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    I think Schneider needs to play better, anyone would say that, I just don't understand why he has to be the one that deserves a thread getting sh!t on when the rest of the team hasn't done sh!t either. Boyle: 0 goals in 24 GP. Coleman: 0 goals in last 15 GP. Wood: 2 goals in last 15 GP. Zacha: 0 goals in last 7 GP. Bratt: 1 goal in last 20 GP. Nico: 0 goals in last 7 GP. Zajac: 0 goals in last 14 GP. Grabner: 0 goals in 5 GP. Maroon: 0 goals in 3GP. Stafford: 1 goal in last 19 GP. Hayes, who got a handful of games in January and February hasn't scored since November 1st. Butcher hasn't recorded a point since February 10th. Moore has 4 points since February 1. He is getting no help, as per usual, the same old story as his whole Devils career. Same can be said for when Kinkaid and Lack were playing. Have scored more than 2 goals once since the Hall overtime winner against Carolina, and that's why we're 2-5 in our last 7. Again, criticism is warranted but a thread acting like he's single handedly tanking the season is pretty fvcking stupid and delusional. He's got plenty of help in that regard, at this point it seems like the only person who will be able to do this is Hall himself and to a lesser degree Palmieri is chipping in.
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    MB's recaps + a first-rounder + cash + future considerations for mfitz's recaps. I'll throw in Quenneville too.
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    Sorry. I've seen enough. Sometimes the eye test is all you need and the numbers lie. Cory has put up some great save percentages and had great meaningless games with bad teams. But one thing people did start noticing was that if he got some offense he couldn't handle the prosperity. If he got no or little offense then he would play very well, keep us in. And then allow a bad goal (usually late) for the loss. Schneider has now lost 9 consecutive games. Starting goalies don't lose nine games in a row because if they do, they are not starters anymore. And while this team isn't great, it's certainly good enough to make the playoffs if they started today. There is no excuse for a goalie losing 9 straight with this team in front of them. That's ON THE GOALIE. We're not the 1993 Senators. Somewhere within these 9 you have to grow a pair and be elite and just win a hockey game or two. He's not doing it. Ever So basically the Devils are about to see a 9 point playoff cushion morph into 0 very soon. We can't wait around for him anymore. Nobody has this great faith in Kinkaid and he certainly didn't open any eyes, but he didn't sh!t the bed either when you look at where we were in the standings when Schneider returned. But you know what Kinkaid can do, win a hockey game every so often. He's not great and sometimes he'll look like total sh!t. But he can also walk into Consol where the Penguins hadn't lost in forever and make tons of clutch saves late and win. As far as I'm concerned the position is now up for grabs. Kinkaid deserves the Montreal start and if we win he can run with it
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    The dramatics here are getting exhausting guys. They're not "free-falling" - they went 8-6-0 in February. And they're off to a rough start in March at 0-3, granted. But .500 hockey is not "free-falling" for this team. They can still afford to go 6-7-3 and have a better-than-not chance of making the playoffs. It'd certainly make things interesting, no doubt, but this idea that they've already sealed their fate is ludicrous. Listen, I love that the Devils are back and that March hockey is interesting again. But some of you guys need to get a fvcking grip and hold on tight to something because losing you fvcking mind after every loss is just ridiculous and it makes you look... well, ridiculous. And maybe seek out some medication to lower the peaks and raise the valleys. But I'm not a doctor, so what do I know.
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    10 goals in the past 5 games scored by the Devils. 8 of them involved Taylor Hall. Maybe if our goalies could play forward we'd win some games.
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    FWIW I have a totally different experience with going to the arena: 1) Traffic isn't that bad. I drive about 30 miles one-way from work or home to the arena and it takes me 40-50 minutes on average. 2) I park in a guarded/fenced in lot that is about 3 blocks from the arena for the past 4-5 seasons. The cost is $7.50-8.75 during that time. 3) I buy tickets on the secondary market. Unless it is against a rival or on a special night/weekend, I can usually get lower level for $30-40 after fees. 4) I never take the train. Nearest station to my home is Somerville and right now it is $22 per person round trip. Hence why I drive. All in I typically spend about $50ish to sit in lower level seats for most games.
