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    Damn... my only comeback to this is really arrogant... That will not help my case...
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    I'm pretty sure that commenting on her is not a crime. However, I have also seen how you comment on people, and I am retracting that statement.
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    Happy Jack Hughes day ladies and gentleman
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    Daniel, you've been watching pro sports long enough to know that GMs don't often make for great interviews...they don't tend to spell out what they're going to do, and a lot of times fall back on vague GM speak. I don't know why you'd take anything Ray is saying during one interview about his "plans" as total gospel. And next time maybe post the whole snippet that came after "I don't know", instead of slicing and dicing just to forward your anti-Ray agenda...clearly he said a lot more than "I don't know": Shero: I don't know. I think everything we're doing here is for the best for the organization. Let's be honest: Taylor was somewhere else for six years. He didn't make the playoffs. We weren't a part of that, obviously, but when he came here we made a run in 2017-18 and then last year wasn't good for him or the team due to his injury. He's a significant part of our franchise. That's why we're not trying to rush. We'll explain to him what we're trying to do and why and the timing of things, and see if he understands that and the timing of things, and then go from there. Everything we do here is for our franchise and not one particular player. But with that said, he's a significant part of our franchise. It's not frustrating. It's not a rush. It's just what it is.
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    Don't forget about SalvaGretzky. I go down the YouTube memory lane of that run every so often. A great time to be a Devils fan and a great time on this board. It was such a special run because no one really expected anything from the Devils going into those playoffs. The team hadn't really clicked yet and they were coming off a year in which they missed the playoffs for the first time in over a decade - a special year in itself for the way the team went from horrendous under J-Mac to magical under Lemaire. All the way through the Panthers series the Devils still didn't look like a contender. We almost didn't get past that round and when Henrique scored that goal it was like, "holy sh!t did that just happen?" Then it was nerve-racking going into the Flyers series- they absolutely manhandled us in the 2009-10 playoffs, #17's first playoff series, in a year we expected to do big things. It felt like we were going to be in for a tough series, as the Devils were a team that was lucky to get out of round 1. I was scared to watch game 1 because I thought it would look like that 09-10 series when Mark Fraser was a mainstay on our defense. But, to my surprise, we came out looking much more even with the Flyers than two years before. Still, we lost game 1 and it felt like we were going down a similar path. Then I sat down for game 2 and it was like, "holy crap what just happened?" Everything started to click and we just absolutely dominated the Flyers in their building. And the rise of the Devils was in full swing after game 3 with the Poni goal. I'll never forget that one. The Devils were pressuring the Flyers in the offensive zone and they had us pretty locked down, but all of a sudden (credit the coaches here) out of nowhere #17 appeared at the top of the zone circling like a shark - he had been stealthily deployed onto the ice with a really timely change - and he picked up the puck and the Flyers didn't know what to do, they went completely limp, they seemed confused and scared - they didn't see #17 coming - he skated around 75% of the ice surface with the puck before throwing it back down to Poni for the goal. That was the moment I knew the Devils were going to win that series and I knew they'd win 4-1. The Flyers were broken in that moment. It should be noted that it helped a bit that Ilya Bryzgalov was terrible that series: Even as high as we were riding though, it wasn't fun to know we were playing the Rangers next. Winning didn't just mean the Devils advancing, it meant stopping the Tortarella-led Rangers from getting to the Cup final. The good news for us is that Marty was looking like young Marty again just in time to run into Lundqvist who seemed damn near unbeatable at that point in his career. Lundqvist had a .930 save percentage that season and ended up winning the Vezina. Still, Marty came to play: As far as the memories from that series goes, Game 6 was great but game 5 stands out to me as well. The series was tied 2-2 and it felt like whoever took that game might take the series. But the nerves quickly dissipated when we went up 3-0 early. The Devils were just killing it. And even though we had given up so many leads that season, as MB3 mentioned, it felt like a 3-goal lead would do it. And then the Rangers came back and tied it and it felt like, "Yup, I've seen this before...we get a lead, then we lose it and never score again