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    If you're so inclined, I just released my Draft Book for this year, 44 pages of content including scouting reports for the Top 100 Prospects https://ridingpinehockey.files.wordpress.com/2018/06/rp_2018draftbook4.pdf
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    I'm right there with ya...like I said, hard to know what these guys are thinking about sometimes, especially from a fan's perspective.
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    Yeah, it seems like the prototypical situation for a star to leave in free agency.
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    Bummer that there seems to be serious progress towards him staying with the Islanders. Crazy. Absolutely crazy to me that there are so many guys who become loyal to these sh!t franchises and yet our stars seem to abandon ship the first chance they get. I digress. The 8th year is probably a serious bargaining chip for the Islanders. 8 years / 80M sounds a lot better than 7 / 70M, for example. Of course, teams could match that 80M over less term but then you start talking about stupid cap hits.. Not over yet, but sounds like another boring FA period might be in store.
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    We need a "dumpster fire" emoji on the site.
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    Travis Yost wrote a blog entry on what he suspected was a Senators burner account, although on HF Boards someone made a fairly convincing case that it's just a really big koolaid drinking Sens fan. Yeah, but Ottawa is really, really royally screwed. They'll likely be selling Karlsson, Hoffman and Duchene at discounts, Hoffman at an extreme discount. Even Karlsson might bring a package where the best NHLer is someone like Damon Severson. And they don't have their own first round pick next year. Can't think of any team I've ever rooted for that had hit bottom like this.
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    With Lou in the fold and that new arena on the horizon, I think that was enough to convince Tavares they're going to turn a corner and it was worth sticking around If it was still Snow running the show with a murky future at the Barclays disaster then I definitely think he bolts
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    It never happens. Everyone thought Stamkos would hit the market, and he signed an extension like a week before 7/1. The same thing will likely happen with Tavares as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I agree we could probably move back to around 25 or so and still get him, but I wouldn't blink an eye if we decided on him at 17th, I really like him. Also for the record, I'm pretty in favor of trading down from 17th depending on who is there, if someone like Ty Smith falls I would keep the pick but I like the idea of sliding back a few picks and taking someone like Bokk or Sandin and picking up a draft pick or two along the way.
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    In my opinion, pick 17 is right about where there's a drop off in talent, at least as far as defensemen go. Bode Wilde will likely be picked right in the middle of round 1, which would leave us with K'Andre Miller, Rasmus Sandin, and (maybe) Jonny Tychonick as the next best defensemen. If Shero is set on taking a dman at 17, then I suspect he'll trade down, hoping to select one of those three later in the first. But if he's going BPA, which I think we all suspect he'll do, there are quite a few good forwards who will be available in the mid-first round. If Kravtsov or Bokk makes it to 17, you definitely need to take one of them. These two are late risers with superstar potential. Rasmus Kupari is another player that, although raw, is super talented with very high upside - probably what you would consider your classic "risky" pick. Another player to potentially be excited about is Martin Kaut, a Czech RW that is a mature, complete player that fits Shero's mold. He played against men in the Czech league this season, and finished the season with a strong playoffs performance, with 5 points in 7 games (only one player on the team was better with 6 points in 7 games). This is another guy that I think could be a steal. Interestingly, he was on the Czech team for the World Championships, and Zadina was not. To summarize, I think the Devils are in a fine spot. In my opinion, it makes most sense to shoot for the stars and go for one of the high potential forwards. I understand that the organization needs more defense, but none of the guys likely to be available at 17 are even 2 years from being NHL ready. We've seen how much organizational needs can change, so it does not make much sense to skip on a really good forward for the sake of filling a need.
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    Why John!? Why!? Why are so many guys so loyal to dumpster fires but we have been pooped on by so many players (for various reasons). I guess in all fairness NJ wasn't doing so hot in some of those years too, but still!
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    No one listens to Leaf fans. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I refused to text until like 2010 or so... now I refuse to talk on my phone.
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    Just a heads up, game 7 of the Calder Cup Finals is tonight- first Finals game 7 in the Calder Cup in 15 years: http://www.thehockeynews.com/news/article/game-7-of-calder-cup-final-prime-proving-ground-for-maple-leafs-stars-prospects Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ray Ferraro just said Erik Karlsson has officially requested a trade. Get 'er done Ray!
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