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    well what i know for sure is that french people are fvcking awesome
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    I think he'll be in contention for the NHL team right away - he's 26 and will turn 27 in July. Seems like a fine contender for the 7th D spot. Hard to know how good he might be, the Finnish league isn't that great, and like the Coneheads he came from France before that.
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    Yeah I'd rather see PDB hoist one than Crosby. Tanking losers. I'll never forget.
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    That's the game where as a lifelong fan of Martin Brodeur I remember thinking in that first period, Patrick Roy is the best goalie in the world. First period, 5 rows from the ice and right behind Patrick Roy I watched that man simply refuse to allow a goal (can't remember the early shots on goal in game 6, but it was an absolute Devils onslaught) and weathered the storm until his team could finally grab a break. They did...and Marty didn't do what Roy was able to. Still the most disappointing Devils' game I've ever been to (and number 2 would have to be the Canes game where the Devils blew the lead with 1:20 left. That game left me physically ill and I still cheer every time Staal gets hit. Great. I had to remember that... I need a drink.
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