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  1. Funny how all of the bandwagon ranger fans stopped posting on facebook after game one. Looks like it will be another year of the "king" not winning a cup.
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  2. I just don't see where that will be. Teams with DEFINITE starting goalies right now: NYR (Lundqvist), NJ (Schneider), Pittsburgh (Fleury), Columbus (Bobrovsky), Boston (Rask), Montreal (Price), Tampa (Bishop), Detroit (Howard), Florida (Luongo), Toronto (Bernier), Chicago (Crawford), Nashville (Rinne), Dallas (Lethonen), Colorado (Varlamov), Phoenix (Smith), San Jose (Niemi), LA (Quick) So now we've winnowed things down considerably already - that's 17 teams off the list of teams that have a definite #1 guy right now. Teams that think they have a starter: Winnipeg (Pavelec), Philadelph
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  3. Pittsburgh wins 3-1. Rags fans booing Nash and St. Louis out of the building. Lmfao, beautiful.
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