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    Dreger reporting that LW/RW Michael Grabner may have been traded to the Devils. CONFIRMED - Grabner to NJ for 2nd/Rykov. Can't say I like dealing Rykov, or a 2nd for that matter, but Grabner fits in with exactly what NJ wants to do here.
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    How about stay in the area but sign with the up-and-coming team that’s not completely tearing things down...
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    Wow. I didn't believe my eyes for a second there. A trade with the NYR. What is this world coming to?
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    I also am not crazy about dealing away Rykov, but they desperately needed this. Grabner scores a lot of goals. His 25 puts him 2nd on the team right behind Hall.
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    Kid Rock fvcking blows Woops, meant to put this in the GDT, but the point stands lol.
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    Lol you guys gave up on Bratt already? He’s 19 fvcking years old.
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    Wonder what the real reason is he won't be attending. Because it sure as hell isn't that weak-ass excuse. Truth will come out sooner or later. Lou Lamoriello made a 9 player trade THE VERY DAY he spoke at the Brodeur retirement ceremony. So please stop with the "He has to be in Toronto because the deadline is Monday" bs.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    RECAP This is a perfect example why you shouldn't own furniture. The less times you stub your toe, the better. In order to not stub your toe, you need to pay attention to where you're walking Devils are 5-12-1 since the toe-stub TOE RECAP Toe 1: Acceptable, no real damage Toe 2: Acceptable, maybe could have gotten a little less bent. Toe 3: Acceptable, close to danger zone but stayed intact (Greene was still bad) Toe 4: Acceptable, absolutely nothing MB could have done to hurt it Toe 5: Culprit #1. Direct contact right into a table leg is not how you win games POSSESSION 4 unhurt toes
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    And then Mike Brown would bust out some stats to prove that you don’t actually have any toes.
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    I could comment that I stubbed my toe this morning and SD would reply with: Three sentences asking for proof of my stubbed toe Two incidents of other people stubbing their toes Three things that would hurt worse than a stubbed toe One d!ck-rubbing comment telling me that I'm overreacting to the stubbed toe, and casually mentioning that he was suspended from the forums for saying things not entirely different than "I stubbed my toe".
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    The forts on fire and no water to be found.
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    The great Alex Stalock, morphing into Ken Dryden, just like every backup we face. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yet another backup looking like a HoFer. How is this possible?
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    Idk if it’s their youth or what, but this team just can’t put together a 60 minute effort very often. So frustrating. How could they look so good one period and so bad the next?
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    Wow watching this intermission special about Elias and UFA - he's essentially said he verbally accepted an offer from the Rangers, and gave Lou a chance to match (and include a NTC). Blows my mind. I had no idea he was like... 10 minutes away from being a NYR. fvck me that would've sucked.
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    Sell high on Bratt? ridiculous. He def needs to sit a game or two though.
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    I don’t remember another year with so many bad bounces. Ugh.
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    Don't think Nico's skate even made contact with Staal's skate.
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    Really nice to see US pulling out the win, even if it was in the shootout. There's never a bad way to beat Canada, in my book.
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    Marking myself down for the primary assist.

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