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    Very early obviously, anything can still happen. But sign me up for a Caps-Jets final. Would be exciting.
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    One of if not the loudest buildings, mix in the white out and it's probably the best in the league.
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    What MD said. I don’t even have surround sound (just a sound bar) and it sounded loud as hell to me.
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    Hamilton Bulldogs (and Marian Studenič) are the OHL champs! As a reminder, the Devils signed him to a 3 year ELC in April of this year so perhaps he plays in the Bing next year (he's 19)? ETA: Studenič was selected in the fifth round (143rd overall) in the 2017 NHL Entry Draft.
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    You may wanna get that hearing checked then lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I want Winnipeg-Tampa just because it’ll give the execs at NBC and Bettman the night sweats. [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    JFC I can’t believe Laine is only 20...
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    You’re allowed to turn your skate though. Just can’t be a distinct kicking motion. Originally I thought it was goalie interference as MAF’s stick was clearly bumped, but I think they got the call of good goal right the puck was already going in before that.
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    I think his biggest contribution to the Leafs was just bringing a level a professionalism to an organization that was an absolute circus before the current group got there.
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    Lou's always been a pretty good trader - even in the period of time where Devil fans were ragging on him the only truly horrendous trade he made was Tuomo Ruutu, and even that was a only 3rd rounder way down the line. But yeah the tankathon in his first year was the Shanaplan and they already had other young talent in the organization.
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    Devils Insiders Retweeted John Shannon‏Verified account @JSportsnet 20h20 hours ago More Can confirm the NY Islanders and Lou Lamoriello are now talking about a position within that organization.
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    Yes it was. And guaranteed. It will be a crucial move for Lou. if he goes forward. He's not a ! and 1A type a guy. He wants a number one goalie. Goaltending on the Island was abysmal this past year. He will trade for if needed, a No.1 guy. Who knows, it might be one of hte reasons JT is reluctant to sign? (total distrust of Garth on that issue)
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    If you said Pekka has been pulled instead, this post would have won the internet.
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    Some AHL changes with a new team in the mix: http://binghamtondevils.com/news/?article_id=215 The American Hockey League announced that the league’s Board of Governors has approved the following division alignment for the 2018-19 AHL season. As a part of the realignment, the Cleveland Monsters will move to the North Division. North Division Belleville Senators (Ottawa Senators) Binghamton Devils (New Jersey Devils) Cleveland Monsters (Columbus Blue Jackets) Laval Rocket (Montreal Canadiens) Rochester Americans (Buffalo Sabres) Syracuse Crunch (Tampa Bay Lightning) Toronto Marlies (Toronto Maple Leafs) Utica Comets (Vancouver Canucks) Changes from the 2017-18 season include: • Colorado joining the AHL as its 31st active team and playing in the Pacific Division • San Antonio and Texas moving from the Pacific Division to the Central Division • Cleveland moving from the Central Division to the North Division
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