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    Agree. With no intention to underestimated the teams that beat us, most recent GA came from sick bounces which sometimes is simply bad luck or our inability to clear the D zone and make responsible plays which pisses me the most. We literally create scoring opportunities for other teams and they punish us more often then we do them. What did "great" Vegas create tonight to put 3 on the score board? Almost nothing. GA 1: turnover - shot - poor coverage - rebound - score. GA 2: Vatanen does nothing but watching the knight completely screen Cory - shot - score. GA 3: Cory's mistake but let's not forget the stupid penalty we took down 2:1... Same story with Cats and Canes. It's a fast game and everybody makes mistakes, but ours are typical and constant. If they could reduce those idiotic defensive lapses, they could've gotten at least a point in each of the last 3 losses. Still in the race Go Devils
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    I can't stand when people bring up "He's not clutch or he's clutch" in sports.
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    hahaha. No. Not at all. Maybe for spoiled/entitled fans it would be bad for their mental health, but that's 110% their own fault for setting unrealistic expectations for this team. The franchise competing for a playoffs spot at this stage of a rebuilt is an absolute positive that anyone with a brain matched with common sense would understand and appreciate.
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    Right now Taylor Hall is to the Devils what Johan Santana was to the '08 Mets, trying to drag the sorry carcass of a choker team into the playoffs. It's impossible to have any faith in guys not named Hall right now, especially the overrated starting goaltender that can never make a clutch stop ever. Kinkaid made more clutch stops in the last two weeks than Cory ever has as a Devil and Kinkaid's a fringe starting goalie/top backup at best.
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    The good: I thought picking up my reserved Elias puck was going to be a complete clusterfvck. It was anything but. Went into the Devils' Den at 3:50, was asked if I reserved a puck, was directed to a specific line, told to present an ID, then had my puck. Whole thing took five minutes, tops. Then the game happened. This team is not a bunch of losers, nor do I think that any of them aren't trying (though some of them are really hard to take right now...here's looking at you, Brian Boyle). But sadly, it looks more and more like this team is both running out of steam (with the obvious exception of Taylor Hall, and a few others) and isn't quite ready to hold its own under the pressure of playoff chase...it's not like they're getting their doors blown off, but they're doing just enough to find ways to come up short...and in ways that makes these losing streaks that much more frustrating. It's a shame and it sucks, especially since Shero did go out and try to fortify the team...not like he stood pat. They're not dead yet, and I'll keep on hopin', but at the same time it's really hard to ignore the fact that the Devils are now 11-16-3 in their last 30 GP. I really really REALLY hope that they have one more burst left in them...especially for Taylor, who has just given so much to try to make this happen. And sorry Cory, you've done some terrific things here, even though some have forgotten that. But it's been too long, and you can't live off your career save% forever. This team needs you. NOW. It may not be all your fault, but you're not helping either. Sorry.
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    But somehow those guys have found a way to not lose 9 in a row. The offense is to blame too. But Kinkaid and Lack have at least won. Cory CAN'T WIN. We need wins
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    yep I don't see him going anywhere after that either. We're on the right track in the big picture but we're proving we have a long way to go with many gaps s being exposed as we struggle down the stretch. Taylor will lead through the process imo.
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    Cory, Keith, Lack, it really doesn't make a difference when Hall is the only one who can create any offense.
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    So far our 2nd round pick is more valuable to this year’s team than Grabner lol
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    Just fvcking sucks we lost Mojo and Gibbons for essentially half a season each. Combine that with Bratt completely disappearing and we're down two top 6 forwards, and one very good depth forward / PK specialist.
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    Completed with the pat on the back when they separated. Love old school hockey.
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    Would expect significantly more points more from Zacha who has 19 points in 59 games compared to Boyle 18 in 53 games. Yes Boyles production has been week but Zacha's sadly even more pathetic. Plenty of others not doing crap too.
