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    So Taylor Hall admitted in his recent interview after playing PUBG that he “definitely” recognizes some of the same fans in the building every game. And you guys laughed at me for wearing assless chaps and a mesh shirt with nipple rings. who’s laughing now, jerkoffs.
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    Good. Screw them. Now that team will be in dire straits for a while due to the butt-buddies contracts. They don't give a damn about any trumpet playin' band.
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    Steve Kournianos posted this about Jack Hughes the other day FWIW: "For years, Hughes outscored his peers — elite and average groups — by a 2:1 or 3:1 margin in league and international play. That’s one way you assess a ceiling. Fast forward to 5-6 years when he’s in his prime, playing against those same peers and many others younger in the NHL. The average age of an NHL player is 27-29. When he’s 24, he’ll be competing against the same majority peer group with 20+ min TOI. Right now, the average age of an IIHF WC team is 26-27. Hughes is 18. That means he’s 8-9 years YOUNGER than the average player. And he’s playing 4th-line minutes. It’s a nonstandard condition. The idea that Hughes — the world’s most elite teenage hockey talent the last 3-4 years — won’t adjust, improve, strengthen, and fine-tune what he already does at an elite level — is one of the dumbest —THE DUMBEST — things I have ever heard. Remember six months ago when his shot was criticized? Did you see the U18’s? Did you hear his interviews? Clearly he saw it as an area he needed to work on, and he did." .... "Small sample size. Four WJC games and three WC games? I don’t think it’s a great unknown at all. I’m looking at Hughes at 21 or 22 and I see a superstar. But that’s me. The only reason Hughes went to Slovakia was to improve. That’s it. If you know him and his family, they don’t care about draft status. They care about hard work, discipline, integrity. His grandfather was an FDNY chief and Marine. Incredible history of selfless service. All Hughes talks about are his teammates. That kid will never stop working to improve, which is scary to think."
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    If you haven’t listened to Rupp’s interview on Spittin Chiclets yet, hurry up and do it. the highlight of the interview was him on the bus, 22 year old rookie after Game 6 of the cup where Stevens turned Kariya into a mental midget. Rupp says to Scottie “nice hit” and Stevens says “to tell you the truth, I held up right before I hit him.” And that, my friends, is why Paul Kariya is still alive today.
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    My thought remains: If you don’t draft Hughes and he meets his potential and is the better player, you’re a laughing stock for not drafting the consensus #1 pick. If you draft Hughes and Kaapo winds up being the better player, it sucks, but sh!t happens. Draft position doesn’t guarantee success. But at least you didn’t pass on the #1 guy to get him. Pick Hughes.
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    Some good quotes in this article: https://www.nhl.com/devils/news/worlds-hughes-breaks-out-in-final-game-of-tournament/c-307533266 Blashill finally gives Jack props and there's some tidbits from Hynes: Hynes also noted Hughes' speed and skating, his vision and hockey sense and his playmaking abilities before concluding: "There's no question, he's a game-breaking player and will develop into a franchise player that will help drive a team and play a top line center role in the NHL. "If he does end up becoming a New Jersey Devil," Hynes continued. "I think that the fact that I've had the opportunity to get to know him and a relationship has been created and we've been working together, that's a big step in having a young talented player feel comfortable in his first year in the NHL to help him be able to make an impact sooner rather than later."
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    So many issues: 1) Having a “2nd fav team” is weird. 2) That team being in the same conference and geographically so close to your first favorite team is weirder. 3) Having your second favorite team make Game 7 and then rooting for the other team, which is not your first favorite team, is weirdest.
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    If Hughes ends up in the tier of MacKinnon, Tavares or Matthews, we should be doing backflips. Crosby is arguably a top 10 player of all time
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    Reffing controversies aside, I feel like the NHL has been very successful over the past few years. Feels like the league is gaining momentum. Vegas was an overwhelming success, Seattle right on the horizon... It'd be the most "NHL Thing" ever for them to have a lockout and wipe that all away. Here's hoping they avoid it.
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    As far as the World Championship goes Kakko really cooled off after that hot start. Finished the tournament with 7PTS in 10GP. Hughes finished with 3PTS in 7GP. And had his strongest game in the knockout round against a good Russian team. Absolutely NO WAY Kakko did enough to unseat Hughes as #1OA, imo. Hughes is the pick.
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    "And your wife is getting Jack's 'C'"
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    “Andy we have some bad news. Taylor is getting your C and Jack is getting your number. And that’s not the worst part...”
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    That I can agree with. He's wearing #6 in this tournament...are we giving him Andy Greene's number? I say yes, along with his car and his wife if he wants them.
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    Hughes is the youngest player ever for the United States team at the Worlds and is playing on a team full of top flight NHL talent and is holding his own just fine, as contrasted with Eichel and Matthews who got top line minutes playing with, at best, average pros. As a 17 year old Hughes excelled against college players, many of whom are older than 22. He could have entered the NHL six months ago and he'd probably be one of the twenty fastest skaters in the league. The only source of this ridiculous concept that Hughes is not NHL ready I can think of would be David Conte or Connor Chatham.
