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    I've been thinking about the decision to start Kinkaid and I think/hope the idea was to not start Cory when the Devils have a schedule loss, the guy has already not been in net for a win in 2 months, and there's not much sense in starting a guy whose confidence may be down and asking him to win the game by himself. So yeah, I think Cory should start on Tuesday for sure.
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    Would I have signed up for 3-1 at this point in the road trip? Abso-fvckingly-lutely. I'll leave it at that, tough night and all.
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    I understand your criticism at MB and that you don't like his post. But do you have to make fun of him all the time, for me it's close to bullying. Grown up people taking shot at him. I know a lot of you have kids and I just want to know if this is what you want to learn your kids to do? This is a message board, is it that hard to just read a post and not agree, do you have to make fun of it? Just my side of the coin.
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    27 more points and he is 4th all time franchise leader in points (Gomer is currently 4th). Once he passes Gomez he is 36 points away from passing 3rd all time held by Kirk Muller, 217 points to pass MacLean for 2nd all time. I think he will definitely pass Gomez and has a decent shot at Muller, but I don't think he will pass MacLean or Elias (basically Zajac would have to have another entire career to catch Elias). Amazing how long the guy has been here. He will likely end as the 3rd all time franchise leader in points by the time he retires or is no longer on the team.
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    In terms of the actual game last night, Devils looked gassed, especially in the first period and in the 3rd period. I really wanted 4 points out of 6 in California and I pegged this as the game most likely we were going to lose, so I am not going to be part of the sky is falling crowd after last night. KK played alright, but I wonder if maybe Cory should have started simply by being the more rested goalie. He did look a little slow to react on the first goal. I can imagine Cory getting the start the next game, but I wouldn't be surprised if Hynes decides to give KK another shot to see if he still has the hot hand. Also yeah Greene is finished as a player. He shouldn't be on the team next year and Shero has to find a way for him not to be on the roster in October. He simply has nothing left in the tank. I also thought Severson had a bit of trouble last night too. He turned over the puck a bunch of times in his own zone and was making poor decisions. Again it could be due to fatigue like the rest of the team, but he was more glaring than others. I thought Grabner had a decent game. Same with Gibbons.
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    RECAP This was just an awful game. Tonight is a perfect example as to why shot blocking defensive zone systems do not work, especially in the playoffs. Blocking a lot of shots is NOT a good thing. It should only be a last resort The best d-zone systems are ones that apply constant pressure on the puck, and prevent shot attempts as a whole. There is no such thing as a low danger shot. 3 of the 4 Ducks goals were a result of a "low danger shot". The best way to beat a shot blocking defense is to literally shoot the puck a lot, which is why shot blocking systems fail, because they're so damn easy to beat. Shoot the puck on the powerplay! Stop forcing passes to the middle. In retrospect, it was a good thing Schneider didn't start because it would have killed his confidence even more, and he doesn't deserve to be subjected to that piss poor effort. Kinkaid played a good game tonight, and did everything he could. GOALIE RECAP Goal 1: Nothing Kinkaid could have done Goal 2: Not Kinkaid's fault, but maybe if his stick was in better position it could have been stopped Goal 3: Absolutely nothing Kinkaid could do. Goal 4: Again, nothing Keith could have done. POSSESSION ES CF: 29 to 62 ES FF: 20 to 50 ES SF: 14 to 33 ES SCF: 17 to 29 ES HDCF: 7 to 13 All CF: 39 to 67 All FF: 26 to 53 All SF: 17 to 36 All SCF: 23 to 33 All HDCF: 8 to 14 SCORE AND VENUE ADJUSTED POSSESSION CF: 24.88 to 63.58 FF: 17.82 to 49.99 SF: 13.18 to 34.23 SCF: 15.31 to 28.59 HDCF: 6.87 to 12.93
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    And MB, no lame "goal analysis" tonight. None of tonight's loss is on KK.
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    this back to back is also bad for Dano's voice i think
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    Vatanen has been our best player on the ice this period.
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    Ducks were offsides there. No challenge? They call every borderline offsides on us.
