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    Impressions from the Event: First it was well run again. They had music and Dyno was wondering around talking to people. Hynes was up just walking around for a bit also at the intermission, chatting with some fans and other Devils staff. Saw some of the rest of the staff as well. Had a little goal horn and song each time these guys scored. Crowd was good everyone cheered for every goal it was a good event. So i was surprised also to see the white team win but hey its hockey you never know. Im not going to give something on each player. If i dont talk about someone you want to know about ask me and ill do my best to answer. Red team impressions: - Blackwood - got lite up! Not question about it. He is better then he showed i believe. They were picking corners on him a lot. Kerfoot made him look bad on a break during 3v3. - Severson - Clearly the best player on the ice. His poise and D were better then everyone. Really nice goal he got to. Top self over the blocker from the circle. - Zacha - Had a much much better showing today. He made some nice passes, he had great speed through the zones, was much more physical this time around. He also found Severson for his goal. He had a nice break away but someone was offsides so he never got a chance. Also his defensive game is much better then i imagined. He made a bunch of nice stick check plays, he does a good job of finding the passing lanes. He took a huge slap shot that nearly took Jacobs leg off, he was hurting. - Santini - Looked really good i thought. He made a bunch of good d plays. Took a couple of guys to the boards to wash them out. Event threw a hip check at center ice. He also made a great pass from the goal line up to center ice and hit the forward in stride. He looked very good. - Coleman - I would say he might have been the best forward on the ice. He was physical, strong on the boards. Had a couple nice shots and passes that created shots. He did very well. I would be shocked if he doesnt push for a roster spot in the fall. - Kujawinski - With Coleman might have been the best forward on the ice. He was great on the forecheck when he got in there. He showed a lot of speed and skill along the boards. Played very good defense, hard shot. I was impressed with him today for sure. - Colton White - I was really impressed with him. He has great mobility, a good first pass, isnt scared to take the puck up the ice himself if he needs to. He seemed to always be in a good position to defend incoming forwards. Smart with his passes as well. This kid might be a nice find. - Tyler Kelleher - The only reason im talking about him is because he was great at the 3v3. Today not so much, the kid was getting tossed all over the ice and couldnt make things happen at all. I see why he was never drafted. Alright on to the White team: - Appleby - He looked much better today. Made some nice saves was square to the puck and wasnt out of position to often. - Raman Hrabarenka - He had a nice goal from the point, he also had some physical play. - Sergey Kalinin - He didnt show anything in the first. He did however show something in the second. He was much more impressive. He played more physical he looked better when he had the puck and did a good job in the faceoff circle when he was there. He had a break away he was tripped on but ended up in a goal so he never got to take a shot. He did seem to go for the front of the net a lot. - John Quenneville - He looked good, good skater, had a nice couple of players but i didnt notice to much he did bad. - J.D. Dudek - He had some nice little players. Clearly a playmaker and goos skater. I think after a little college time he will be pretty good. - Alex Kerfoot - Has really good hands, made Blackwood look silly 2 times. Other then that didnt see to much during the game from him. - Miles Wood - Didnt see much in the first, but the second he was much better. He was more physical, we had part of the first goal because he was right in Blackwoods face digging for the rebound. He had a couple really nice passes that lead to good shots. I think he is about as big as Santini. - Joshua Jacobs - He played well couple of really great D plays. Got it stick out on a 2-1 and prevented a goal most likely. He also took a shot off the leg from Zacha, it clearly hurt him bad. Well i didnt mention everyone but i got a large group of them. If you want any information on anyone else let me know and i will do my best to let you know what i saw.
