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  1. I just called the Dallas Stars front office and demanded to speak to Jaromir Jagr so I could get to the bottom of these trade rumors. The woman told me she couldn't do that, then asked if there was anything else she could help me with today. It sounds like she's hiding something. Will call again in another few minutes and pass along information as it becomes available.
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  2. Not many considering the Devils' increasing number of sth's the past three years.I get the principle of the thing argument but really 1% of $5000 tickets (a pair in the lower bowl) is $50. That's basically their service charge lol. But honestly, if an extra $50 is really that big a deal then you probably shouldn't be buying season tickets in the first place.
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  3. I'm glad some of you guys aren't on the team. What a bunch of quitters some of you are. Its pathetic.
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  4. Agreed. No one in the east is going to stop the Pens from reaching the SCF. If the Blackhawks aren't the team they face in the Finals the cup is as good as theirs this season.
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