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    If you ever met my father's side of the family you'd see it.....there's a reason I stay far far far away from them.......
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    Did not know you were from Alabama...
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    Cmon Paperwork!!! These are the Internet days but I might be faxing my pick in later [emoji33] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Best of luck? He raped a 16 year old. The guy can get hit by a fvcking truck.
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    The Galloping Ghost from the Alaskan Coast !
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    His last year back as a devil, he was still an incredible playmaker, especially on the power play. I didn't think there was any reason he shouldn't have gotten a deal for last season to play on the 4th line.
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    He was sometimes a frustrating player but those early years until the EGG line were some exiting hockey from him. The first Devils game I ever went to 11-17-00 against the Bruins Gomez scored with 2 seconds left in OT. (Oh gee makes me feel old look at that grainy footage!)
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    You said it. Remember those days when he would seemingly score shorthanded goals every other game?
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