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    Just fvcking win so we can feel good for a couple days and stop going at each other's throats. LGD
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    Yeah, feels like a must-win, even if it technically isn't. LGD!
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    Any game against MTL is a must win to me. that we're first of last in the league
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    " Leur botter le cul " in real french ; )
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    The only silver lining in that scenario you painted is that winning 3 of those 8 games on the road trip is actually pretty reasonable. I agree we should consider it a triumph if it happens, because it also seems daunting, but throughout most of the season so far, the Devils, even the losing stretches, have been in most of their games and losing by small margins. We have been a competitive team the entire year, hardly ever getting blown out, so not only do I think it's reasonable to win 3 of those 8, it wouldn't be that much of a stretch to win 4 or 5. In all honesty, we've just been coming up short on various occasions and/or falling prey to some pretty bad luck (or sh!tty refs) that has led to some more losses than would have otherwise been expected recently. Plus, going 5-2-2 in the final 9, while challenging, isn't exactly something that would be considered an impossible task.
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    We were talking about the recent complete lack of scoring by anyone other than Hall. My point was I expect more out of my top 6 than my 4C. Scoring for the season is irrelevant to the conversation. #ReadingIsFundamental
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    Yeah, not understanding how the experience at the Rock made it into this thread. It's one of the highest grossing arenas in the world so it's obviously not that poor of an experience. I drive from Avon usually or if I'm at work going straight to a game then I am coming from Philly. Never have an issue. Get off the turnpike at 13A and follow it to 21, make a left at the McDonalds then make the right to park next to the courthouse. $8.25 on the parkwhiz app. Have season tickets where I pay $32 (I think) or might be $36 for row 1 seats in section 116. Nothing but a good experience every time I go even though we have sucked for nearly my entire time having season tickets. The fan experience is pretty good in my opinion.
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    Awesome scrap: http://deadsp.in/li7C5Gb Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I think the depressing thing that I'm starting to realize is that this team is just so far away. If Hall isn't playing out of his mind like he's been all season, or if Cory isn't stealing games left and right like in October/November, this team is just plain...bad. Aside from some occasional bursts from Nico, who is having a very good season for a teenager, or a goal every 3-4 games from Palmieri, nobody can do anything. We knew Boyle, Gibbons and Bratt wouldn't keep up their paces, but Boyle hasn't done anything since the new year. Can't win a faceoff, can't keep up, just looks ineffective. No idea if he's worn out due to meds or if he's just done, but he has to stop being out there for key situations. I will say, I don't think Maroon is a great fit for this team, but I've been much more impressed with him than Grabner. Grabner was pretty good his first two games, but has been utterly invisible the last three. The one thing I will say in defense to this team, and I know you probably don't want to hear it. They have been insanely unlucky the last games. Carolina and Florida scored two goals (each!) that banked off our d and in. You see Knights dmen crashing into Fleury and somehow the puck dribbles wide or ends up under him. Hopefully the puck will bounce our way down the stretch. Time to win the next two before the road trip from hell. No excuses, not even against Winnipeg.
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    Cory is the 7th highest paid goalie in the league. He needs to be better. Period.
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    Just look at Philly guys. Hard to deny they've been trending up lately and just look at the score of some of the games they played in the last month. They've won games 7-4... 5-3, 4-3, etc etc and they've lost games where they scored 6 goals. To blame one guy is ridiculous I'd feel like such an entitled prick to bash Schneider right now cause he's going through a rough patch after watching him absolutely WASTING his best years in the league playing in front of an old and slow team unable to score 1 or 2 goals for him while he was standing on his head almost every single game. Don't you guys all remember feeling insanely bad for the guy?
