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    I don't know, I think he's playing with arguably the least talented linemates. Maybe Ruutu can argue Jo and Harrold is worse but I think Zubrus and Gio are the worst because of Zubrus. So maybe not the 4th line but he is getting the least talented help.
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    I just happened across a feature on hockey-reference.com, where they take the statistics of a given player and compile a list of "Players with careers of similar quality and shape". The ones listed for Patrik are: Adam Oates (HOF) Paul Kariya Alexander Mogilny Mark Messier (HOF) Dale Hawerchuk (HOF) Sergei Federov Bernie Geoffrion (HOF) Jeremy Roenick Bryan Trottier (HOF) Daniel Alfredsson The ones who are already in are noted. Regarding the others: Kariya has less goals (402) and less assists (587) Mogilny has a goal edge (473) but less assists (559) Federov has an edge in both goals (483) and assists (696), but not as big a disparity as I would have expected. Ditto with Roenick, although I knew he had over 500 goals (513 and 703 respectively). Alfredsson edges him out also (444 and 713). I think Federov, Roenick, and Mogilny are near certain to get in. I think Alfredsson has an excellent chance. Kariya's numbers are less but his career was also short by comparison,15 seasons, but one was a lockout year and two of them were only 22 and 11 games played, I assume due to injury. And he lost the same year that everyone else lost, 2004-05. Looking at those numbers, and if you take the site's statistical comparison as accurate, the argument in favor of Patrik is pretty compelling. Here's his page, for reference: http://www.hockey-reference.com/players/e/eliaspa01.html
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