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    Didn't Ken Daneyko not even know what "New Jersey" was? Let's cut this 18 year old a break for not fully researching our team before he was drafted. I'm a die-hard hockey fan, but if I got drafted to Columbus when I was 18 I'd probably be like "I like.... Their... Colors!" whether or not we'd like to admit it, the hockey world doesn't necessarily revolve around the New Jersey Devils (considering they haven't won a Stanley cup since this kid was like, 3)
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    Yeah i guess this is what our roster could look like so far... if we bring back Elias, is Zacha cracks the lineup and if we re-sign a few guys. We'd still need to land a legit 1st line guy ??? - Zajac - Palmieri Cammalleri - Henrique - Bennett Elias - Zacha - DSP Blandisi - Josefson - Boucher Green - Larsson Severson - Merril Schlemko - Moore Boucher is not playing 4th line RW. He either gets top 9 LW minutes or he's completely useless. I love the man but I do not want Elias back. He does not fit in his team anymore. I would rather have Boucher and Blandisi on the second and third line spots. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    This article has some good information on how much Stamkos will take home on various deals (8 years in TB @ 8.5 vs 7 in NY @ 10). Obviously he'd have much higher endorsement income in a place like Toronto, but it's a good resource that captures the tax situations. http://www.tampabay.com/sports/hockey/lightning/inside-the-money-matters-for-steven-stamkos/2262766
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    I'll give 'em some D
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    (Gignac is a french soccer player.. what kind of pick is that ?! ; ) )
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    Even when Edmonton doesn't win the lottery they still get a pseudo lotterypick. Amazing.
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