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  1. Lemieux. As in; Claude Lemieux? The same guy that won a Stanley Cup with Montreal in 1986? Or how about Stephane Richer? The 3x All-Star.. 2x 50-goal scorer, who also won a Stanley Cup in Montreal, prior to coming to the Devils. How about the front office since Uncle Lou took over? Jacques Lemaire.. Jacques Caron.. Jacques Laperriere.. Larry Robinson.. Pat Burns.. Mario Tremblay.. Claude Julien.. Pierre Mondou, etc. Or the shared principals of Montreal? The fact that Lou came in and said: "No facial hair, and\or jewelry showing?" --just like the Canadiens. No gimmick give-away-nights.. just like the Canadiens. No third jersey's.. just like the Canadiens. ..look throughout the history of this organization since Lamoriello took over.. you will find more Montreal fingerprints than you think. Lamoriello has gone on record regarding his affinity\infatuation with the Canadiens franchise. As a result.. the Devils enjoyed immense success. 3 Championships, and 5 Stanley Cup finals appearances throughout a span of 17 years. But now it's time for a paradigm shift.. and the new front office feels that the Penguins have the winning blueprint. There's nothing wrong with that.. it happens all the time in other sports franchises. The legacy of guys like Elias, Brodeur & Stevens will NEVER be forgotten. Never! Embrace this change bro. We've got 1 playoff appearance over the last 5 years. It's time for healthy transformation.
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  2. And I tend to avoid threads with PK posting in them. As you can tell I unleashed the beast.
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  3. I'd like to take this moment to reiterate my appreciation of the Tampa Bay Lightning for defeating the Rangers
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