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    had to share my dream last night.... yes... another one. So Scott Stevens was waiting in bed for me... how, why, I have no idea... I mean, I know why, but not why -- all I know is he was there, waiting for me, in the bed, at the end of the hall and I was too scared to move. It was like a horror movie! How hilarious is that? and what can it possibly mean? well... now that I actually consider the meaning... I think it's fear of change. Our lives our actually in a state of flux now and we're not sure if we're going to move or stay or REALLY move. And what with Scott Stevens's change in circumstance, I guess I was just sort of equating the 2 situations? Luckily St Paul is not on the table for us right now. I wouldn't be too eager to go out there right now either. It was idyllic when I was a little kid -- now... mehh -- it's like living in New Rochelle with none of the benefits of NYC. Time marches on.
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