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    It's an overrated concept for sure
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    i hate Panarin. why can't he go back to Russia like most
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    Winnipeg is always a pain in the ass, so Thursday I'm sure will be no different.... But Montreal is a different story. That organization is in tank mode. That's should be a 'get healthy' game- meaning not only should they win, but that's a game for guys to get right mentally. Meaning several different scorers, ideally. And perhaps the supposed franchise goaltender can make a save or two as well, and not let in three+ goals for once. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hah well there you go. That's about the last time Hall played a game without scoring a point too, ironically enough.
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    Meh I doubt the Panthers keep up their play.
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    You look for any reason to tear down Schneider. Schneider has made a ton of clutch saves. He has just always had a terrible team around him, and that affects everyone's perception. People can't get away from it. He might now be an average goalie, but he was not an average goalie when he got here, the Devils just wasted the best 3 years of his career. Brodeur was fvcking awful in 99 and 2001, he cost the Devils a 1st round win against a team they dominated all series long and he cost the Devils a Stanley Cup in the Finals. The thing about Brodeur is that he got to play for an amazing team for a decade and he got lots and lots of chances to prove how clutch he was and he had 3 fantastic Cup runs where he played brilliantly and only people with long memories also remember when he blew it and was bad.
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    lol sure they do. Cory hasn't won a game since like early January and their offense was top ten in the league before then but they have a big lead to blow cause of a goalie whose splits have been average to poor for two years now. KK's last several games are better than anything Cory's put up since 2015 and I really don't care how many stops Cory makes for dogmeat Devil teams that had no chance anyway, make some stops now when the games matter. Cory's the goalie that lets in a clunker like he did today (twice) to cost the team a tie then make all these great saves after the team's behind. Or he lets in the goal with under two minutes remaining to cost the team a win. He does just enough to lose every big game. And it's rich to say the Devils should score four goals a game just cause Cory's let in three or more FOR NINE STRAIGHT STARTS. I'm sorry, this isn't the '85 Oilers, you shouldn't have to score four a game just to win one. Especially when nobody else can score other than Hall. If you want to blame the secondary scoring for falling off fine, they have but this goalie was supposed to be a top ten guy that was able to hold the fort and now he no longer has the excuse of a bad team to fall back on.
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    For someone who can remember the 08 Mets, you sure have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to the Devils. The Devils have a big lead to blow in part because of Schneider. All the wins count the same. He's going through a rough stretch here but he's looked better the last two games. The Devils also have to score some goals for Schneider here now that he's only letting up 3 goals. He has to be better, and the team has to be better. I have faith in him getting better. I'm not sure I can say the same for the team.
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    The best goalies make the save. Cory Schneider isn't making it.
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    Come on. This board has gotten ridiculously soft. This isn’t a troll job. It’s discussion. For everyone that has a problem with the complaining, what the hell else do you want to talk about? What do you expect? This is a Devils message board and they are in the process of a catastrophic meltdown that will do significant damage to the mental health of the franchise moving forward.
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    When you need him him to win a game for you he doesn’t, never has, and never will.
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    Absolutely agree. The whole ''discussion'' between Hall and Shero we were talking about earlier this season was probably around this exact point. Hall knows this team is up and coming and that there is a process going on. As you've said, in the bigger picture this team is going in the right direction. No doubt in my mind we're a playoff team next year or the one after. Hell, we still have a real strong chance of making it this year. Hall is staying imo. Unless things really really go bad. He'll get a monster contract and be the future of this team.
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    Our season is really on the brink and it started with Schneiders choke in Florida. He cannot be allowed to destroy this season as he has been feverishly doing the last 9 games. This is so critical for us to win the next two and only Kinkaid gives us a chance because he has the mental makeup to do so. Cory isn't clutch and will never be clutch because he lacks the spine, guts, and mental toughness.
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    Don’t you know wins aren’t actually how you measure anything.
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    Wow how the fvck is that icing Palms was way in front
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    LOL that was an icing?!? Palms was 8 feet in front of him!
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    Taylor Hall is doing it all by himself. He is incredible and I feel awful no one else is helping him.
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    The bits with Stan and Matt Loughlin and Chuck the duck are some of my favorite moments of theirs
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