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    I think we’re missing the big picture here: If you get offered Trouba for Zacha and picks, you absolutely fvcking do it, regardless of bust or not...
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    any chance someone almost did it though?
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    Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and say it: you are literally the only person I have ever seen call Marcus Johansson “MarJo” instead of widely accepted since he broke into the league “MoJo” I get it, but I’ve done double takes on nearly every post you’ve made about him and I decided I’d finally comment on it That is all...
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    Brb gonna go read the bruins subreddit and masturbate until I pass out.
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    Delicious, rat face at fault on the goal. "Hmm no one to elbow or slewfoot - guess I'll change"
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    What a tremendous young core we have developing. Even without winning the next Patrick Kane in the draft lottery, I would have been (and still am) absolutely over the moon to see Ty Smith and Boqvist suit up. Also would be very interested to see Nico, Bratt, Butcher, Anderson, Blackwood take the next step. Great time to be a Devils fan!
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    St Louis takes it at home Sunday in front of their own crowd. You heard it here first.
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    Please don't tell me you're all calling that mega-flop by Acciari a "blown call".. It's a non call. He got tripped sure, but then he tried to sell it like he got hit by a freight train by throwing back his right leg and almost doing a backflip. If anything they should have both got 2, but Acciari lays there on the ground like a pansy trying to sell it, and winds up watching the Blues bury the puck behind Rask instead. Play the game you fvcking douche. fvck boston.
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    Rat face lost. Can't even be mad.
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    I went on record saying I thought ray Shero should trade for ROR. Also went on record saying we should outbid everyone for James Neal so maybe I am not brilliant. But “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. -Wayne Gretzky” -Michael Scott
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    https://www.nhl.com/news/taylor-hall-not-in-rush-to-sign-extension-with-new-jersey-devils/c-307689238 "No idea where [the website] got that from aside from a 'source,'" Shero said in a text message. "Nothing on our end has changed and I have never heard differently from Taylor or Darren Ferris." Ferris said, "I'm not going to speak to it because it's all fictitious and I'm just not going to respond to any of those questions out of respect to the conversations and discussions that are going on."
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    I trust Shero enough to where either he will move mountains to get Hall to re-sign. However if Hall doesn't want to be here, then I trust Ray to trade him for a nice haul. Either way at this point we win.
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    some Zajac love: Needs 14 points to pass Muller for 3rd all time in Devils history in points Needs 9 goals to pass Parise for 4th all time in goals and 17 to pass Holik for 3rd Needs 15 assists to pass Muller for 6th all time and 17 to pass Stevens for 5th Needs 1 SHG to move into 4th all time
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    Blues take it in OT. Hell of a game. Should be a good series.
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    Absolutely. The fun thing with a guy like him is he makes other players better. This is the kind of guy who could do wonders for a guy like Zacha assuming Zacha slides to wing. A power play with Hall, Nico, Palms, Hughes, and Severson would be fun to watch as well. I think they would really up each others games.
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    I’ll fall out of my chair if a penalty gets called and Cangi actually knows which team got called for it.
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    Idk about a dog, but there’s definitely a rat in the fight. And I want him bashed!
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    Speaking of, neat little fact (good drafting): @HockeyPulz With Yegor Rykov reportedly signing an ELC with the Rangers, that means that all 9 players selected by the #NJDevils in the 2016 NHL draft have signed NHL entry-level contracts. How crazy is that?
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    Now I understand why people want to trade Jesper Bratt.
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    Sundstrum and Daniel are brothers. My mind is fvcking blown. I have no idea what to do with this information and I don't know why it's so incredible to me, but it is. Anyone else here related besides me and mfitz?
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    Released my annual Draft Guide today, as usual, Top 250 rankings with scouting reports, mock drafts, class superlatives, etc: https://ridingpinehockey.com/2019/06/13/riding-pines-2019-nhl-draft-guide/ Check it out if you're so inclined, I'll likely be releasing some stand alone articles as well that break down some of what's already in the book. Hoping to have the book available on iTunes by tomorrow as well
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    Marchand goes to the box for licking a dude, and the Blues score the GWG on the ensuing power play.
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    I have no doubt it will be Hughes. It's the logical choice, it's the smart choice.. it's the right choice. I have faith Shero and co. will pick him.
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    Hey guys, just a friendly reminder that Ray should draft Hughes. That is all.
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    I’m glad that Cory and Severson might have gained some confidence going into next season. Glad that Hughes likely learned a thing or two by playing with and against seasoned NHL pros, became more confident in his own abilities and at least temporarily shut up some of the more annoying Kakko fanboys. Otherwise, I care more about the score of a Devils preseason game than I do about the outcome of this tournament.
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    Yeah, hopefully Wood or Coleman or somebody goes after him when he’s playing us as a member of the Rangers...
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    When you come down to it, he was pretty lucky to have been there at all. I see whatever time he got there as a bonus...and even better, he got through it healthy.
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