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  1. Fiddler has already paid for himself in big-time high-pressure faceoff wins and amazing tenacity on the PK. Add onto that that he's actually playing really well, sets up some great chances; matter of fact, the moment I realized how much I liked Fiddler was against Boston. He set up 2 incredible chances, practically empty netters, for Reid Boucher who whiffed on one of them and shot the other one far wide. They easily should've been goals. Also, say what you want about fighting/intangibles in 2016, but he re-set the tone after a shaky start to our home opener and got Ryan Kesler off the ice for 5 minutes; Kesler has a 60% faceoff percentage. And overall, Anaheim are the best team in the league on faceoffs by a wide margin; big time veteran move, and he disrupted their game at a pivotal moment. That doesn't even take into account what's been reported as him taking on a semi-coaching role in helping the youngsters (Zacha especially) on faceoffs and positioning. I think you're really underestimating his role, I think he's a better presence on our 4th line than anything we've had since CBGB in 2012, and that was a unit of 3 guys, Fiddler is one. I see him as a healthy Ryane Clowe on a cheap contract on our 4th line; that's nothing but a positive.
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  2. I should clarify that, as annoying as those guys are, that's all they are: annoying. I love the way the team is playing, I love what Shero is doing, and I am 100% on board with what ownership has been doing. Additionally, I don't even mind the people doing 'you suck' after a goal, I just can't for the life of me understand why people are chanting it while Zajac is giving a postgame interview. Anyhow, like I said. sh!t like that is just annoying, nothing more. I'm having more fun this year watching the team than any other season since 2012, and I still love going to the games. It feels good to be able to root for wins. Hopefully it keeps up.
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  3. You've got me posting about how much my daughter loves going to games and how I met two cool newbies, Tri posting about how he's had more fun watching the games than he's had in years, and others saying they enjoyed the game (and the season thus far, warts and all). It ain't all bad. But yeah, there's clearly a divide right now among the fanbase. There's some new "traditions" (not the best word) that clearly don't jibe with everyone. And there will be some debating as long as this stuff continues. I think what you're seeing this year is that some fans have just really had enough, and have reached their tipping point. I have to admit, on some level, I find the "new" YS chant (post goal-song version) kind of funny in some odd way...mostly because through management's deliberate goal of trying to stop it, all they've done is everything in their power to galvanize more than enough fans to ensure that it will live on no matter what they do...and though I'm completely neutral on the existence of YS in any form (and don't partake in it or endorse it), there's a part of me that sort of likes seeing a bunch of corporate "We'll show those fans who's REALLY boss" dweebs lose a battle like that. And like Tri and others have pointed out, at least it makes a bit more sense now that it's not happening immediately after a goal (though it's also chanted during the goal song, less noticeably). There's a part of me that would just love to see the look on those guys' faces, who thought it was going to be as easy as screwing with the goal songs...every time they hear YS they must think "OK, what do we do now?!" But on a more positive note, I am very happy with this ownership, the direction of the team, with Shero, and with the attempts to give the franchise a different vibe. I've checked the calendar for upcoming Friday and Saturday night games (so my daughter can join me) more since this season started than I have in years. That really says it all.
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