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    I love how the last line of the article just lists the Devils record so far this season lmao so out of place
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    I never want to see boyle in a SO again, that was laughable.. coasting in and shooting into the chest protector.. not than ever one else was much better, losing control.. shootouts are pure garbage.
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    These attempts are just atrocious and half assed. Just half speed end of practice crud End the sh!tout already. This game was a legit tie
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    If either Nico or Bratt shoots there, it's a tie game. These kids are too humble with the puck.
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    Can’t believe Nico missed that.
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    I won't go as far as saying this was our best game of the season, but it's up there. NJ dominated the 2nd and 3rd, which is nice to see. In past seasons, NJ didn't have the skill to put their opponents on their heels when chasing a late equalizer. Nice to see them get rewarded. Not getting the second point sucks, but they have had some good games lately. Toronto, Chicago and Minnesota come to mind. Yeah, he missed a wide open net, but holy **** Nico is special. He was doing whatever he wanted with the puck and Chara and McAvoy had no answer for him. Nice to see Bratt get back on the board. He needs to get going again. Thought Zajac had his best game of the season and Stafford didn't look useless.
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    Haha Bass Ales and Crown is kicking in...........
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    The worst part about the shootout is the second-guessing when they lose. It's a giant luckfest. You have no idea who is good or not beyond the first few guys. Devils played probably their best game all season and lost. They are a nightmare for teams who cannot move the puck out of their back end - they will pursue the defenders and they have the creativity to make good scoring chances when they are able to force turnovers. Boston didn't seem 100% engaged in this game but still, the Devils really took it to them - Khudobin playing great was the difference.
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    We pretty much out played them in every part of the game. Those 2 early goals really hurt I fvcking hate shoot outs................
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    Man calm down lol, had no actual problem with Severson and Butcher. Boyle though....
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    GIBBONS!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Gibby MVP max contact lets go!
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    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Gibby
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    This game has been extremely frustrating. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Would have loved to seen Nico score on that breakaway. He hasn't gotten one at home during the regular season yet, I'm missing my first game of the season on Friday so I'm sure he'll score one then lol
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    lol it's always fun to score on those careless/dumb penalties
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    Alright. Basically I created a post about Palms broken foot but MadDog beat me to it by a few seconds and i don't know how to delete a thread. So i'm just gonna edit this one into the GDT lol So the Bruins will be without Marchand, Bjork and Krug (and Spooner i believe, he's close to a return apparently) Not playing against Marchand is great but missing Palms and Mojo really sucks
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    No one should realistically expect them to stay on top of the division though. They are still a young team coming off of five years of futility. They still have a ways to go to being true contenders.
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    These are all unblocked shots.
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    I like your optimism. It's hard not to see good things. And Trust me I do. But if you really believe they'll be able to stay on top of our division with the way they are playing now then you are a super optimist. Speaking of the playoffs, they should be able to make it if...they significantly improve. Don't judge by 20+ games. It's a long season. Let's wait for a first stretch of divisional games.
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    I love how people on here thought that like last season we wouldn’t be good and exciting to watch, and now that we are and are playing well generally and getting points and good offensive production, they say we’ll start falling in the standings. If we end up making the playoffs, they’ll say : “they’ll get killed in the first round”
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    Sorry I'm too drunk to give an evaluation of the game...but no way they got 45 shots today. A lot of one and done attack w no sustained pressure. Not enough quality shots on net. Boyle sucks so bad.
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    Honestly, they should roll him out on the shootout just to see if he crashes into the end boards. I think it’s like an 80-20 chance he does. Very frustrating game. Every time they said “Khudobin”, all I could think of was Qdoba. Now I’m starving.
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    Better team? What are we basing this upon?
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    Have you ever seen Wood on a breakaway?
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    something to keep in mind though when you're watching a SO... there's a very very very thin line between "fvck yeah! Like a boss. So damn calm and smooth like it's no big deal !!!!" and "Jesus christ! What a lazy moron he barely tried to score "
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    RECAP There's really nothing about this game to be upset about except for the result. They played a great game tonight, but Khudobin stole this one for the Bruins. Oh well, that's hockey. I'll still take the point. POSSESSION ES CF: 56 to 42 ES FF: 42 to 30 ES SF: 32 to 23 ES SCF: 23 to 16 ES HDCF: 13 to 6 All CF: 68 to 55 All FF: 54 to 40 All SF: 42 to 29 All SCF: 32 to 24 All HDCF: 18 to 9
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    FIRE HYNES!!! Boyle? Severson? Butcher? Really??? How about Miles fvcking Wood?
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    Well that's the longest shootout I can remember seeing in awhile. I wish they gave ot king Moore a shot.
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    They were down 2-0 and got a point. Not awful. Shootout attempts were awful
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    Garbage Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hynes, for goodness sake stop with the boyle love
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    Wish Hischier could get one in OT. Would be great for his confidence
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    Thank fck for that. Just when I was starting to think they couldn't even score in a brothel.
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    Great pressure there, and draw a penalty, nice
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    To many passes. Fracking shoot.
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    i don't know about you guys but i truly love the feeling of being down 2 goals and be able to continue watching because i genuinely believe we can come back from behind now.... and not because i feel i have to be loyal and still finish the game lol
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    They aren't slow in increasing their lead Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
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    I'd like to see Nico get a goal tonight. LGD!
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    So people are starting to question whether Patrick was deserving of the #2 overall - it's obviously very, very early but it's nice to see people respecting Nico as the bonafide #1 pick in this past draft. If we had gone Patrick... oh man how miserable would we all be right now?
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