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    I replied to all of the emails. Thanks for the interest and know that i work weekends and live outside of New Jersey so local pick-up probably won't happen. If you are still interested please email as I have gotten some "tire kickers" who just like to get photos sent and then come back with: "how about a trade, I have a pair of Gomez gloves!" "oooh.. I don't have the money right now, but SOON!" "I know your price is very low, but what is your ABSOLUTE LOWEST PRICE?" "Can you do $25.00 shipped to Bordentown?" You just never know so the first one to say, "I'll take them!" ask for my paypal, mail me a cheque or call me gets them. Let's make this quick and painless! My great gloves for a price that you see beat by any collector OR dealer. Matt
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    They really taxed us with bs calls tonight. Pens got away w everything. What are they gona do now? Call more bs? No difference
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    Done many deals with Chorske and i recommend him highly to deal with. Those Zajac gloves are a steal.
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    Added a pair of Zajac gloves. My prices beat a lot of others who ask for far more than they paid at the Draft Day party. Do not delay because they will sell.
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    This is a steal compared to those prices. A better Devil IMO for far less. If I had the $$ right now I would snatch it up, if you are looking at it and contemplating buying do it! You won't see another that is for sure.....
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