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    cautiously optimistic. No repeats of the highly questionable officiating from the other night! Another incident like Del Zotto's closing the hand on the puck CANNOT be missed by 2 refs or it will keep happening. So sick of that goal song of theirs, the condescending attitude of their fans. The thing that doe make me laugh is their obsession with taunting Marty all game, I mean he "hears" it, but tunes it out. He actually feeds on it sometimes. Anyway, let's just go out there and play hard. If they want to play this diving and shot blocking game, shoot it harder at them. You crack a rib or break a nose, they'll think twice about sacrificing themselves. Let Henrietta take the shots on - GET THEM THROUGH!
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    Let's have a repeat of our previous series. Come out with a game plan and stick to it. Discipline. AND HOPEFULLY NO BS REFFING TONIGHT!! GO DEVILS
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    I was in Manhattan a week or two ago to participate in a market research focus group and wore my Brodeur jersey. I got a bunch of thumbs up and high fives haha.
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    I'm not worried about their fans. They go to 1-2 Rangers home games a year on average. Real blue-collar hockey fans simply can't afford to be a dedicated game-attending Rangers fan. The large majority of their fan-base treats going to Rangers games during the regular season the way they treat going to a Broadway show and a fancy restaurant. It's a rare thing they treat themselves to, maybe on birthdays or special occasions. In a series like this, the more annoying aspect we're going to have to deal with is the everyday Joe Schmoe that used to watch the Messier/Gretzky Rangers and is joining in the discussion now for old-time fun's sake, spewing the same 4-5 Rangers talking points they got off The Post through the years (we're bankrupt, Parise's going to the Rangers on July 1, we're a trap team that killed the NHL, and Marty's fat and "banged his wife's sister"). Overall, we dealt with the Flyers fans in our building with a real intense vengeance. We can deal with these fairweather softies that don't even wear jerseys to their own home-games. MSG looks like a Men's Wearhouse ad. Their fans are nothing to worry about. I've never had anything more hurtful yelled at me when I was at MSG than that "Marty's fat". I replied, "That's good, so it'll be harder for the 300 homeless people outside your ****** arena to pry the 3 Stanley Cup rings off his fat fingers then."
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    I have this big Devils flag outside my house and I'm outside reading wen this dude driving by yells out "Rangers baby" so I shouted back "You suck!!" Haha those bastards.. This is New Jersey, I won't take any sh!t on my team's turf
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