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    It's more and more obvious by the day why he was arguably the worst coach in NHL history assuming he actually believes the peewee nonsense he espouses.
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    Very nice video and welcome back just done for Adam.
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    At the game tonight with the gf. Please don't blow it, because I'm in the Goal Bar seats tonight with tons of alcohol behind me... don't force me to drink all of it. LGD
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    Better crowd than I expected tonight, the trains make a world of difference. Back at the Meadowlands this would be a ghost town. Wasn't bad driving here though.
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    Hats off to a Miami Dolphins team that had the most successful season they've had in 9 years. Your fans should be very proud of the year you had, and the effort your team put forth. You started 1-4, and then went an improbable 9-2 the rest of the way. That's heart you can't buy. Heart I wish my team had. Will you improve on that next season with an 11-12 win year? Who knows. But imo it's a safe bet to assume you'll have another 10-6 record again. You've got some great young players that play their asses off.. a Top 3 defense.. a franchise QB.. and a Head Coach that got his players to buy into the program. Your offense needs some playmakers, that you'll no-doubt add in the offseason. I was wrong about Mike Tannenbaum. I'm man enough to admit that.
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    If we win tonight, we'd be 3-1 in our last 4. Project that over 30 years worth of seasons, we would probably win AT LEAST 20 Stanley cups. WOW! I'm so proud of this team. Legends.
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    Awesome speed, move and finish by Wood. I love how excited he gets with his celebrations.
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    I have no idea what the cap situation is or who the good free agents are, but hopefully they'll be as aggressive as possible in upgrading the defense in free agency like the Giants did, plus having a healthy Reshad Jones. Also, the draft should pretty much be about getting a good tight end and lots of defensive prospects. Who knows maybe Dion Jordan actually turns into a useful player. I will say that the big difference between us and the Jets is that we're not relying on someone like Fitzpatrick to have another career year.
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    I imagine they'll do the rest of that end of the arena (six more panels), then maybe above the 200s. Sure looks like it's meant to be permanent based on SH's photos (great shots btw).
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    Merrill has played enough in this league that we know what he is - which is a bottom pairing defenseman on a pretty bad team. he's not getting better. he is what he is. NHL filler at best.
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    DITTO... I like your analysis.. but I do have faith in Merrill developing into something good, real good. rough start for him and it continued. I really wish Stevens was still around to guide these D guys, he was so inspirational.. even just walking into the room commanded total attention.
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    I know Hynes isn't going anywhere and I know he doesn't exactly have the horses but I continue to question what he's doing with some of these decisions and scratches. More to the point - it seems like so many guys on this team are just fvcking dumb. The term "hockey sense" seems to be absent with just about everyone other than zajac, cammalleri and santini. these are the only players that seem to consistently be in the right place and make the right play (in cam's case, as tri points out, it seems to not work too often). lovejoy - quote machine. seems like a really nice guy. fvcking sucks. if you know you are below average in speed, make up for it with smarts. he does not. how many times is he going to screen his own goaltender and fail to box out or hold his man. what does it say when santini is doing the exact job that lovejoy is supposed to do and doing it 100x better? severson - the ability is there - but he's making the wrong play too much and just doesn't possess awareness that he should have at this point. the turnovers because of simply bad decisions are maddening. i won't waste time on the other defenders because they really shouldn't even be in the nhl. i understand that we've got hurt players (they're not top line guys of course (other than greene but i digress)) but being in a position to use DSP and Kalinin as centers is ludicrous. can none of these albany guys (JQ, Blandisi, Coleman) play center? unless this is just team tank and we can't see it
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    Just want to say I didn't realize it was stupid idiot night at the rock tonight. I was surrounded by a bunch of them.
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    I really don't understand why Hynes would scratch Bennett then switch up the forward lines the way he did. (NB i missed last night's game) Bennett himself can lift that 3rd line into being respectable but of course they were beaten, just like every other line tonight. Cammalleri-Henrique-Palmieri is just too slow and dumb of a line to function effectively every night. Cammalleri understands where people will be but has too much confidence in his own ability to get the puck there, so there's a lot of missed passes. Henrique has never been a good passer and Palmieri's pretty much a drive the net guy. None of these players are slow but none of them are fast either, so they just can't force D into mistakes often enough. Kalinin shouldn't be playing center at the NHL level.
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    Guys I'm beginning to think this team might not be so great....
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    I am switching back and forth between football and hockey and missed Wood's goal. Thanks for DVR
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    Gotta give it to Miles...everything he does is filled with energy. He's fun to watch at least.
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    please don't embarrass hall.. I'm sure the guy already feels like crap. His old team which was garbage is now doing well and he gets traded to our disaster of a mess.
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    Thanks Satans, looks like it is a permanent setting. They must have another plan for future Ring of Honor candidates. I will be checking in but watching football. Hope you get to see a good game with a Devils win.
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    Yeah, the roads really aren't all that bad.Regardless, I couldn't bring myself to go tonight. After last night and the Caps massacre last week, I need a break. I'm not even mad I missed the Bruins game lol. The torture will resume Monday for me. Hope you guys get a good one tonight. If not, at least there's always alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol.
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    I just don't get it... They would've sold a lot of patches and a lot of shirts with the logo. Pucks, you name it. It's a missed opportunity. I don't understand a business willfully passing on an opportunity to make money. I mean are production and inventory costs THAT high? [emoji848] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The Hawks have appeared in, what, 5 or 6 games at this point? I think Detroit's gotta be up there too. So clearly they are both due for next year's once in a lifetime classic.