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    Utterly unacceptable on every level and now I want motherfvcking heads to roll because I've had enough of this lazy, uninspired, fvckface hockey. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    But the record (though a relatively small sample for a HC) at least shows that Hynes might be able to get a lot out of what he has. At the very least, he's been far from incompetent. If the Devils do fire Hynes, do you think it's going to get that much better with someone else, with these players? And sure, Lou fired HCs with winning records, with mixed results. From all accounts, the players were so fed up with Ftorek (and this would happen to him again in his next NHL gig) that Lou didn't have much choice on that one. With Julien, it might have been more the players than him (not like he showed he couldn't coach, and has had a long run with the Bruins). The thing with those instances was the feeling that those teams were underachieving. Sadly I don't think that's the case here. I still don't see this as effort/coaching deficiency. Talent deficiency/expecting and hoping for too much are the issues. And if this is a case of the team not trying hard enough or putting in the effort (I really don't think it is), then shame on the PLAYERS. What have they done that could possibly exempt them from not giving their best? Like good ol' Herb Brooks said...they don't have enough talent to win on talent alone.
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    Covered this in the GDT, but if not Hynes...who? The Devils are 50-46-14 since he took over. How much better was this team supposed to be? Who is squeezing more points out of this bunch? We knew that there was a chance that Palms and Henrique wouldn't combine for 60 goals again...we just hoped that they wouldn't drop off TOO much. Well, so far, they have. You posted three words that kind of say it all: This team sucks. It's not quite that bad, but it's in the realm of accuracy. This isn't a good team. Most of their wins have come against weaker competition (I'd consider those teams peers of the Devils, because the Devils are one of the weaker teams themselves). Everyone's pissed and wants to point fingers and assess blame. I get that, because nights like last night are really cruel reminders of where the Devils are, and it sucks. 9-3-3 built up some optimism and hope. 3-7-3 has squashed it, especially with this team looking SO overmatched against higher-quality opponents. I was hoping for a bubble team as well, but there were a lot of "ifs" that were going to have to be satisfied for that to happen. And there was no way it possibly could if guys like Palms, Henrique, and Cory weren't at their very best. None have been. I think if you really want to get on anyone, you could probably get on Shero a little, but even then I think it's too early for that. He inherited a mess. It was going to take some time to fix. He's made some moves that aren't working out at the moment, but I want to see what he does next. What it comes down to is that we can all jump and down, throw sh!tfits, scream for players' and coaches' heads, but none of this is going to be fixed overnight. I do think Shero is proactive enough that changes will start to be made in time, if the team is not at least showing signs of improvement. It's also fair to point out that though these last three games have been beyond brutal on the eyes, it's these three games that are really driving the angst, and based on the opponents, there was a chance that these three games could turn out exactly as they did. At 12-7-6 I think fans were still relatively satisfied, or at least weren't completely losing their sh!t.
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    The Devils are now 50-46-14 under Hynes. Look at what he has had to work with during that time. And now Henrique and Palms have fallen back to Earth...part of the team taking steps forward this year was going to be the two of them coming somewhat close to last year's production. The big question is how much better than 50-46-14 is this team supposed to be? Would anyone else be able to squeeze much more out of this group? And who would take over? Is twice-fired Gerard Gallant really going to be much of an upgrade? Unfortunately I think that when a team starts getting curb-stomped (like this team has in its last three games), it's easy to assume the players are just mailing it in, or that they're poorly coached. I wish those were the issues, I really do...I wish it was that simple. But I think this team is starting to be exposed for what it is. It won't be this ugly once the goaltending improves (I do think Cory will snap out of this thing, though again, it's not all his fault), but it's become clear that things are evening out in a hurry.
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    I'm not completely opposed to this. Gallant was supposedly a bit of a nutcase having practices on the day of games, but right now this team needs a little bit of a nutcase it looks like.
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    Of course, we are all entitled to our opinion. Unless anyone doesn't think we sucked balls tonight, nobody can have that opinion.
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    I'm questioning myself for wasting 2 and half hours of my life watching this team from home.
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    Hynes should be on a very short leash at this point. The team has been utterly lazy for the past who knows how many games. That's one hundred percent on him.