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    Thought Zacha, Hrabarenka, Severson, Kalinin, Coleman, Jacobs, Pietila, looked pretty good. Santini looked solid and had a few nice hits as well. Quenneville also had some nice plays. Biggest things I noticed: .Zacha is so strong on the puck and smart without the puck. So many times players would try to check him and he would basically just shoulder them off. The goal Severson scored was set up by Zacha as he fought off a few checks and found Severson in open ice. Zacha also made a bunch of good reads without the puck to shut down opposing plays. He had a really good nueutral zone interception that sent him in on a breakaway, unfortunately there was a player still on the ice from a line change and It got called for an offsides. He had one chance to show off his one timer in the 2nd period, and the kid can really shoot the puck. Jacobs blocked the shot but was limping on the ice for the rest of the shift. .Severson is so good at seeing open ice, which we kind of knew already. There were so many times were he would find a seam for a breakout pass through the neutral zone. He looked like he was paired often with White and Fitzgerald often so he seemed to be taking less risks in terms of pinches. Had two really good looks to the net, 1 ended up being a goal. .Jacobs stood out the most in my opinion in the offensive zone. He made some really good passes to find open players and had some good give and go's to get himself in a shooting area. He could have easily buried a few, just missed the net going high. .Coleman was pretty physical all game and has some speed to his game. Noticed him mostly breaking up plays and causing turn overs for the other team. He also had a few good chances, one being a breakaway. .Hrabarenka looked solid. Didn't do anything flashy or anything just played really well at both ends of the rink, later ended up getting a goal (although I felt like it was a softie by Blackwood). He was probably the most affective dman for the white team. .I felt the same way about Pietila as I did Coleman. Used a lot of his speed to break up plays had a few really nice hits and wasn't afraid to get into the corners. Reminds me a little bit of Parise, very doubtful he turns into anymore more than a 3rd liner though. Kalinin, looks like he can be a pretty solid NHLer. The guy has some speed, made some nice passes and looks to the net. He was on a breakaway and was tripped up but rather than giving up he pushed the puck up and Kerfoot picked it up to score. He also scored in the shootout where he roofed it on the backhander. Overall it was a fun event, glad that something like this was finally open to the public. It was pretty cool seeing the openness of people on the organization. Saw Lou, Hynes, and Dano talking to fans (they were sitting at tables roped off but close enough for people to talk to them/get pictures with.) And after the event they had the players skate around and throw signed pucks out into the crowd.
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    Since this thread has already been derail, I'm gonna babble. on topic Gelly, until this year, I thought he had more value to another team then ours. Yes, he has a shot. that's about it. No knock on heart / effort / desire or that kinda attribute. Just doesn't seem to get D. Just doesn't seem creative enough on O to offset his D liability. There was a stretch where he played well though. I think he was paired with Larsson for a stretch(maybe 5 - 10 games). I've been saying to package him for a while so the people near my seats so when he does play well, it is discussed. Not sure if it was comfort with the same partner or if he was just used correctly. And while he is still relatively young, it's about the point where it clicks or it just doesn't and we have a plethora of young D behind him, and ahead of him. Speaking of the more value for other franchises. My next point I understand it is a new regime, I expect change, i expect a new philosophy. Shero has been saying the rights things. I think he handled the house cleaning fairly well. I am just afraid that I haven't been hearing enough about defense in general. No, I'm not talking about getting a big bruising defensman (although i do think you need some size, can't all me small and i'm not saying that's what we have) but I am just talking about a team philosophy of commitment to D. I just haven't heard it(and with the quality we have in Cory (please keeping working on the puck handling, it is so underated, such an asset that is sorely missed) why hang him out to dry?) Maybe closer to camp, maybe it's just to fire up the fans because defense just isn't sexy to talk about (and no, I didn't want Sevens to be coach(sorry PK) and that was one of the very few positives about Lou leaving (not that I think he would have given him the job, but I think the break was easier, but you don't want players with jersey hanging in the rafters to be on the outs with team (and know I don't think Marty is on the outs, he is in a transition, thinking more yogi / and the boss)) maybe it will be an attacking D like when the PK had almost as many goals as the gave up. I will reserve judgement till I see the on ice product, it's just a note in my head at this point. I expect Merill to take a step forward, I expect JJ to keep improving. The shootout goals show the skill, Can he stay healthy, everytime he seems to get going, something happens. i'm not worried about larsson, I think he has been getting the nieds treatment (not that I think he has talent, casue I don't know many who do, this fanbase has been absolutely spoiled by some of the players we've seen) learn to be comfortable on D and