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  1. That's like saying the sun is getting yellow. I guess the Ranger fanbase moves down to second-douchiest.
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  2. Here's a good summary of last night's Flyer fan douchebaggery: http://www.russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2016/04/18/a-summary-of-all-the-disgraceful-things-flyers-fans-did-during-game-three/
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  3. I agree with all the criticism for the Flyer fans. You are all absolutely correct. Totally uncalled for, and no excuse, except that while it's a lot, it's not everyone. I will add, that a lot of our fans shouldn't throw stones. in our arena, how embarrassing it is, in the stands and walking around the concourse, listening to 'rangers suck, flyers swallow...', and whatever else got added after that. Most times there are kids sitting near me. And even when there aren't, it's just so immature. I can imagine the parents of some of the NHL players, saying WTF? Or someone coming to a game for the first time, with their kids. I wish the passion could be transferred to the Lets Go Devils, or something else more creative; than chanting about other teams, who were better than us. There is no shortage of a lot of our punk fans who are equally pathetic as the Flyer fans are.
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  4. Literally no luck for Mason this series. Earlier the puck bounced off the refs skate and he had to block it... Now a weird bounce off the boards... Hockey gods must want the Capitals to just win.
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