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    Well, Travis Zajac's achilles tendon doesn't particularly care what day it is, what our strength of schedule is, or how important of a game it is. It just feels sore.
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    Well since you asked, Yes. If we as a species are ever to continue to progress and improve, the chains of religion need to cast aside. Any candidate who lets bullcrap religious dogma impact their political and legislative positions is unfit for office. If you want to be ignorant on your own time, go ahead but not when your actions impact other human beings. This applies directly to Santorum and by extension to Mitt due to his high position with the CoLDS which separates him from a causual congregation member. If you believe in fairy tales, I cannot trust you to make sound judgments on other much more important issues.
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    Outside of the Devils, I watch hockey games of the NYR, the Islanders and the odd VS game here and there. I've watched the NYR enough to know that they look like they are for real and they are playing very well even though it's only half way. If you know anything about the sport, you can see why they have had good first half success. What makes me comment is based toward those who repeat over and over that the NYR are benefiting from schedule and whatever else from not actually watching them play. I'd say the same thing if it were the Islanders on a roll and people had no clue what they were talking about. Then again we also have Devils fans who have no idea what they're watching or talking about with the Devils, either. I wasn't interested in a behind-the scenes show on the Rangers (or Flyers). Because i watch their games and can look up stats/info on Google does not mean i have an interest in anything more with them then what goes on on the ice. If i did have more of an interest, i'd be watching "beginnings", "Ranger #X" or "behind the bench". I find it amusing that some fans who raved on about 24/7 are the same ones who will bash the flyers/rangers/philadelphia/new york or anything related to those teams, but accuse others of not being good fans, have Ranger envy or some other asinine accusation for not watching it. And yes, out of the lesser of two evils, i was rooting for the Flyers yesterday.
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    Steve is fine, and I have adjusted to the new standard of our PBP. I still listen to the Devils feed every game, and when I do switch over to our opponents to see how they are covering a controversal call/goal... I almost always want to swithc back immediately... Steve is not Doc, but I can assure you, no one else is either. I like Steve a lot more than Matt Loughlin too.
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