the O will come. I do think he gets the game, Not sure about qb'ing the pp, but I feel comfortable (most of the times, there are some hiccups) with him on the ice in any situation. Henrique is a wildcard for me. He needs to start taking the next step (I think he has another level, or maybe he just had a couple clutch goals in him and he is what he is which is good 2 way, but not great) As for this board. As a longtime (off and on) poster, it was the best place for devils info. I go to TG's first now, but when you wade through all the crap, there is absolute gold here. never liked HF and hated when posters tried to bring some of their crap here. ILWT is ok (I like john nice guy, pleasant to talk to, met him at one of the ice cream socials) but more hit or miss for me, too analytical for me (I like a mix, but yes, I do believe my lying eyes) and I'm not even sure if there are any other sites I am aware of. but, this site is brutal to to wade thru at times. I am a smart ass, I admit it, I mostly post to either point out that someone said something beyond stupid, or to make a funny (and occasionally just babble in the wrong post and put an end to threads). When this team was winning, the negativity is tough, nowadays it is mind boggling. how many fvcking threads do I have to hear Marty or Lou bashing. This team isn't original 6, we don't have a ton of tradition, but we do now, some of us remember when we didn't, why the need for some to sh!t on tradition is beyond me. Tweeks here and there, sure fine, I understand, but it is overbearing when you don't read the board every day it gets repetitive when you do the bulk read. The site was too nazi ish (yes, I invoked goodwin) at times, but there does need to be some order. Tri was right in his first post in this thread. Game day threads are a joke some days, every now and then i'd like to make a point about a particular game, but have no desire when there are 3 (or however few) people chatting and make the thread useless for actual discussion of the game. Face it people, not all of you are as funny as you think you are. The jinx type threads? Stop it, there is too much negativity on this board as it is, and saying afterwards that you didn't mean it or that you were venting just doesn't help. I know, who the hell am I, no one, but it's fvcking annoying. i'm sure I'm not the only one. I've lived thru GR talking about seeing in their eyes or waitresses or whatever, it gets old real fast. There are too many posters that don't have the right blend of when to be serious and when to go off on the tangents. I think I have all of the ()'s balanced. sorry if I don't cause I didn't proofread this crap, don't expect many of you to read the whole thing, why should I? looking forward to this season. it will be interesting. like some of the moves, lets see what sticks and what we can build on. As long as we aren't out of the playoffs 7 years, we can stand a rebuild Joe
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    The event yesterday was great. I was able to get Severson's and Quenneville's signature on my hat as well as a Reid Boucher signed puck. One of the players I noticed a lot was Chatham. He had a few good offensive zone entries an a handful of really nice cross ice passes. I was told after the scrimmage that the ice was really bad and it seemed to me like the puck was bouncing a bit more than usual so I I kind of believe it. Also I filmed the scrimmage if anybody was interested in watching it. I'll give a warning; I'm no cameraman and this is from my phone but I think it actually came out relatively ok.
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    No problem. I know I'm not as detailed and knowledgeable as some other posters here. It's hard when I don't know a lot of the names and numbers cause I don't follow the prospects and drafts picks much. One guy that really soon out for me was Coleman. He worked really hard and created a bunch of chances.
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    Really well done event. Have no complaints whatsoever and I look forward to attending this event every summer. They had all the players throw out a bunch of signed pucks after the game to the fans as well. There were a few interviews as well after the first period with ross and daneyko. Quenneville and Zacha. Zacha thanked the fans for coming out and is excited to be even given a chance to make the big club. Severson was interviewed after the game and thanked the fans as well and he is Zachas roommate and said he I'd very humble about being a 1st round draft pick.
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    Also: This forum has become so politcal it's unreal. Party lines drawn. Once someone says something you don't like, you no longer agree with ANYTHING they ever say in the future. Get over yourselves. Sometimes I think MB3 can be douche of epic proportions, but the next day he says something that makes a lot of sense. Tri can be so god damn infatuated with advanced stats and be right a lot about things, but that doesn't mean you cannot disagree and hold a different opinion without saying something stupid. Sometimes I've thought PK's rants and analogies were a total waste of time and other times I thought they were profound and eye opening. But they rarely come out anymore because of the little brats here without the intellectual ability to respectfully disagree with anothers train of thought. Harden the hell up and stop being babies because one time someone said something and you disagreed with it. The next day they might have a great idea but you're too proud to turn around and agree with them on something else.
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