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    HFboards is going to send the NJDevs board an infraction for trashing their board on another board.
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    I used to go there to read prospect updates, but now that Fiesty is doing it here, I have no need to go there anymore. The (HF) NJD board is full of many childish babies, and the mods there are no better.
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    Alright here are some thoughts from these past games - break up Parise/Henrique/Kovalchuk This line has a rut. They have plenty of talent so spread them throughout. - keep Poni/Zubrus together. These two are just complete beats on the board, plus they can score. - put someone on fast on Elias' line (Kovalchuk or Parise) Sykora is just way to slow. Elias needs to be working with someone a bit better than Petr and Clarkson. - play Hedberg more. Not that Brodeur has been playing bad but Moose is fully capable of playing games. Simple. Parise-Henrique-Clarkson Sykora-Elias-Kovalchuk Ponikarovsky-Zubrus-Bernier Boulton-Josefson-Carter when Zajac comes back Parise-Henrique-Clarkson Sykora-Elias-Kovalchuk Poni-Zajac-Zubrus Bernier-Josefson-Carter Greene-Fayne Volch/Salv-Larsson Volch/Salv-Zidlicky
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    Meh. Even if it had been awarded a penalty shot, the Rangers player probably would've just dumped the puck in and went off for a line change.
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    Look on the bright side. If the Toronto guys buy a stake and keep it in NJ we'll probably get some more fans in Toronto, which is good because it's been a long time since that city has had a hockey team.
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