for the rest of the game." When Ryan Carter scored to make it 4-3, it felt like that curse was broken. It was especially weird because the live camera didn't even capture the puck going into the net, it was like the camera didn't believe we could score again either. The fourth line was amazing those playoffs. We got a hint something special was a-brew when Stephen Gionta scored in that final game of the season. No one thought he'd ever make anything of himself as an NHLer. And here he was, first game of the season for Stephen, the Vincent Benedict to Brian Gionta's Julius Benedict, scoring the game winning goal against the Ottawa Senators. And the fourth line never stopped scoring - every time you thought they would finally come back down to Earth, they just kept coming up with big goals. Two moments in game 6 stand out in my memory. The first, was #17's powerplay goal. Over the previous two years the Devils had struggled so much with the powerplay. The year prior they finished 28th in the league in the man-advantage. In 2011-12 it improved to 14th, and while it still wasn't always so consistent or organized, it was really getting there. Then the Devils just started to click in those 2011-12 playoffs. And the "clicking" culminated when they scored that flawless powerplay goal, with every player on the ice for the Devils touching the puck in a cycle of passes that left the Rangers bewildered and the puck in their net. It was...in shorthand...perfection. I think it was Pierre McGuire who remarked that when they scored, Adam Oates and Pete DeBoer looked at each other like, "Ho-ly shiiitt." After all the struggles with the PP, it was mastered in that moment. And then of course, there was "They SCORE!!! Henrique...it's OVER!" So fitting that it was Doc who got to announce that. Sure, he was the national guy now, he wasn't the Devils announcer, but you could hear it in his voice, he was happy. "It's OVER" were just the perfect words as with that goal so many years of frustration evaporated, not just the years upon years of Rangers fan bullsh!t, but just everything - from Matteau's goal, to years of Rangers fans gloating about Lundqvist, to the loss to the Rangers in the '08 playoffs, to the loss to the Canes in the '09 playoffs, to the disappointing 2010-11 season. All was better now because the rookie, the son of tobacco farmers from Brantford, Ontario (as Doc so eloquently put it during the postgame celebration), was a motherfvcking finisher. Doc had a lot of great lines during that postgame, I especially liked when he described Marty and Henrik on the handshake line as, "The men with the masks up like welders' helmets..." But the best thing Doc did, was right after the goal, when he just shut the fvck up and took a back seat to the Devils' celebration. Doc was always great like that - always knew when not to make it about himself. I was at that game, but I've appreciated his work in my countless times watching the replays over and over again. As a side plot, that series felt like a final hurrah for Doc and the Devils But I digress, it didn't feel real that the Devils were going back to the Cup final - it had been so long - by Devils standards - that we had been to the final. The Devils weren't a favorite going in and I don't know if any of you remember but almost every hockey pundit and fan predicted the Devils to lose every series. I saved a bunch of those predictions: There was just so much vomitous stuff from the media during those playoffs: Anyway, I go back to what Chico, the over-the-top ham that he is, said after Stephen Gionta scored that GWG in the final game of the regular season, "It doesn't matter about size, if you've got heart and if you've got a will and a desire to drive the net, you're gonna get some of these." The Devils had plenty of heart and desire throughout the season though - it only got them so far. The thing is, the Devils were not just some ragtag squad of scrubs squeaking through the playoffs on belief alone - they were much better than even they knew they were and they had to believe that. When they began to buy-in to what DeBoer and his staff were preaching, opponents didn't know what hit them. The Devils peaked at just the right time. And that's where this post ends, the Kings series doesn't much exist in my mind - it's not important - that was such a special run, culminating in victory over our greatest enemy. There was nothing like seeing the defeated, kneeling Rangers slumped over the ice in disbelief as the Devils piled on top of each other. That moment was a picture of dishonered samurai, defeated in battle, kneeling to commit seppuku, ritual suicide via disembowelment by sword (or hockey stick), as the greater warriors reveled in glory. No matter where Adam Henrique goes in the NHL, when he comes to NJ, his beers are paid for. We can't be stuck in the past though, so if you've read through this whole post I hope you enjoyed reminiscing with me but I leave you with this:
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    Jeez. Kids today. When I was 18, I enjoyed making romesco garlic shrimp with grilled vegetables in a balsamic glaze. I'm sorry. I meant "microwaved pizza rolls." Stupid autocorrect.