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    For the last month, this team has been in a downward spiral that shows no signs of ending. Coming into the year, I felt like we were a bubble team; think 88-94 points, with the odds being more likely we were gonna just miss the cut. However, I thought we would be vastly improved from the mirage team that was carried by Cory Schneider. The team was supposed to take a step forward possession-wise, hopefully hover around 50%, but be in most games. What we've seen since the team arrived in California about a month ago has been abysmal, and frankly, unacceptable. I have been the biggest excuse maker for this team over the last few weeks between injuries and the brutal home-away split, but the excuses must stop. This team sucks. Hynes has been a disaster this season. I don't know how anyone with two eyes could conclude that Moore is more deserving of ice time than Auvitu, who has struggled recently. Moore has no clue what to do with the puck and can't defend. These last 3 games have been borderline unwatchable and it takes Hynes halfway through an asskicking vs the Rangers to finally shuffle the top 6. PAP was invisible for a month, yet he gets spoonfed time with Hall while Bennett plays his ass off with Sergei fvcking Kalinin. They've hardly shown the willingness to scratch DSP when he's been terrible this year. They stick with Kalinin over JJ, who has speed and probably fits the system better. I'm not confident Hynes is the guy I want leading this team. The only guys worth a damn this season have been Hall, Zajac, Severson, Bennett and Kinkaid. The rest of the team needs to wake the fvck up and look in the mirror. This last week has been fvcking brutal to watch and some heads need to start rolling if play doesnt improve soon.
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    The Jets don't hit QB's so unless he steps on a banana peel you should be good. I agree about the Bills living for week 16...however if they fire Rex before that then I doubt they care. Rex can get them up for it as a sendoff/last hurrah game for him. Credit John Harbaugh. This is not a supremely talented Ravens team. This is the difference top quality coaching makes (and a savvy front office. Great under the radar singing in Weddle). They're getting a quality season out of Mike Wallace who was unreliable and career was starting to fade, and 75 year old Steve Smith is still a tenacious menace that has to be accounted for. Timmy Jernigan, Matt Judon...they always find guys outside the first round who over-perform. I think they can beat N.E. Toss up game. If I was a betting man I'd still bet on N.E. I've always been a Tannehill fan. Happy to hear it is not in fact a torn ACL.
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    Yeah, that's the real problem - the team isn't competitive lately. Now do I think this is a lull in what will be an otherwise decent season? Yeah, there's too much talent here. But this team could also be heading down into MacLeanVille, a place I didn't think we'd visit ever again. When the team is sh!tty like this, everyone points fingers at their least favorite players. So yeah, Moore blows. I get why Auvitu sits, though - I don't think he's ready for an 82 game season. I won't engage in this sort of finger pointing here besides the fact that Sergei Kalinin is not a center iin the NHL and needs to be moved off that position.
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    The one guy who has been missing for our last three games is Zacha. Not saying he's the reason we've been losing but I think his absence is part of it. He's really good with the puck. I'd add that I think both Lappin and Wood are excellent additions. Both so fast. I think for the most par Cammy has done well too. As expected at least. He's been there when we needed him. The biggest problems I see right now are Henrique and Palmieri slumping in a major way (It's almost like they've been cursed), the defense, and Cory's subpar play. Cory coming out of his slump could change d everything for this team but that's too much pressure for one person. I'd really like to see Shero work his magic one more time and get us a good defender to help even out the defense. Not sure what we could give up though. It's been a bad stretch of games and getting beat by the Rags like that sucks. I don't think firing Hynes right now is the right move but he does need to get these guys going back in the right direction soon. We're in the toughest division in hockey right now and we're still over 500. Things aren't that bad yet. Edit: Henrique and Palmieri are like the bad news bears out there right now. Falling all over the ice, deflecting goals into our own net, giving away the puck right in front of Cory...it's almost comical what they're doing out there.
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    Not sure how Bennett (with 1 goal in 24 games) has been better than Cammaleri, who is leading the team in goals and is 3rd in pts.
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    Matt Moore may still be the best QB on the field next week if he's forced into action. I have faith in him filling in so long as the Dolphins continue to feed their running back trio (with Drake and Williams getting involved now) and stick to the game plan. The Jets right now are pretty banged up, too - Forte has a knee issue, and Mangold is done for the year. I think the Dolphins are in good shape this week. What worries me is: If Matt Moore gets hurt, we have no one behind him. The Bills live for games like Week 16 - even if they're dead in the water in two weeks, they'll pull out all the stops to torpedo Miami's season. Let's see what the Pats do tonight against one of the top defenses in the NFL (no, really, they are) - if NE loses tonight, then they'll need to win two of their last three to clinch the division. I'm not sure which outcome I like more - New England beating two of Baltimore, Denver and the Jets and then rolling over for Miami to win if their seeding is locked up, or a winner-take-all game Week 17, which happens if New England loses two of their next 4. Either way, I'm a big New England fan next week at Denver.
