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    from Balmy Winnipeg! LGDs this team seems to score less than we do... as ray catena says,"That's hard"
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    The guy in the H KAUFER #19 custom jersey in section 8 row 17 today. Good job screaming like a psychopath at the young girl who stood up for 7 seconds to take a picture of her friends. In the second period of a 5-1 game in January. Then minutes later bellyaching, loud enough for me to hear, about three 6 year olds having homemade, cute little "go devils" signs, that weren't even in your way. I truly felt embarrassed sitting near you, as did everyone else. Then at the end of the period getting in the face of the girl's bf, saying, he doesn't watch hockey so he shouldn't be there. I couldn't be more impressed by how well the young kids kept their cool and not knocking you back to 1950. And I couldn't be any less impressed by how a guy in his late 50s/early 60s acted like an absolute child. You seemed to be a season ticket holder, so I hope you're on this forum. Here's some thoughts to not embarrass yourself like that again. I understand that people aren't supposed to stand up during play, but act like a human being and go the polite route. Say excuse me can you please sit down we can't see. Then maybe later, offer to take a picture of the two couples. This way everyone is friends and you come out looking like a great guy. She was in my way too, but it was 5-1 against Ottawa on January 21, relax, you're not missing the Stanley cup being raised. Or you can just hang out for 3 more seconds and the whole traumatic experience of not seeing the game for 10 seconds will be over. You checked your email 3 times during play, so I don't act like you were deeply involved into watching the game. You can only talk to someone's girl like that with the comfort of security guards all around you. If you were in a bar, and talked to some 20 year olds gf like that, you would be eating out of a tube for 2 months. Treat people with respect. That's a cowardly move to speak like that to a girl, especially when you know there's going to be no repercussions. I normally wouldn't have the energy to write a whole post about something like this, but that was the single worst display of human relations I've ever seen at a devils game. I've seen friendlier fist fights during rangers-devils games.
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