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    He doesn't need to fight to add toughness. Just hitting someone would be more helpful than a lot of what the team did. And making contact with the opponent and not crashing into the boards like Wood would also be cool
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    Today is a good day. 1. 1995 cup 2. 2003 cup 3. 2000 cup 4. Henrique it’s over 5. Today.
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    Honesty the haircut alone is reason not to pick him.
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    Quick hit of the Shero interview: Talked about how difficult the process is for them to interview all of the kids, when he has his own kids around their age. Talking about him and Hall both agreeing to take their time this summer. Hall was in town to get his checkup. They met and say they have a great relationship. He’s including him in what his plans are for the franchise. Says when the dust settles this summer, they’re going to sit down and really discuss the future, won’t be 1 July. He reiterated no offer sheets because of a “boys club” is a bunch of crap. Says he remembers when he was a cap team with Pitt and it was always in their mind, and now he’s on the opposite end of it. commented on how two years ago when they made playoffs, they were in a good spot cause guys really had a chance to play their way onto the team. It really helped build a “brotherhood, not a neighborhood” and the guys saw more of a lifestyle and not a hobby or job. ”we’re drafting first overall, so obviously we need to do a lot” in reference to approaching the draft, free agency and trades. Paraphrasing: We have to look at every avenue to improve ourselves. It’s not just a snapshot to do it. But there is 30 other teams trying to do it. We have plans and a backup to the plans
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    Cangy sniped me as well, I'm in the Hughes jersey above you Was awesome getting to get my hockey fix in the middle of July, thanks again to @Satans Hockey for the hookup on the tickets, you're a beauty This year's scrimmage felt like the most talent we've ever had at one camp, really fun group to watch, including some guys that really stood out that wasn't really expecting. My Top 5 outside of Hughes: Jesper Boqvist – Everyone's kinda already talked about this kid already, but holy sh!t was he good. There's a reason why I've been all over this kid since we've drafted, he's so quick and skilled and he's noticeably worked on becoming a more interior player instead of being stuck on the perimeter. He was flying all day and had a nice shootout goal as well, I'll eat my hat if he's not in the lineup on opening night. Boqvist is gonna be a player in this league, fellas. Mikhail Maltsev – I thought Maltsev was arguably the best player on the ice on Saturday, every shift he had he had he made a positive impact for the Red team and clearly such a smart player. Skates well, has some size, was a really responsible two-way guy as well that could win some faceoffs. Had a really nice set up Popugaev's goal, I wouldn't sleep on this kid pushing for that 4th line spot alongside guys like Anderson and Bastian, the organization seems really high on him. Nikita Popugaev – Beyond the goal, I thought this was the best I'd seen Popugaev in awhile. He was playing a lot smarter than I've seen him the past, willing to slow the play down a bit and set up breakouts with his defensemen but when he had the puck on his stick he was like a freight train going down the side board. I thought his hands looked smoother on a few occasions than when I saw him in Binghamton, and there was one great moment when he just gave Pakkila the cold shoulder Jagr style when he had the puck. He was awesome, he's one of those guys that could blow up if he develops the right way, hopefully he takes a big step in Bing this year, he's fighting for his career at this point. Michael Vukojevic – I thought Vukojevic was the best defenseman on Saturday, thought he was really solid defensively but then on the offensive side of the puck I really liked what I saw. Feel like I underrated how good of a skater he is when I saw him play in Kitchener last year, but he seems like he can really skate which is awesome for a guy with his size. Had a few good moments where he used his skating to jump into the play both on the rush and during extended looks in the offensive zone, and his shootout goal was a thing of beauty. Seems like he has a ton of personality, too. Ty Smith – Smitty was great as well and was his usual self. Really smart on the puck and I honestly can't recall any mistakes he made, but I remember quite a few brilliant breakout passes that he made. He's such a good passer and skater and he's going to do wonders for our