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    Jesus Brian can't tie his shoes without checking every other pair he owns to make sure he has the EXACT best laces possible and then making sure in triplicate that they are exactly even and ideal for the weather conditions that day....
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    He's gunna analyze like 5000 other drafts as to which position of the two would be slightly better
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    I understand what you are getting at with the hypothetical Hoeffel scenario but you've neglected the underlined word, in want. If the Devils showed interest in signing Kerfoot, offered a standard ELC, I don't think it's right to enable a player to walk out on the investment without compensation. If drafting team did not offer an ELC, then obviously no compensation. Why should these graduates be given more freedom than a restricted free agent? I think it would be a better system for the team drafting the said player having the ability to match the contract if he signs elsewhere.
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    Oh and Manta in VINTAGE Manta-ism.....has changed his keeper to Justin Tucker.....and anyone dumb enough to keep a kicker....I'll allow it
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    There this new technology called txt messages that can be used with the team that picks before you, after they pick they can alert you that its your turn... amazing I know...
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    He is a garbage player who found ways how to score. With no PP time he is a slow useless player that should be on his way to Europe.
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    It's a good move for him. Best chance of him getting in an NHL lineup sooner rather than later, so no ill will.
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    So I'm supposed to start picking before the draft order us complete? Is crasher getting nervous???
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    Game 1: Excitement. Nico will play well, maybe get a point and everyone will be excited. Games 2-20: Impatience. Nico will score a few points and he'll look like a rookie. This entire board will claim he's a bust. Games 21-40: Frustration. There will be suggestions that we trade Nico while he's still worth something. Games 41-60: Elation. Nico will get hot and we will laugh at that lowly pantywaist scrub named McDavid. The only question: when do we retire the #13 jersey? Games 61-70: Rage. "Nico sucks. Kill him and seven generations of his family!" Games 71-80: Calm. Nico finishes the season with a solid 40 some odd points, and was pretty good for a rookie. We're all going to be okay. "Trade Schneider though. Also, name one good move Ray Shero has ever made for the Devils." Rinse. Repeat.
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    Come here, Nico will get them to name a sandwich after you, too!
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    We've done it before....and between cell phones and social media it CAN be done again! **edit** oops...it's 15 rounds, and one round shaved off for keepers.....so it's REALLY 14 rounds in 17 days....this will be a BREEZE!
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