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    Seriously though, Jagr's touch is unbelievable. I guess you don't really understand the difference of a hall of fame player like that till you see it. That touch pass for Brunner that ended up to green was just perfect.
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    Relax everyone. We are in a good position. It is very early in the season and we have too many quality defensemen including 2 young studs... Oh my what a problem. Lou won't screw this up. Let him go slow and make the right move. Time is in his side. We are one injury away from looking really smart about how we constructed our roster. All of our D men including Harrold are worth something.. And that is very good.
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    Bullsh!t. Gelinas plays, period. When a guy comes up and plays like that, you make room. End of story, I don't care what needs to be done.
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    He doesn't have an NTC, which Vokchenkov has. And he has that "leadership" quality that some GMs like. That he was the captain during one of the worst stretches in the teams history won't save him. Without knowing that much about their defensive depth, I could see Minnesota as a possibility. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
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    Great post Df26. You're on the money. The tradition was the song, not the chant. No one was happier when a few years back RR2 was brought back, but the traidition was ruined with the chant.
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    Would you like your crow with salt and pepper?
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    What a relief. This kind of wins remind me why I enjoy watching hockey. Great to see Marty finally get his 1st W out of the way, the team win one on the road and a come back they actually manage to pull off. Probably not a breakthrough, but a hell of a game to watch!
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