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    Funny how all of the bandwagon ranger fans stopped posting on facebook after game one. Looks like it will be another year of the "king" not winning a cup.
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    I just don't see where that will be. Teams with DEFINITE starting goalies right now: NYR (Lundqvist), NJ (Schneider), Pittsburgh (Fleury), Columbus (Bobrovsky), Boston (Rask), Montreal (Price), Tampa (Bishop), Detroit (Howard), Florida (Luongo), Toronto (Bernier), Chicago (Crawford), Nashville (Rinne), Dallas (Lethonen), Colorado (Varlamov), Phoenix (Smith), San Jose (Niemi), LA (Quick) So now we've winnowed things down considerably already - that's 17 teams off the list of teams that have a definite #1 guy right now. Teams that think they have a starter: Winnipeg (Pavelec), Philadelphia (Mason), Calgary, maybe? (Rammo) Cross 3 more off, probably - I would include Philadelphia as a place Brodeur might go, but I don't think he'll want to play there. Now we're at 9 teams left. Teams with two guys: Ottawa (Anderson, Lehner), Edmonton (Scrivens, Fasth), Minnesota (Kuemper, Harding, Backstrom), Carolina (Ward, Khudobin), Anaheim (Andersen, Gibson) Now we're at 5 teams: Buffalo, the Islanders, Washington, St. Louis, Vancouver. Buffalo has Neuvirth and Enroth, two young goalies, the Islanders already indicated their interest in Jaro Halak, the Blues have a UFA goalie they paid a lot for, and Vancouver has a young guy they like. UFA Starting goalies (current team): Hiller (Anaheim), Halak (NYI), Miller (St. Louis), Nabokov (NYI) I don't think Nabokov is a starter in the NHL anymore, so throw him off the list. Still, these 3 guys are going to end up somewhere, so that's 3 more teams off the list. That leaves 2 teams left for Brodeur to be an ostensible starter on, and that's if he can usurp a guy that's already there (exception to this: The Islanders). And he said he wanted to go somewhere he can win and somewhere that's warm. I could maybe see Anaheim signing him as a veteran guy if they've gone insane, but I think someone like Nabokov or Bryzgalov would be a better fit there - they could have one of the young guys in the NHL playing while the other young guy plays in the AHL, and if one is doing considerably better than the other, they could switch. I could see Phoenix maybe using him as a backup because why not, but again he'd be a backup. Unless the goalie UFA market shakes out real weird, like someone ends up going to the KHL or someone ends up hurt for the year in the off-season, I just don't see him landing anywhere where he even has a chance to be a 1A.
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    Pittsburgh wins 3-1. Rags fans booing Nash and St. Louis out of the building. Lmfao, beautiful.