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    I don't understand the hate either. I have missed a lot of games this season and I really appreciate the few users who post recaps/thoughts on the gameplay after the game is over. If people don't find value in Mike's posts, they can scroll past them or use the ignore feature. But there have been a few times where I wasn't able to watch a game, and posts from MB and others helped give me an idea of how the team played. At least Mike takes the criticism like a champ.
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    Wright's banked plenty of coin to not play much since signing that disaster-in-waiting deal...I know he's tried like hell to come back and play, but the Mets don't owe him any more than they've already paid him. It's funny that Matt Harvey starts at Citi were once a reason for great excitement (and they WERE)...now it's "Thor and Jake and the rest are fakes" or "Noah and Jake and a bunch of mistakes."
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    Meh, not much to say. Back to back "heavy" games against good teams will do this to you. You could tell they didn't have their legs and it was compounded by them not making good decisions with the puck. Starting Kinkaid was stupid as hell, though. Yeah, he's been on a roll, but I think he's been lucky almost as much as he's been good. There have been a few puck playing miscues that could've ended up in the net during this streak. Not to mention he's making saves that he doesn't even see. Not that any goals were his fault last night, but still an interesting decision. I think you have to start Schneider on Tuesday even if you do consider Kinkaid your "starter". 3 games in 4 nights is way too much, especially for a guy not used to carrying the load. Plus there's the whole thing that Schneider is the more talented goalie. I know the pk is great, but it's so obvious how much of that is due to the forwards. I haven't seen two dmen (Lovejoy and Greene) who have as much trouble clearing the damn puck. It's just been downright depressing to see Greene's decline; though it should be expected at 35. Shero has to find a way to get him on the third pair next year. Lovejoy has been decent all year, but the last few weeks have just proven that he isn't a top six guy anymore. He was great in the 7th dman role where he would play every few games. I doubt Mueller is *that* much better but at least he has wheels. Everyone knows how much I love Severson, but he and Moore have been garbage together recently. Might be time to go 6-45, 8-28, 2-12. If they come out flat on Tuesday, I'll be concerned, but it is crazy that they already achieved .500 on this trip. Hopefully Wood is ok, but it looked bad.
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    Well, he’s got comedic timing, you have to give him that one.
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    I was correct. I assume it’s for the evil robot emperor, Zurg.
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    Perry headhunting specifically Nico. Man this team is full of fvcking sh!tbags. Will be cheering against them the rest of the way.
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    No sh!t, sounds like he’s losing his voice more than he usually sounds like he’s losing his voice.
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    Carlyle, smug as usual, fvck you too.
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    Ducks, got a bunch jerk offs on their team...... jeez
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    Getzlaf, going after Coleman, what a fvcking joke. Good job by Maroon
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    And this is what we do, 3-2 late, getting me all excited again. Mr. Hall, if you’d like to score a goal again, this could be the time for that.
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    Go fvck yourself Neb00rs or whatever the fvck ur name is. Edit: wait...
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    Ah. That’s okay. Not gonna get too beat up about this loss. Get some rest and come out flying against San Jose. 3-1 on the road-trip from hell, that’s a great start.
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    How tha fvck are u going to do a MoJo bobblehead? That's so insensitive.
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    Seriously just plowed into him and no call
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    We look exhausted. Gutsy effort so far. Would be incredible to steal a losers point here.
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    Yeaaah Palms Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Still trykng to figure out how the hit on Vatanen goal wasn’t boarding. By far most dangerous play in hockey. Defender can’t take outback legs and follow through from behind into the wall.
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    Fvcking awful PP. TAKE SOME SHOTS!!!
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    This is a potentially big moment early on in this game.
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    Oh look. We're finally trailing in a game after 3 straight wins where '7' was nowhere to be found. And BOOM. He's back suddenly.... dare i say magically. Funny how those things work.
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    Zajac fvcking had him beat if he cut in front!
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    Thought I was the only one that saw that
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    Do you have an auxiliary input on your car radio or Bluetooth car radio? I use an auxiliary cord and plug it into my phone and use the radio.com app. It works well.
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