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    https://www.tsn.ca/video/insider-trading-will-point-s-deal-lead-to-other-rfa-s-signing-quickly~1787114 Darren Dreger: "Taylor Hall's agent, Darren Ferris, met with the GM of the New Jersey Devils, Ray Shero, over the weekend and it sounds like they're making some traction there. Now, you have to keep in mind Taylor Hall is coming off a significant injury; he loved the way he was treated by the Devils organization, very professional from start to finish. He likes what Shero has done and the changes he has made to the lineup of the New Jersey Devils, so it's one of those situations: it could get done sooner than later, which is saying a lot, considering he's in the final year of his contract."
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    Look at this wonderful sight!
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    If we are scrutinizing Harris drinking water, we've officially hit maximum tea-leaves-reading status.
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    I would love to pass judgment but if I had that kind of money when I was that age I might still be in jail
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    I fell asleep at my desk and they let him back in the country.
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    You aren’t willing to make ridiculous speculations with zero basis in fact? I’m reporting this thread.
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    Let's do this Taylor. Make this YOUR team. Make history. Make it so there's no choice but to hang #9 in the rafters someday. It's our time.
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    Cool, now they can talk about how much they want to be the bread for an @MB3 sandwich.
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    They just played a video here of NJ running into and breaking the glass from over the summer but they had the Rangers logo on the glass hahaha
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    You’re talking about whether we can afford to give a guy who has never played a single game a raise. I mean, I HOPE Jack (and Nico for that matter) earn giant raises. I fail to see how having too much talent is an issue, especially in light of the sh!t rosters we have had since 2014 or so.
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    Would it ever happen that way? No. Would it be an absolute blast if it ever did? Oh yeah.
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    How's this for a stupid fan-service scenario (and I apologize if this has been mentioned before): Opening night. Pre-game ceremony. They start bringing players out one by one to applause. They announce "#8 - Will Butcher"; he skates out and the crowd cheers.. but they're really hyped to welcome Hall back. Let's be real. They then immediately announce "#13 - Nico Hischier"; the crowd is perplexed. Did Hall mysteriously get hurt? What happened? Why isn't he dressing? They progress through the rest of the roster, and finally after Gusuv is announced they begin to welcome the alternate captains.. including Andy Greene. At this point the crowd starts to put 2 and 2 together. Lastly, finally, they introduce and announce "Your new captain, with an 8 year contract extension, #9... Taylor Hall". He skates out, the crowd goes absolutely fvcking BANANAS. I realize this is borderline fanfic but.. can you imagine. Oh man.
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    Keepers have been finalized. They break down as follows to start the season: C : 12 G : 9 D : 7 RW : 6 C / LW : 3 LW : 3 LW/RW : 2
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    I added a new skin that is a dark theme / Night mode type skin. You can switch to it all the way in the bottom and selecting "night mode"
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    Schneider might be back, or at least closer to the old Schneider. He made a ton of saves on second and third chances, and seemed to be moving well. He was out of position a few times but was able to scramble back in a way he couldn't last year. I'm still a little nervous with Cormier as the third string only because he has so little experience. Gusev and Nico together are fun as hell to watch. Between them and Hughes, Subban, Hall, etc, I can't remember seeing a team this entertaining. In have no idea where this team ends up but unlike last year, this will be some entertaining hockey
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    Might as well do the full version. I was in law school, working at a firm on Court Street. They filmed Law & Order down there all the time. Every day, I would get lunch and bring it back to my office because most places were too busy to find a seat. So it was cold, a good soup day, so I go to Hale & Hearty with the expectation of picking it up and going back to work. I get on line and the woman in front of me turns around and asks "don't you love this place?". Immediately recognized her. But didn't tell her so. We made small talk standing in line, mostly her asking me questions about where I worked, I said I was a law student, she asked questions about that. That continues for like 10 minutes. We both basically get our soup at the same time, and I am heading toward the door, and there's shockingly an open table. Angie says "Should we just grab that table?" Of course we should! At some point after sitting down I casually told her that I had seen her appearance on the Tonight Show where Jason Sehorn came out and proposed to her, which was maybe a week before. She looked completely surprised and said she didn't realize I had recognized her. That's my usual schtick with celebrities, I try not to let on that I know who they are. In any event, we had a very nice conversation, ate our lunch, and were on our way. She said it was nice to meet me and she hoped to see me around the neighborhood. I never saw her again, as it was not much longer before she left the show. But it was not the last time I saw someone from Law & Order hanging around down there. TL;DR: always accept the invitation so you can tell the story.
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    Nuh-nuh-nuh-Nico and the Jesps. Alright. I'll see myself out.
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    Thank you everyone for a fantastic draft. We completed 20 full rounds of picks (280 in total) in 105 minutes... or an average pick speed of 22.5 seconds. I look forward to a great season and would once again like to welcome @NQDevil's Mile Woods Fightclub to our league. He has an excellent showing at the draft. I also look forward to the long teased name changes... we'll see if they occur! Thanks again!