transition game next season, he obviously doesn't have elite level hands like a Quinn Hughes or Cale Makar but I think he's right up there with those two in terms of hockey sense. Some other honorable mentions were McLeod, Bastian, Reilly Walsh, Xavier Bernard, and Gilles Senn. McLeod I thought looked quick out there and had a few shifts where he was excellent on the cycle game, same with Bastian on the cycle and he was physically dominant when protecting the puck. Walsh made a few good jump ups into the offensive zone and I liked how active he was, picked up an assist as well. Bernard seems a lot quicker and smoother than the last time I saw him, and he seems like he's developing more two-way game instead of being just another stay-at-home guy. Gilles Senn I thought was the best goalie, it's hard to get a read on goaltenders in things like this but I thought he looked rock solid and his body language looked good in terms of poise and positioning, wouldn't be surprised if he's the starter in Binghamton this year.
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    The New Jersey Devils signed No. 1 overall pick Jack Hughes to the maximum three-year entry-level contract on Friday with performance bonuses. LETSSS GOOOO BABYYY. I haven’t been this excited in years (besides signing Hall and getting Hischier of course) can the season start already!
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    MadDog2020 On-Ice, 5v5 Snark For %: 62.3% Rel Snark For %: 15.7% xSnark For/60: 80.2 Jokes Plus/Minus: +1 Worth retaining and should be elevated in the lineup along with Eric Gelinas
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    So I’ll give my recollection of that game 7, since it’s still the best sporting moment of my life. The wife (then girlfriend) and I had a huge exam at school (UMiami) the next day. Didn’t plan at all on going to the game. She worked in a computer lab, so we’re sitting in there around 5:00 and planning to go to Yardhouse for the game. Great food and beers, and they didn’t card me (I was 20). While she’s working I’m d!cking off on the computer and decide to check stubhub. We already decided we didn’t want to sit in nosebleeds around the truly terrible panthers fans, especially to see what could’ve been a loss. So I pull up stubhub and I see two tickets; Premium Lower Bowl 104 Row 4 seats 7 and 8. (Just checked my email. I was Row 4, not Row 2). $39 each. Someone was just trying to get rid of them. Well I couldn’t pass it up. Bought the tickets, jumped in the car (I didn’t even have my devils jersey, I planned on changing at home before the restaurant) sat in awful rush hour and got to the game right as puck dropped. Henrique scored his first of the game as we’re walking down the aisle. I sat behind 3 of the worst fvcking douchebags I’ve ever met in my life. They spent the entire 2nd period screaming Jose-Josejosejose (to the tune of olè). When the devils carried that 2-0 lead into the third, I was in tears I was so excited. We were dominating them... the panthers literally got BOOED OFF THE ICE in the second period. I think they had 1 shot the whole period. Early in the third the panthers scored but the goal got called hack. Goalie interference I think? During the next commercial break, panthers fans threw stuff on the ice chanting “Marty sucks” and “refs you suck”. Lovely people. When the panthers scored to tie it late in the third I was nauseous. The d!cks in front of me turned around and started dancing on my girlfriend. I almost swung at them; and if the elderly devils fan sitting next to me didn’t grab my arm I would’ve been kicked out there. Thanks man. So in the first overtime, Salvador gets slashed 15 feet from me and let out the loudest FVCK sh!t I have heard in my life. Never heard a player that loud. While Salvador was on the bench (think he might have even been walking to the locker room?) I heard the N word yelled for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time in my life. Again, classy bunch they have down there. Henrique scoring was a blur. I actually didn’t see the puck go in; my wife screamed YES YES YES and I reached over to tell her no, the goalie saved the puck and that’s when I noticed Parise skating 100mph and leaping on the pile that I hadn’t noticed formed. I started screaming some commensurately vile things at the three amigos in front of me, who somehow didn’t punch me in the face. We ran to the boards and were pounding on the glass. We all hustled over to the bench, where Marty was being interviewed on the ice. The elderly devils fan and I started a LETS GO DEVILS chant, Marty noticed and gave us a thumbs up. I got road head on the way home and decided in that moment that it would forever be the best day of my life. Failed the living fvck out of the exam the next day. Worth it.
