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    Oh thank god. I have never disliked a Devils player as much as I dislike Boulton. Also, I'd be all for filing a claim on Clitsome. But, admittedly, it's only to giggle sheepishly at his name more often.
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    Short answer: no Long answer: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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    Bottom line; MZ will help this years Cup aspirations. Those other players and the 2nd round pick will not. A solid playoff performance this year may also go a long way in convincing Zach this is the place to be.
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    If he can bring as much offense as Foster while being less of a defensive liability, this trade will be a success. If not, his salary can be buried in Albany next year. Either way, Foster was a defensive nightmare and neither Palmeiri nor Veillieux had any value to us. Picks are picks. I'm good with this.
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    This move clearly only works if Zidlicky returns to be a top tier puck mover. Then we are paying a top 2 d-man 4 mill a year. Chances of that happening...???? I like to give credit where credit is due:
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    Sorry, no offense but... This phrase screams of someone who doesn't watch any hockey outside NJ or just reads box scores. I'm not saying that MZ is the answer, but this is far and wide not another #7D D man trade. MZ is probably the best puck mover this team has seen since pre-Oduya, if he can even return close to pre-2012 form. The fact that this guy REALLY wants to play here means nothing to folks as well? How many threads are constantly posted here of players who even subtlety allude to anything they even remotely liked better about their new team vs. their time in NJ. I give Lou credit in showing ZP that he's putting effort and making this team a competitive team NOW - not in 2015. That and any playoff depth beyond the 1st round would do wonders. Honestly does anyone really think that Suter, Weber, or even Vishnovsky was available, much less without sacrificing any prime pieces? Fair trade - taking a risk - shows the fanbase and ZP that NJ is never a "content" franchise.
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    Puck Daddy article on the trade: Minnesota Wild trade Marek Zidlicky to Devils, actually get something of value for him