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    Just got tickets for games 1 and 2 at the pre-sale and a dirt cheap United flight from Munich to Newark and back. I am so happy... a once in a lifetime chance to see the Devils in the Stanley Cup Finals. Sure the tickets are expensive, but compared to the Champions League Final last week they are unbelievably cheap. Guys, if you can afford it, BUY. Who knows if you will ever get the chance again. GO DEVILS!
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    This is just plain embarrassing. The thing that has separated us from teams like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia is that we have always played the game with class. Up until this point I cant remember too many dives from devils players which I am happy about but this one was a doozy. This is exactly what Carcillo did against us in 2010. CARCILLO. There is no need for this in the sport, if I wanted to see something like this I could have went back and watched the 4/5 matchup from round 1. I appreciate the effort Bernier has put forth so far, and am extremely pleased with th overall performance of our fourth line but if he is going to do crap like that then I want him gone.
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    I wasn't talking about you, for what it's worth. Like ben00rs said, a couple of noobs have gotten antagonistic with a couple people, and I think it's a problem. Like crasher said before, a bunch of good posters have left the board, and the discussions are getting more and more stale. Manta was blatantly wrong, but he got run off for defending his opinion about Kovy. I hope we see him more and more, he seems to be working his way back in, but losing a poster that good (and full of sh!t as his Kovy predictions were, he's a damn good poster) is a blow, especially when the people who ran him off add NOTHING.
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    "THEY SCORE!!!! HENRIQUE!!!! ITS OVER" > "Matteau!! Matteau!! Matteau!!" That is all.
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    Best news of the Week. This and the McGuire's "bad hockey Karma" slight bodes well for us.
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    This, pretty much. If a stick clips you in the visor, you'll throw your head back in fear or out of instinct.
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    Seems like not too many here actually play hockey or have been in a similar situation. When a stick comes up that close to your face, that's an instinct reaction. He reflexes like he was hit but afterwards he doesn't fall to the ice in agony and try to sell it. He doesn't dive. Instead, he goes to the bench to get checked out. You can even see him checking his hand; checking to see what the damage was. What is the problem with this call? A reaction to a stick to the face is only justified if there's blood spewing all over the ice?
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    I think it was an instinct reaction. He got hit in the helmet and thought the stick touched his face. Maybe he played a little when he went to the bench and started touching his face, but maybe it was because the ref had already called the penalty and it would've been bad to just skate to the bench and sit as if nothing happened after his initial reaction.
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    Only problem with your thesis is that he got hit in the helmet/visor with the stick and it was clear as day on one of the replays.
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    Thats a shame, and it will be on the modells clearance rack in 2 months for $5.
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    In continuation to this classic..... ...here is one I just created... And here is the caption I made with my post of this picture on facebook: To all the Noo Yawk Rangers fans who were born and raised in New Jersey but root for their own state's rival (including our very own Governor Jumbotron), to all the Rangers fans who would not shut the hell up about being in first place this season (act like you've been there before...oh wait I guess you haven't any time in your memory), to the tool in the section next to me tonight with the Sean Avery jersey, to all the hockey analysts and "experts" who never give the Devils the credit and respect they deserve (especially to Barry Melrose who said the Devils would miss the playoffs this year because "they're not an elite team like the Penguins, Flyers, or Rangers"), to the idiots that called in to WFAN and said the Rangers would win in 5 because the Devils would steal a game on a bad call by the refs, to the MSG Network who kept on drawing comparisons to a series that happened 18 years ago and will have no choice but to keep re-running those 1994 highlights in the offseason because once again they have nothing else to show, to everyone who said Brodeur is too old and is a has-been, to everyone who calls Lundqvist "King" despite his NHL career being devoid of any accomplishments, to the Raynjuhs fans who said the Devils played boring hockey for the past 17 years (I found those three Stanley Cups rather exciting) and then applauded their own neutral zone trap this season, to everyone who says the Devils have no fans and obviously has not been in attendance for this playoff run...this one is for every last one of you. Enjoy.
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