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    Why do you have to post that in such a condescending way, as if my opinion is completely idiotic? Can't I disagree with you and not be a moron? Can't other people feel differently than you and still be intellectual? For me, I would much rather have hopes that are not met than to not have any reason to have any hopes at all. When the Devils were mired in their terrible start under MacLean, I could barely stand to watch the games at all. There were nights where I knew the Devils had a game and I just chose to do something else besides watch their pathetic effort. Usually if there is a Devils game I look forward to it all day long and don't miss a second of it. This season I watched and enjoyed almost every single game to the end of the season, even though I was disappointed in coming up short many nights. Rarely did I feel that the Devils failed to show up or got blown out in embarrassing fashion. Being close is way better to me than not being close at all. I wouldn't feel nearly as emotionally invested in the game if I knew that the outcome of the season was already a foregone conclusion.
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    I appreciate Marty for especially staying in New Jersey and taking less money to play here when he could've gotten more on the open market. He watched other goalies get more $ and only wanted to keep winning in NJ. I won't let the 'end' sour everything else. And yesterday's ending & tribute made me even more proud. And of course, will always appreciate his great skill & loyalty. Just reading his book, he hates the rangers as much as us Devils fans do. Thanks Marty, my family and I Salute you!!!
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    Best way to think about it is that we took the 29th in 2012 and 30th in 2014 for the 10th in 2014. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    It wasn’t doable!!! It was not impossible, and at the same time probably improbable!! Why doesn’t anyone get that!!!! Here let me explain it with this chart: Impossibly Probable: 23% Probably improbable: 70% Probably Impossible : 7% Doably impossibly probable: 4 Ducks Unreasonably certain: 99% Improbably possibly uncertain guaranteed: 3 1/2 lbs.
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    In the end it wound up taking 93 to make the playoffs. So much for 91.
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    Playing amateur psychologist is a dangerous game with these guys (especially with a guy like Marty, with English being his second language, and his articulation skills probably not being that great), but I almost get the impression he's now becoming much more open-minded about how he's used next season. I think he's probably both seen and read various people's takes on him...he admitted in his bio that he's constantly watching sports programming and reading newspapers, as he feels it's extremely important to stay informed of what's going on around the league at all times...like you say, this man absolutely LOVES the sport of hockey...that comes across loud and clear in his book. And I think some of the open-mindedness is coming from the simple fact that he's beginning to realize that there's not going to be much demand for his services in the off-season, even with his name-brand...Fischler said it perfectly, in that the kind of options available to Marty that involve more playing time will be something along the lines of playing for the Islanders and splitting time with Nabokov. In that kind of a situation, if Marty gets hot, maybe he gets close to 50 games, but if he struggles, it's probably 30, tops, and on a team and in front of a fanbase where he hasn't built up two decades' worth of goodwill. He won't be beloved and embraced anywhere else unless he plays well (as in, MUCH better than the past two seasons)...if he goes elsewhere and he struggles, then he'll just be seen as a washed-up former legend who enjoyed all of his best accomplishments somewhere else. As we've seen, though many Devils fans feel strongly that he should just hang 'em up, that he has absolutely nothing left to achieve, there's a large contingent of pure Marty fanboys who will welcome him back with open arms and won't care if his play declines further next season (sad but true). Overall, he'll get far more of a pass here than anywhere else, especially if he doesn't say one word about playing the following season, what teams he might play for, or how much playing time he's getting. So though I don't think he should come back, and really REALLY hope he retires, if he insists on playing, I think his one and only option should be to re-sign with the Devils, and fully accept being a 20ish game backup (tops), with the full understanding that he is the #2, not #1A or part of a two-headed #1 monster, and that Cory slumping would not change that, that there's no looking for a crack in the door to kick open if Cory has a few bad games. I fully admit that not only am I not behind the above, I fear that PDB (though I think his coming back is the right move) can't be trusted with Marty still on the team, and that the potential for this scenario to blow up next season definitely exists. Like I said, I hope it's retirement, end of a phenomenal story.
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    Good to know but nobody asked and nobody here cares.
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    Including the Outdoor game, our average attendance was 15,868. Not including the Outdoor game, our average attendance was 15,012. Thanks. I was intrigued by this year because of new ownership mostly. That's mostly why I decided to keep track of it this year. Considering we were coming off a year where we missed the playoffs, and we'll have to do the same thing next season as well.
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    I was lucky enough to have club seats tonight and I talked to him a few times and even got a picture with him. I told him it won't be the same without him and that really struck a cord with him and he hesitated to respond to me and he just put his hand on my shoulder and said he really appreciated it and said he is nothing without the fans. I will miss the guy very much, he is always great to listen to and an even better person. First time I actually met Chico was before game 1 against the Kings. My friend and I literally bumped into him on the corner outside of the arena and of course good ole Chico was munching on a hotdog while talking to all the fans saying he's hasn't been so excited in years. He really is a great man.
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