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    Called em got my free tix for tonight! I just have the woman my name and she said they'll be waiting for me at the box office! I'll be there!!! Satans Hockey this is amazing; what you have made this group into in 3 games is nothing short of incredible. When the organization takes notice you have some serious pull. Thanks SH for starting this; lets keep it going tonight!
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    Plus lets just look at it for a second. Buffalo is only 5 points behind the Rags for 7th and they have played I beleive 3 less games? I beleive Buffalo will get in they are playing pretty solid right now. That means Rags and Canes could be fighting for that # 8 and I beleive that Atlanta while they may win some games will eventually fall some more. That is why I am rooting for Atlanta tonight, drop the Rags even further...
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    Kovy laughing in Phaneuf's face before, probably saying "HAHA WATCH THIS." GAME WINNER CHICKEN DINNER.
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    Obviously. Brodeur will go down as one of the best of all time. But one thing that most anti-Brodeur supporters point to is the fact that he never won a Hart or Conn Smythe. 1) The Hart Trophy 2006-2007 was easily Brodeur's best chance at winning the Hart. He set the all time record for wins in a season (48) and passed Roy for most OT wins (45). He posted a 2.18 GAA and a .922 SVP with 12 shutouts. These numbers are flat out insane, especially considering this is only a year after the new rules. Crosby won it because he scored 120 pts, a very good number, but not out of this world. 2) The Conn Smythe Trophy Brodeur didn't deserve the Smythe in 1995 or 2000. Claude Lemieux was money in 95 and we all are aware of Scott Stevens' impact in 2000. However, in 2003, Brodeur was 16-8 with a 1.65 GAA and a .934 SVP with 7 shutouts. J.S Giguere obviously put up great numbers, and I'm not arguing the decision, but it could have gone either way.
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    I hate that puffy padded douche to this DAY and stalk out when he lets in goals on Center Ice every game cause few things on the planet make me smile bigger then the JiggyPout! I have no problem admitting this and taking it to my grave, between that, the idiot announcers all but wearing Duck beaks (and that disgrace with that fat slob couple from Anaheim getting seats in our building so that disgrace could propose to that walrus).... I felt my fan-hood was questioned and mocked by the way that series was handled .... and well.... I get angry about that kinda crap... and I am known to hold a grudge now n then!
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    All 19,040 at CAA booed! "MARTY'S BETTER!!!"
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    Get ready for another 1st round exit...
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