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    Cammy looks like Tootoo 2.0... Or would it be 2.2?
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    you are the herpes of this board
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    Since rumors are Colorado is ready to part with just about anyone not named MacKinnon, would you guys think Henrique and a pick (2nd rounder?) for Duchene do it?
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    The difference is, Tootoo did what he was expected to do...not much. Cammalleri was brought in to be our offensive centerpiece. Instead he has no neck and two good games all year.
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    Sounds like the exact time we'd get the #1 pick.
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    Also Devils score first 4 minutes in and get 15 shots the rest of the game. Caps will score with less than a minute to go at the end of the 1st period.
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    Guaranteed minimum 3 points from Ovechkin in there also.
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    But that's over performing for Zajac. As I said, he can't do it alone. I'm not worried about Hall, I think his main issue is he's playing with guys who suck balls.
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    Sign of the times, it's like picking you're preferred STD.
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    Hall. If he had anyone to pass to, we'd be doing much better. One guy can't do it himself.
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    It's easier to post who shouldn't have a page. Zajac
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    can't remember the last time I've ever been embarrassed of this team.. i think this is actually the first time that i have felt this way. What a disappointment to start out the season looking like a decent team that has a chance to win every night to this dumpster fire. henrique and palms have really disappointed this year as well so much for that flukey 30 goal season they both had last year. At this point i wouldn't even mind if one of those guys got moved for someone else.
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    I'm just beyond sick of Camm and Palms. Palms you can at least argue plays a physical pest role, but Camm contributes less than nothing when he's not scoring.
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    The Devils have not been the same since the California trip. The division is bonkers this year, so they better pull their heads out of their asses asap