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  1. We traded Barch for Robert Downey Jr.? Sweet deal!
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  2. I didn't discount the scale of the problem of terrorism. It's an obvious ongoing issue that should not be ignored (as I stated) He asked how any one could consider this a small minority and the answer is pretty straight forward. Re Newark: and yet, people still live there, and non-muslims still live the middle east. Again, that doesn't diminish the problem, but if you were "very likely" to die in an area at some point, you would most likely leave. I think this is a case of the squeaky wheel gets the oil. All my life I heard how Israel was a desolate war zone until I went there and felt safer walking the streets of Jerusalem at night then I ever did in Manhattan. Yes there are bad places, I am not advocating strolling around Newark at 3 am with stacks of cash in your hand to see if you get jumped or not, but the reality doesn't match the rhetoric on the other end either. There are 200 million Muslims in indonesia for example who haven't harmed a fly and don't deserve the typecasting that people like Leeds want to place on them.
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  3. I could only imagine if Neverson had written it: The year was 1994. Tears streamed down the defeated and demoralized face of one impossibly young Martin Brodeur, who lay on the ice after having just given up Stephane Matteau's series-clinching, double-overtime wraparound goal in Game 7, the Eastern Conference Finals lost, the Stanley Cup to be won by Mark Messier's Rangers two weeks later. Perhaps still fresh in Brodeur's mind was also the Game 6 Guarantee, that saw Messier score not one, not twice, but THREE times to wrestle control of the series away from the Devils, who had taken a 2-0 lead in that pivotal Game 6, only to see Mark Messier and his merry men steal the dream, and carry that momentum all the way to Messier triumphantly thrusting the 1994 Stanley Cup - hockey's greatest prize - over his head on Garden ice. Brodeur did some good stuff after Mark Messier and the Rangers won the 1994 Stanley Cup, like playing more games and winning more games than any other goalie, breaking records, winning three Cups and getting to two other Finals, so maybe you should check him out while you can. But just like, for all of his greatness and accomplishments, he will still be haunted by Games 6 and 7, Mark Messier, and the 1994 Stanley Cup Champion New York Rangers, you should not forget either.
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  4. I'm not interested in defending monsters. period. But the second half of your question is a math lesson so I'll take a swing at it. Let's make some generous assumptions for your side of the argument (that radical Muslims are not a "small" minority). -There are 500,000 ultra-radical muslims around the world who are currently willing to kill to make make whatever twisted religious point they want to make -There are 4,500,000 near-radical muslims who, either are terrorist sypmathizers or under the right conditions could easily be converted to ultra-radical That's about 5,000,000 Islamic terrorists, extremists, w/e There are 1,600,000,000 muslims on the planet 5,000,000 / 1,600,000,000 = ~0.31% (and again, I have to qualify I think I am being extremely generous with my estimates, please feel free to substitute your own values if you think I am wildly off) Now this is going to be the subjective part of the argument, what constitutes "small". In my book, 0.31% qualifies as small. 5 million is a not a small number in and of itself, and certainly you only a need a fraction of that to inflict harm, nor should we just ignore the 5 million. But if you randomly encounter a muslim and you have a 99.69% chance that they are not a terrorist or terrorist sympathizer, then maybe you should stop trying to stereo type the entire group based on the "small" minority.
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