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    Meh, I can't get worked up about that one. There will always be jokes about Newark. I doubt a whole lot of listeners heard Healy's comment and thought "Geez, maybe I'd better not go to a Devils game, I might get robbed!" Healy made a joke (he's known for being a pretty funny guy) while hanging with the guys...the kind of joke people make when letting their hair down a little. I don't think people take a joke Healy made as some sort of gospel. It's just not that big a deal.
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    Why not use the link I already posted? It's much more relevant than the one you posted and already made the point you wanted to make. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2012/president/pa/pennsylvania_romney_vs_obama-1891.html It's for Pennsylvania, which was the topic of discussion. GHDI asked for even one poll that showed Pennsylvania is close and am showing him a poll that has Romney in the lead. That's neither cherry picking nor disingenuous.
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    6 major polls are released daily as well as other scattered ones, it's more accurate to view them in aggregate. But, like I said if you were going to try and pick a poll that favored your guy, a few days ago gall up had him +7 and still has him +3, so I guess my point is less about you cherry picking to be disingenuous and more about "who cares one what given poll says".
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    He'll be so pleased that he "won" the third debate when he gets creamed on Election Day.
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