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    I took tomorrow off of work so I can stay up to watch this game. Feels so good to have meaning full March games but man I hate the west coast trips.
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    Could even talk about another Vezina in there as well, 2005 was right in the window of when Marty won his 4 Vezinas
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    Imagine if Marty didn't deal with the Lockouts. Then I'd say his numbers would be untouchable.
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    Which has absolutely nothing to do with Keith Kinkaid appreciation. Sure thing though boss. Keep sh!tting on him for no reason if it makes you feel better about yourself. I swear some people LIVE to see certain players on this team fail. It's like they get off on it.
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    Yeah, I pointed this out previously, but his production plummet came right after his 44th game...not far off the number of games he played for AIK in Sweden is his two full seasons there. Some youngins just need time to adjust to the number of games and the grind of an NHL season.
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    Like it, keep Palms on that line for now...guy has 18 points in his last 21, and has shown the ability to kick his game up a notch as the season winds down. Nothing against Bratt long-term, but right now you've got a better chance of Fetch happening than Bratt happening.
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    Also part of the reason I took off. THe other reason is I need to go to the MVA so what better way of treating myself after that hell? Some basketball, bar food and beer. Devilsfan118 sorry for you lose and the Devils better win one for you!
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    You sh!tting on Cory is also unfortunately a "familiar site." Like others have said this added nothing at all except kicking a guy while he is down. Guy has a career save % that is higher than any other starting goalie in franchise history and you want to write him off after 10 sh!tty games. Go play in traffic.
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    yup, and seeing as how Kinkaid has appeared in relief only twice this year I am not sure how that is a "familiar site" or what that even has to do with appreciating Keith Kinkaid, but fvck it... gotta take every opportunity we can to sh!t on someone when they're down here I guess.
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    Cory put up a .927 save% as a Canuck...obviously he was stopping plenty of pucks for them. Weird seeing Palms doing his thing for the Ducks, and without his beard to boot. Feels like he's already been here much longer than he really has.
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    Carolina decided they'd like to eliminate their chances at playoff in spectacular fashion, and I love it.
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    I think we want Columbus to lose. If we win tonight, and the Flyers win tomorrow, we remain 3 points behind them with a game in hand, while the WC spot gets a little more firmly in our grasp. fvck the Blue Jackets.
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    Holy crap Boston with the crazy comeback against the Canes
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    Panthers aren't quite here just yet. Getting to the fringes is one thing, and like I've said, on that count they've done a very good job...coming up with 77.5% of the points in a 20-game stretch is never easy. Now let me see them get over the hump, especially with that stretch of road games coming up. Who is everyone? I got more of a sense of tempered excitement among the masses...and considering how it's gone the past several years, I can understand why people were starting to feel a little giddy.
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    He'd be at least at 760-770 wins. Incredible
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    Jets got Trumaine Johnson that's a big one.
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    You're also assuming that Columbus and Philly will outpace the Devils too. BTW, if Florida banks 50% of their remaining points, they finish with 90 (75+15). If the Devils bank 50% of their remaining points, they finish with 91 (78+13)...so if they play at the exact same pace, NJ won't be golfing because of the Panthers. I'm not saying this is specifically the case with you, but man it seems like some people almost want the Devils to fail just so they can say "See, told ya the Devils would blow it, buncha friggin' chokers!" I'm not saying it's going to be easy, but I think there's just as much of a case as to why they can still get in as there is to be made for why they can't. I've already pointed out Florida's upcoming road trip, and to date they haven't been all that great on the road: 13-16-4 (and winless in their last three road games).
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    They don't need to keep shredding though. If Florida plays at the exact same pace as NJ for the rest of the season, NJ golfs. We had a huge lead, and it's gone. That's what is frustrating.
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    Tuesday again - time for a prospects update: https://www.allaboutthejersey.com/2018/3/13/17107006/new-jersey-devils-prospect-update-3-13-18 And another (the BREAKDOWN section is always interesting to read on this one): https://www.reddit.com/r/devils/comments/847y0m/devils_prospects_update_313/T
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    BIG GAME. If we want to be competitive in the playoffs, this team needs to heat up and get on a winning streak. I still think we get bounced in the first round, but hopefully we can make it a long series. Is there any news on MoJo's return?
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    Appreciate the shout out CR! A bunch of people asked for the Brodeur photo, so I can assume a few people will want their hands on a digital version of the Elias banner as well. Pretty simple; send a donation to NJDevs (they take Venmo and PayPal) and shoot me a PM with your e-mail address, I’ll email you the photo. Don’t need confirmation that you donated or anything, honor system works fine. Any amount you can send; DM and msweet run this place out of pocket and these contributions help. same deal goes for the Marty poster if anyone needs that as well. You can take the file to a local Kinkos and I’ll give you written print instructions to bring with you to get it exactly like CR’s got his.
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    Article above's author has been changed to Julie R, FWIW... More importantly (?), this week's prospects updates are out! Franken/AATJ: https://www.allaboutthejersey.com/2018/2/13/17002368/new-jersey-devils-prospect-update-2-13-18 Snippet from Pulz/Reddit below: https://www.reddit.com/r/devils/comments/7xbisq/devils_prospects_update_213/ Who's Hot: -Colby Sissons has continued to register points. He now has 10 assists in his last 8 games for Swift Current. -Jeremy Davies adds to his trophy cabinet with Northeastern winning the Beanpot tournament last night (the first time in 30 years). Davies registered 2 assists in the championship game. This Beanpot tournament win is in addition to the Spengler Cup win for Jeremy Davies and Team Canada. I was very impressed with Jeremy Davies' play during the Beanpot tournament. His stickwork in the defensive zone was very impressive, and that's not to mention his offensive play...4 assists in the 2 games of the tournaments. -While not at a point per game pace, Jesper Boqvist is putting up some really impressive numbers for a 19-year old 2nd round pick in the highest professional league in Sweden.
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    I miss him too, but hes got bills to pay lol
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    Another week has come and gone... so that means - Prospects Updates! wooo c/o Brian Franken (Feisty, we miss you!) of AATJ: https://www.allaboutthejersey.com/2018/2/6/16976338/new-jersey-devils-prospect-update-2-6-18
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    So.. I don't like making things about me, or really sharing too much of my personal business anywhere online (no offense to anyone here) but.. my Mom died suddenly yesterday. Hard to imagine life without her right now. But selfishly, a win would be a great distraction tonight for my Dad and I. Just need something to occupy our minds for a few hours. We actually watched the Predators game with her in the hospital over the weekend while she was still in good shape.. even though she wasn't really a hockey fan, she could tell how excited we were and cheered right along with us for the whole damn thing. She was the best Mom I could've ever hoped for and.. I'm just going to miss her so much. Go Devils.
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