. Coming out of this game, Taylor Hall did.
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    Yet at the end of the game, Johansson, who surely would've been on the ice for our 6 on 5 was in the dressing room while Marchand helped ice the game for Boston. fvck this second rate league. No less pissed off today than I was last night.
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    I was at the game, my first ever live in New Jersey. I was blown away by the prudential center. What an amazing arena. I have seen games in Toronto and Ottawa and both arenas are crap compared to the rock. The scoreboard! I couldn't stop starting at it, even when play was live Crappy game outcome, but at least I saw one live Jesper Bratt needs to shoot the damn puck more. He tried several cutesy pass plays We need a mule in front of the opposing net. Hardly any traffic made it way to easy for Detroit goalie Devils Den... big disappointment. I have a really hard time finding decent NJ merchandise in Canada so I was really hoping for something here. Sadly, the store was filled with nothing but cheap Chinese garbage knock offs. Newark was fine, I had no issues. I stayed at the Hilton Penn station and it was an easy walk to the Rock. I would do that again for sure.
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    Thanks man (and everyone else)...it was a really tough year for him, and for this to finally be over is just an awesome feeling for all of us. I remember first hearing the bad news, then having to explain it to my daughter (who instantly started bawling), then everything my dad had to go through to beat this thing (there were some setbacks, which led to delays in the radiation treatments and recovery schedule)...there were days where it felt like we'd never get to this point. So to finally be here, for all of us...just no words. Nothing but good feelings.
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    Officially the most shocking Devils win I’ve ever attended.
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    last one from me tonight boys, night all
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    Starting this one early since I’ve been on a roll with the last couple, and might not have a chance later today. First game against the defending champs of the season, and it will be a tough test. Pens are playing great right now, but let’s hope they used up all their puck luck last night against the Caps (they won 7-4). It’ll probably be an adventure with Kinkaid in net, but let’s hope for the best. Staying out of the box against the #1 PP in the league is a MUST. LGD!
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    To borrow and modify a phrase, the Devils are never as good as a GDT after a win, and never as bad as a GDT after a loss.
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    I continue to not really notice him out there, and that’s a good thing.
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    I always knew I loved Drew Stafford. dont look through my post history just trust me on this one.
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    All this talk has made me appreciate Taylor Hall even more. His social media is on point. He doesn't often Tweet, but when he does, it's funny as hell, to support his teammates, or to hit on Selena Gomez.
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    It's time to bring Hall into the Hart conversation.
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    That's not what happened but whatever, the referees were atrocious tonight from minute 1. Call on Simmonds was just as embarrassing as anything else. They missed a blatant hand pass by the Flyers right before that high stick on Zajac (that they also missed), meanwhile Eagle Eyes the linesman manages to call too many men on the Devils which might've been the right call but I doubt he saw anything other than Hischier's uncertainty of whether he should touch the puck. Oh, and how was Hall's goal not called a goal on the ice immediately - how do all 4 officials miss that?
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    For all of us: https://twitter.com/jagknife/status/961775275808731136
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    I’m 3-0 since the break with GDT’s so hopefully the luck continues. @mfitz804 better be wearing that new Marty jersey, too. Kinkaid in net again, and It will be Taylor Hall’s 500th career game. Hopefully many, many more to come wearing red and black. LGD!
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    KK has been frustrating for sure, but part of the reason that he has been is that there's games where he actually looks quite confident and solid stopping the puck. But one thing I've noticed about him is that his confidence seems to build in-game based on how many pucks are getting by him. Unfortunately I don't think he's ever going to be that guy who can shake off a bad first period and then slam the door the rest of the way all that often, the way some goalies can. Also keep in mind that it was NEVER the Devils' Plan A to have KK start this many games in a row as the emergency #1. Guys like him are going to be exposed when they're asked to do more they're capable...you saw plenty of that with the Devils' teams of the past several seasons. You can't move KK, because the organizational depth just isn't there at the moment. I'm a little intrigued by Lack, but mostly because he's not KK. There's not really much guarantee that he'll be any better. But I'm fine with him starting a game soon...even Thursday. Not going after Burrows really bothers me, but I think part of that had to do with Palms' goal making it a game fairly early in the third...I think the Devils were most concerned with trying to salvage a point, and they didn't want to take any costly penalties. But that doesn't mean I have to like it...especially since Burrows was on the ice near the end with the game pretty much in hand...the Devils easily could've done something there. And my main beef is that it was the fvcking Devils BEST PLAYER...the one who when he's out couldn't possibly be more sorely missed. He's EXACTLY what Elias was to the 2003-04 Devils...a guy who's almost stubbornly getting his points some games. At some point, you have to fvcking push back...there's so much that I love about this team, from the GM on down, but I'm truly disgusted that Burrows just completely got away with his bullsh!t. Hall deserved a lot better from his teammates.