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    I rarely post here (not because of the people here, but because I’m more of a casual hockey fan and don’t live in north Jersey to boot), but yeah - when you can playfully make fun of other people and they do the same in return, it’s a sign of friendship. It builds camaraderie. Being overly sensitive when people disagree with you most assuredly does not build camaraderie and ultimately annoys a lot of people. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    It looks like Jack already has a girlfriend. I won't comment on her appearance, because she's 17 and I like freedom.
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    Me before the draft : "It'd be bad if Shero ends up making 10 picks" Shero: "here's Subban and I'm gonna make 11 picks, dummy."
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    Love this guy already. NHL needs more personalities like him. PK Subban is THE man.
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    What a turnout by our fans, amazing setup by the team, they really transformed the plaza, had so much fun. Just leaving a White Castle in Jersey City, baked out of my mind, that’s how you know tonight was amazing and life as a Devils fan moving forward is going to be great, pivotal evening for the franchise. Also, the new park in front of the Rock is AMAZING, they did an incredible job, so well designed.
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    sigh. deep breath. ok - i've been crazy busy for the last couple of days and haven't had time to check in lately but I'm going to have to pull the big brother card here. Daniel 1) These guys don't get that your prone to hysterics as a defense mechanism against optimism and that you honestly believe about 20% of what you're saying but will push it not to be a troll, but just to guard you from reality, positivity or common sense. 2) Trouba - since he's the topic du jour. I was just as furious that he both did not come to NJ and went to the Rangers (probably more mad about the latter) and then that the deal was for peanuts. But there are FACTS that need to be considered. While the Devils could have beat the deal with quantity on the quality side, they did not have the 20th pick and the Jets wanted back in the 1st round THIS year. They wanted a defenseman. Our comparable based on cost and efficiency isn't butcher - it's meuller (or santini) and perhaps those were not guys Winnipeg wanted. It has been reported that Trouba gave the Jets two teams he'd be ok being traded to. And yes - he's an RFA, but by saying these are the teams i will sign with (whether a short term or long term), he is in fact saying where he's going. 3) Ray not spending money and valuing cap space - what options has he had? He offered more for Shattenkirk, JVR, and Maroon than they signed for which would have all been bad signings. Thank God we didn't get any of those to agree. So it's not that he's cheap. It's like the comment he made about offer sheets - "you've got to get the player to sign the fvcking thing." When you've been scorned by offers, that's when you publicly say, 'that's fine - we've got cap space which is super valuable." I don't know what will make you more mad - when Ray signs Jake Gardiner for 7/7.5 or when he doesn't. The current UFA market has some names that are interesting for sure (duschene, panarin, nyquist, lee for forwards | gardiner and my preferred Jordie Benn on defense). But there are still only so many roster spots for players. we agree that ideally, the devils need two top 6 forwards and 2 top 4 dmen to get to the next level (ideally one top line dman and a second pairing guy). well you've got one of your new top 6 forwards in hughes. and more than likely, you've got the 2nd pairing dman in ty smith. in my perfect world, sign jordie benn and trade for a decent top 6 forward with either cap space or draft picks/prospects. 4) It sucks to admit, but the Devils are not a marquee destination to play for. Think about the players that have had long careers here - these were established family guys that made ties to the area and got above rate contracts. Sure, winning changes things and by all accounts, the players are treated extremely well by the organization and given top of the line facilities and resources. But honestly - the Devils are lumped in with Carolina, Ottawa, Winnepeg,Columbus, Arizona, and Edmonton as the least desirable locals to play in. So that's why its develop your own and trade as the best way to build a strong organization. You have to make winning the allure to have people want to sign here or ask to be traded here 5) The analytics strawman argument you keep going back to - you make it seem like an exaggerated version of @Triumph is running the analytics department (PS - where has Tri been?). 6) Re: ben lovejoy return- i heard he's pretty sure he's done in the NHL and that he might get a PTO but the odds on a contract are remote. supposedly he asked the devils about becoming a coach but wasn't greenlighted at this time.
