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  1. You say the same sh!t in every single GDT about holding or blowing leads. Can you give it a fvcking rest until, ya know, we play enough games to actually evaluate the effect of the coaching change instead of essentially commenting on rolls of the dice? The team hasn't looked all that great since the coaching change. We beat up on a couple terrible teams where we got all the bounces. Now that we played two teams that have good possession numbers, we've gone 2-1-1 over the last 4. Better yet, we got absolutely obliterated by Boston and while we played a much better game against the Isles, we still lost by blowing a 3rd period lead. We all get your point. You've done a total 180 on Deboer, which doesn't make any sense, but you've been a flip flopper since the moment you got here. We get it, now stfu about it until you have something insightful to add to the discussion. No.
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