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    Did you think they were soft when they won five in a row? Or are you just rationalizing this losing skid? If you want Gazdic in there to provide toughness or whatever, know this: with him on the ice in his 136 career games, the Oilers scored 16 and gave up 33 for a Goals For% of 32.7%. If you think that will help the Devils win hockey games, then I don't know what.
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    It's all good, been a long night. I'd be fine with calling Rick up. Lots of excuses from MacLean tonight, no wonder he was such a sh!t coach.
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    I wouldn't mind bringing in Gallant. No idea what happened this year with their GM, but he had that Panthers team playing well last season.
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    Tonight is one of those nights I'm embarrassed to be a Devils fan. What a complete and utter sh!t show displayed out there tonight. Pathetic.
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    Yeah I'm losing my patience with the efforts. It's been mostly horsesh!t for a while now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hynes is the Todd Bowles of hockey.. bad defense no offense..zero emotion.. we can get out of our own way Terrible. decline the PP
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    It's extremely disappointing and frustrating that this team just cannot compete or sustain any sort of momentum. I know we were spoiled with how talented the Devils were in the late 90s and early 00s, but damn do I miss those years. I didn't realize how much I took those teams for granted. Sigh. This is just getting tougher and tougher to watch.
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    Why does the right have to go "moderate", but the left can be as radical as they want? Everyone said Trump wasn't a Conservative, so there's your moderation. And to somebody else's point about racism being a factor..........was is "racist" that 90+% of blacks voted for Obama? My point is we don't know how he will be.......I'm apprehensive of course, but to stay the course of the past 8 years with the disaster Obama was, and yes he is far left, with a absolute horrible candidate that was Clinton, would have disastrous for America.
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    Oh get the fvck off the college campus for a few minutes and explore the country outside the liberal group think safety of urban areas and universities. I will say that I cannot read into the minds of every Trump supporter, but to say that racism was a large factor in Trump being elected is beyond silly. The people in Michigan didn't vote Trump to punish black people. They voted for Trump because they felt like their voices has been largely silent over the past 8 years with Obama in office and saw Hillary as a continuation of that. With a lot of middle class people these elections come down to economy, and rust belt states like Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania (last 2 are normally blue states I might add) which have felt the pinch the most from the Recession voted with their wallet and not because of race, gender, and other social issues. Plus according to statistics I saw this morning, Trump got roughly the same % of Latino votes as Romney in 2012 and actually got slightly higher % of Black votes than Romney in 2012.
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    Yes, she was. There's no other way to put it. She was a known quantity and had historically bad negative numbers. I do agree she would've been 4 more of Obama and I agree that we likely knew what we were getting with her, but she could not overcome the years of baggage. On top of this you have the DNC (and the media) doing nothing but trying to protect their own interests by elevating Clinton the way they did, which was shameful. There's a reason that Hillary had huge corporate backing farrrrrr more than Trump. I'm disgusted that Wasserman-Schultz wasn't defeated. They did not take Bernie seriously while many voters in states that HRC has lost in did. The corruption in the DNC wanted HRC at any cost and they got her. I readily voted for her but I was all about Bernie first. But you put up almost any Democrat where there's a positive rating for, without the baggage she does, and states like PA, WI, and MI likely stay blue, as does the presidency. A lot of these people were lifelong Democrats that felt left behind. She won the popular vote and lost the traditionally Democratic rust belt. The divide is real. The apathy towards Clinton was also very real. Those signs in Trump's rallies "The Silent Majority Stands With Trump" were dead on. At any rate, we can close the book on the Clintons and the Bushes. Neither will likely never be of national importance again. Trump's talk of "lock her up" is political nonsense (just as the Wall is) and they'll be thankful that the Clintons can retire and will be irrelevant bar Bill's occasional showing up for the "living presidents" get togethers. I don't see Jeb Bush running again either. She just delivered a classy concession speech too. The area I worry about is the rise of particular aspects of Trump's support that are harmful to this country. It cannot be understated that the racist element in this country was motivated by Trump in a way not seen since Jim Crow. I appreciate the fact he disavowed them in ways. It's his party now. Trump's history shows he's got a willingness to work with people to get things done in business and I also believe that a lot of the sh!t he spewed was political nonsense, even the pick of Pence was politically motivated. Lets see if his business acumen translates to governing. Hopefully he has a diverse cabinet and some of this disgusting division can be bridged. I am not counting on it, but the world is not ending even if some of us think its more likely to now. Even had she won, at least this fvcking election is over.