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    Y'all better not act like I didn't damn tell you so; Boqvist is a top-6 forward for the Devils next year and will find his way to the first line for multiple games next season.
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    My brother was there. He said Hughes, Boqvist and Ty Smith (in that order) stood out. He said at times Jesper Boqvist looked like that AAA player playing in house league just for more ice time. He was toying with people.
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    Maybe all Russians drink vodka instead of water. You never know which stereotypes work.
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    No risk on a one-year deal when the Devils can't even come close to the cap. He's not much anymore 5 on 5 but he busts his ass every shift and will help on the PP.
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    He meant Panarin, it just came out Pavelski because Dano.
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    I mock everyone, when it’s deserved. Even my wife and my daughter. As they do to me. It’s called having a sense of humor, if you can’t mock your friends, and your friends can’t mock you, that’s a problem. So I refuse to treat you differently than I treat my friends. I’d suggest growing a pair and rolling with it.
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    Lmfao. Bright lights brah. Hustle and bustle brah. No upgrade from coach brah.
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    He looks so little here but in reality this is probably like less than 10 years ago. We probably have active threads on this board older than Jack Hughes
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    "Oh boyyy Cangy! What a play by Ok-uh... Oak..." "That's Okhotyuk, Dano. " "..... Nice play by... Coconut... After a pass from Peekeeee Subban."
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    P EFFIN K Subban! Holy crap!@!!!!! I had a long day at work and couldn't even celebrate. What a move by Shero, It is still taking me a bit to digest this news.
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    In terms of the trade, NJ got a #1 for peanuts. An underrated part of this deal is that his contract expires right when Hughes is coming off his ELC, so it's easy to see where Hughes' money will come from. Ray is doing what he should and is really going for it during JH's and Ty Smith's ELCs. Lastly, I think PK is really going to relish being THE guy on the backend as opposed to just another cog in Nashville. He seems to enjoy the challenge and attention.
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    PK seems like a guy that's going to embrace everything about Jersey and the fans. Can't wait.
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    Shero had almost nothing to work with and got Hall, Subban, Mojo, Vatanen and Palms for Larsson, Henrique, Santini, Davies, 2nd x 3, 3rd x 2. Got rid of all the deadweight left from the previous management. We completely changed the culture and direction of the team. And we still have plenty of room to improve. and some fans were already ready to give up on him after 4 years. I hope they feel dumb now
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    Dano will never be able to pronounce that...
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    The best thing Clarkson ever did was not as a Devil. https://mobile.twitter.com/goalieways/status/619870982598172672?lang=en
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    Haha I think the others were being facetious. For me, I really miss DaneykoIsGod. Lately I miss Triumph, he’s been missing. I miss RD (who I think became weekes head?) and thelastonealive was always awesome too. Instead you guys get me and Mfitz. Rough.
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    You can't win a Cup or even be a contender without a player like Subban. Everyone please remember that.
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    He's excited to be a fvcking Devil. fvck yea Jack!
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    Might not be a great game to go to for Devils fans, the Jets have Pionk now...
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