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    Who cares...I actually enjoy the "you suck" chant. I love standing up out of my seat, cheering for who scored, and doing a chant afterwards. Does it matter what we chant? Why should we care what other fan bases think of us when we score at home? Now if this was baseball and every time a run scored, saying "you suck" would be a lot different. But it's hockey, a sport known for it's grit and intensity and the fan base that goes with it. Now of course if it did change to something else I wouldn't care all that much but I just don't see the point in changing it. I enjoy it, personally.
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    It's just unfortunate because the Devils have the ability to run out the most complete 4 lines of forwards in 13 years, and we know it probably won't happen. They also have the ability to start a top 5 goalie in the NHL 60 times, and barring injury, that might not happen either. At least Josefson got a chance to play with really good players tonight, and he did not disappoint.
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