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    Crazy hearing someone describe Scott like that. Now Rob on the other hand .... his time with NJ still makes me get all stabby. He and Rolston on the ice together was a special level of infuriating
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    it just felt like the right time.
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    This might just be an administrative move to open up a roster spot and clear the money. They seemed fine with letting him make a decision. They must be ecstatic considering the contracts they still need to finish
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    I still think Maltsev has been the most impressive of the sleeper picks.
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    Lucky as in the puck sorta softly fell off his stick into the net, but he caught a great stretch pass from Subban and used elite speed to beat his defender — all while *not* flying into the goalie at full speed for a penalty. I feel like McLeod is playing wood off the team.
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    RECAP: - Hall and Hughes, Hughes and Hall. They will make some magic together if they are on the same line. - Simmonds was in the mix tonight, very happy to see him in the middle of the action. - How do you score a goal without taking a shot on goal? Ask Mike McLeod. - Blackwood looked pretty good. First goal was an unfortunate deflection off PK, second one was a pretty nice shot on the power play. - My daughter is irate that Taylor Hall has a beard and that Palmieri’s is missing. - And of course, fvck the motherfvcking Rangers. Bunch of A-Holes, just kept trying to drop the gloves with guys who don’t drop gloves.
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    I don't think a lot needs to be said about Hughes, who has an incredible sense of where pucks should be going. Simmonds and Hall both looked rusty at times. Would've been nice if Simmonds could've avoided fighting one of the Rangers' AHL crew but so be it, he made it through the game. McLeod's goal was obviously lucky and he didn't have a great game otherwise. He does look better than last season so far, goals aside. Jacobs didn't look like an NHL player tonight. Blackwood looked decent, although he didn't appear to be tracking the puck great.
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    Hughes is something else on the powerplay, dishing left and right
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    Never ceases to amaze me how quickly some of you dudes hit the panic button. Cheezus.
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    I take any opportunity I can to talk about Chico. My 2 favorite memories; 1. I used to have season tickets and I’d see him walking in the concourse all the time. It was the first year when he was doing Chico Eats so if he saw me, he remembered my name and would say “Hey! Come watch we’re gonna go get some cotton candy for the tv cameras. I love my job!” This one time I saw him pregame and he invited me to sing happy birthday to Stan Fischler in the press room. Just a bunch of MSG employees and a doe-eyed 20 year old with a Langenbrunner jersey on. What a guy. 2. 5 or 6 years after I dropped my season tickets, my wife and I at the same hotel that the devils did in tampa. We’re in the restaurant having breakfast and I see Chico having breakfast with Stevens (then assistant coach) and Holik. Chico stands up and says my fvcking name, and waves me over to their table to say hi. My jaw hit the floor. Bobby holik hit on my girlfriend (now wife) and that was dope. Stevens barely said a word but he shook my hand. Chico invites us to finish breakfast at their table but I politely decline because that’s the imposition of a lifetime. I love that man.
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    Where I am at : http://www.sportsstatsme.net/2019/09/boston-bruins.html This is the NHL center ice feed and not NJD.tv. NJD.tv prob cant start their stream until the puck actually drops.
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    I don't think Smith not making it is official. He's got a couple of games to plead his case and possibly 9 in the regular season. I also think Greene is perfectly fine in a more limited role. It looked to me like they were getting Butcher ready to take that Greene role last year.
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    I truly can't remember a time since 03 where this team was consistently talked about in NHL media circles like they are now. We have a real shot at becoming one of "the" teams, and the only thing that makes it sweeter is if we do execute right out of the gate and become a contender, you know Bettman is cringing in secret.
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    The evolution of how this story has unfolded in the media follows a similar pattern to how the PK Subban trade and Nikita Gusev signing played out, it looks like Shero's M.O. is all about timing, and marketing. I think they're going to announce his extension next week, and it'll be timed to be a huge lift to the locker room in a big way just ahead of the home opener. I think this was always the plan, and they probably left off not all too far apart a few months back when they were all pretty laidback about negotiations; with the plan being to lock it up the week before the season. Edit: obviously not getting excited for one thing or another, just noticing a pattern with how Ray works the media around these big moves of the last couple years. He's not exactly tell-all, but he's not exactly Lou either. They've shown a pattern of teasing little bits of the story over time, and then you start to hear people like Matt Loughlin or Amanda Stein tweet hypothetically about it, and it's a wrap.
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    Gusev may be the best acquisition of them all this season. He looks really good with whoever he plays with. Elite stick handle, very crafty and smart player. Reminds me of Elias in so many ways.
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    Don’t worry, he’s definitely on his way.
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    They don't seem to see anything else, why not broken glass?
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    Lol some of you take this way too seriously
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    i'd take cap hell with young guys in their prime vs having a terrible roster of over the hill guys that no one wants and on bad contracts. There's no hope then. worst comes to worst you just have to trade one of your guy for cap room and get something for it then you're just taking a little step back.
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    Love the Sens Twitter post about the signing of Chabot
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