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    Please vote for this song! Start at 45 seconds. I believe this is something the crowd can get fully into! Thoughts?
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    After 2 more consecutive losses...
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    A guy I work with told me jim dowd is running some pyramid scheme having to do with electric or something.
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    Everyone enter R&R Pt. 2....
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    honestly i find it funny how some on here and others on facebook are getting so pissed bc they cant yell "you suck" anymore bc the song is changing. Its a 30 second song they're changing, its not the end of the world. Rangers and Islanders fans have no problem with not chanting "you suck" when they score. (yes i know the isles did it but they quickly changed the song and the chants stopped)
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    I would bet the house on the fact that Rock and Roll Part II is going to be the most suggested goal song they received for all of those time periods.
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    Dano will be the new color man, IMO.
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    whenever he does retire there should definitely be a chico night
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    Prior 4th picks 2010: Ryan Johansen 2009: Evander Kane 2008: Alex Pietrangelo 2007: Thomas Hickey 2006: Nick Backstrom 2005: Benoit Pouliot 2004: Andrew Ladd 2003: Nick Zherdev 2002: Joni Pitkanen 2001: Stephen Weiss 2000: Rusty Klesla 1999: Pavel Brindl 1998: Bryan Allen 1997: Ruberto Luongo Finally, I can stop with what I'll consider a top star player, but the next three years are pug fugly until we get to Paul Kariya in 1993. There's your history of the #4 pick. Problem is 1) you guys have no patience 2) you overvalue what a #4 pick actually is and 3) you all sat around during a pointless season having fantasies about the guy, listening to stupid talking heads who said he was Nick Lidstrom 2.0. This is the problem with drafting defensemen, if you get impatient, you end up wasting your pick and if the player actually is good, someone else reaps the benefits.
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    Absolute silliness. You never bail on a defensive prospect like Larsson. Give him time to develop, let him make his mistakes... he needs time and space.
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    He's 20!!!! What's wrong with you people!
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    this reeks of people who don't know anything trying to evaluate offensive lineman. Casual people like us don't see the whole play from the beginning at every aspect like on coach's tape and while there are some problems, to call him a bust when he's 20 just makes you look like the kind of guy who wants to bench RGIII in washington
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