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    LGD .. if karlsson wants to come back with us on the bus thats cool too
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    It's ready to roll. Not much else to say other than let's keep this thing going. Let's hope for big things from KK, and I have this weird feeling that Jesper Bratt will be a factor tonight. I will not eat horsesh!t off the street if we win. LGD
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    We really have three solid lines rolling right now that should hopefully stick together for a while with Hall-Nico-Bratt, Wood-Zacha-Palms, and Coleman-Zajac-Noesen. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Devils are due for a win against these punks. Let’s put January behind us and start February off with a big divisional win. LGD
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    I come from a very religious family. My mom always said this: “I won’t do it because of MY religion” - that’s okay. ”YOU can’t do it because of MY religion” - that’s not okay. My best friend is gay. Found that out after 4 years in college as roommates. Love him to death. Huge Bruins fan though. fvck him.
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    Now beat Boston next week and pummel Marchand
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    We had a fun first period. We had a hideous, low-effort and low-interest second period. We had the most dominating third period I’ve seen all season, with multiple scoring chances and a last-minute Nico game winner. If I’ve still got this boner in 5 hours I think I’ll need a doctor.
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    I got a new Brodeur jersey back from the customizer and wore it for the first time last game. We won. Tonight I was tied up for the first 2 periods and didn’t get to put on my jersey until the third. We came from behind and won. Just saying.
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    Dude, some of my best friends like hockey statistics!!
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    Just get rid of fvcking all-star games in all sports, they're so fvcking stupid.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Your lack of self-awareness is downright concerning. But it's also fvckin entertaining as fvck.
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    6 game point streak for Hall. Longest as a Devil. He’s also only 6 points away from matching his points total from all last season with 38 games left. Whatever Shero said to him over the offseason damn sure worked.
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    Just pointing out to the Vatanen haters that he and Henrique both have exactly 10 points since being traded (and Vatanen has played one less game). Vatanen has added a lot to our D, and the trade has not forced the Devils to sacrifice offense. Vatanen sure took some time to settle in, and I'm sure there's still some time left in the adjustment period, but the trade has only been looking better for NJ as time goes on.
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    Our future captain ladies and gentlemen.
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    HALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL BABY!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I don't see the need for a trade. The Devils don't have anything in the minor leagues that they should trust on D. Keeping 8 D is paramount. The Devils have been extremely lucky with injuries so far this season.
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    You know what stat is accurate? 5-2 final score. We win, motherfvckers.
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    He did an interview with Chico and Matt on the post game radio show and Chico said just so people don't accuse me of being all positive towards you, you have to work on your puck tossing for after the game haha
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    Just some off-day fun reading how we all felt about this trade. Mostly positive reactions. @TheMazz, my dude, you probably want to avoid scrolling back in time here. lol
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    Was at the game tonight, and I'm not gonna lie, I was not optimistic at all going in. The first two periods did nothing to alleviate my fears, especially when there was no sign that Hall was going to return. I'll give the team credit, they didn't quit in the third period. I seriously have not seen a worse officiated game ever. There were missed calls on both sides, but NJ certainly got the short end of the stick. 1) Interference on Gudas against Hall 2) Wood slashed in the leg 3) Ghost embellishing the high stick 4) Zajac getting bloodied by a high stick 5) Not one of the refs calling the first Hall goal a goal Was pretty funny hearing a 'ref you suck' chant when Konecny got drilled. Some idiot next to me said "it's not soccer" when Zajac was down on all fours after taking that stick. When I said the same thing to him when Ghost embellished, he gave me the finger lmao.
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    Also, Zajac beat the sh!t out of Gudas. It was GLORIOUS. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Didn't play great, but neither did the Flyers - the refs decided they would call everything in the 1st and the Flyers were the beneficiaries with that 5 on 3. Then, of course, they swallow the whistles and call 1 penalty past the first period. Zacha - I don't know how he doesn't have a goal yet in this stretch but he is playing by far the best hockey of his career. Two great primary assists tonight and a lot of little nice plays besides. It wasn't a perfect night but he's 20. The Devils need this kind of play out of him. Hall was quiet, I thought - the Flyers did a good job of shutting him down, so it was big that the other guys stepped up. Severson finally finishing, last year he would sneak down for that play and not finish. Another solid night for him.
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    I just realized...Carrie Underwood married Mike Fisher, does that make her Princess Leia??
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    You just don't like him, it's obvious. You never say a peep about this "average" crap unless he's in a slump.