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  1. Yes. Hearing the words "you suck" towards opposing players and teams is just so emabarssing let me tell you. God forbid we jeer opposition. Hell having to debate having to say "Hey You Suck" in this day in age is laughable. 2014 and this fan base makes "you suck" like it's the most vile word in the dictionary. The season is almost over. Can we admit to everyone who wanted this silly "family friendly" atmosphere that it's a total fvcking bomb? We were a sh!tty team in 2011 and 2013 and the building was still electric. SNA would be FANTASTIC but Weber and co have made every effort to make it the dulliest, lamest chant in the NHL. If you can even call it a chant. The canned "LGD" that no one chants - basically telling people what to say it akin to the old "WE ROCK!" nonsense that used to show up on the screen. Last night was sort of loud. (As loud as you are going to get with 14,000 in the barn) that's because we didn't have that canned "LDG" chant in there. We wouldnt have to change anything if they would just get rid of the canned crap. SNA is actually pretty catchy. We have to be the most crotchity fan base ever - debating the use of saying "you suck" in sports. Saying something which is pretty common-place as a saying in this day and age, and which is used as a saying as a synonom for "You stink" and nothing else. Again - god forbid we say the opposing team and their players are awful. Why not just break out participation medals after each game so we don't make them feel bad. Last night's game could have REALLY used the YS chant. A lot of fans I see need to relax and enjoy the game, cheer and have fun. This is hockey. This is a sporting event. Not Church nor a PTA meeting. And my goodness there have been times this season where I could have actually confuse the two. Could we be any more of a group of fuddy-duddies.
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